ischemic training

Ischemic DB row

Ischemic DB Row

Ischemic back training increases the productivity of every single rep by holding one arm in the contracted position for the entire set.

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back training ischemic training
Ischemic A Press with Dr. Eric Serrano

Ischemic A Press

Train the shoulders with a unique execution pattern developed by Dr. Eric Serrano MD to increase muscle size, strength and stability while reducing joint stress.

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ischemic training Shoulder Development
Ischemic Dumbbell Press

Ischemic Dumbbell Press

Ischemic Strength training makes every rep twice as productive as the muscle fibers and nervous system are forced to engage intensely throughout every set.

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ischemic training
Ischemic Prone Triceps Kick Back Series

Ischemic Prone Triceps Kick Back Series

Ischemic prone triceps kick backs are extremely difficult due to the common areas of weakness they target. Extending the time under tension, strategic pauses, fresh stimuli and other elements make ischemic training highly effective for increasing lean muscle tissue.

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ischemic training Special Executions

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