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Unbalanced Load Arm Training Advantages

Unbalanced Load Arm Training Advantages will help your biceps, forearms and triceps grow into cannons while sending strength through the roof. We will utilize unbalanced loading and ischemic training techniques to maximize the stimulation of the muscle fibers with the greatest potential for growth. Yes this system is also highly effective for lowering body fat while building muscle when making the right adjustments including shorter rest periods. See the full routine at the bottom of this article.

By: Dr. Eric Serrano MD and Scott Mendelson

Unbalanced Load Arm Training Advantages

We use a different size dumbbell in each hand to take advantage of your natural strength curve. You have a greater ability to hold a heavy weight load in place at the half way point of the rep than to do reps as normal. Meanwhile your other arm will perform reps with a dumbbell that is 5 to 10 pounds less to stimulate muscle fibers while creating ideal metabolic as well as hormonal conditions for growth.

Balance Your Arm Development

You will then switch the dumbbells so each arm is trained equally, however you may find that one arm is weaker than the other which is not abnormal. The unbalanced load arm training advantages will help you even out the strength as well as the muscular development of each arm over the course of a six week training cycle. Watch your strength levels go through the roof which creates more muscle growth potential over the short and long term.

Unbalanced Load Arm Training Advantages

Sip 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder before, during and immediately after training sessions to drive the fastest possible rates of muscle growth. Dr. Eric Serrano MD has perfected the amino acid ratios within the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder based on over 15 years of research helping patients back on muscle size and strength.*

Ischemic strength training

Holding the weight load in the static position with one arm creates ischemic conditions pioneered by Dr. Eric Serrano MD in his gym of innovation. Ischemia crates ideal conditions for muscle growth by helping the muscles add capacity for critical blood flow and sending powerful growth messages to the brain. Specifically the number of blood capillaries can increase which provides a unique opportunity to boost the amount of growth materials from the Muscle Synthesis Powder delivered to hard working muscles within seconds.

100% MR Stops Muscle Break Down

Training to grow makes no sense if each session is wasting away hard earned muscle. Dr. Eric Serrano MD formulated the proprietary ratios of Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA), Glutamine, Taurine, B vitamins and Niacin to prevent muscle break down during intense sessions. Dr. Serrano’s advanced development process includes patient hormonal blood work evaluations, muscle biopsies, body composition testing, performance reviews, recovery surveys and more. In addition to preventing muscle break down the 100% MR accelerates recovery between sets and training sessions to reduce muscle soreness while driving excellent performance.

Muscle Synthesis Powder Supports Muscle Growth

Muscle Synthesis Powder Lays the Raw Material Foundation for unmatched growth when muscles need them most. The specific ratios of Free Form Amino Acids (FFAA) bypass digestive hang ups to deliver growth materials within seconds of sipping the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis combination 30 minutes before, during as well as immediately following training sessions.

A vast majority of supplement companies use a generic or inferior ratio of Isoluecine, Leucine and valine within their BCAA formulas as they are limited to information from internet “gurus” and some published research. Dr. Eric Serrano MD has a completely different take on BCAA ratios that he has included within the 100% MR based on close to 20 years of experience helping patients ranging from Professional athletes, to bodybuilders, powerlifters, business executives and many more.


Unbalanced Load Arm Training Advantages Triceps

4 to 8 GCX10 30 minutes before training will increase peak power and strength endurance without the use any stimulants. The high dosages ATP and Glycine will help you crush higher weight loads with more quality reps that you ever thought possible. Lactoferrin boosts immunity and attacks stubborn body fat around the clock.

Neuromuscular Advantages

Your muscles and nervous system are accustom and quite likely bored with using equal weight loads for each arm during a number of different exercises. Athletic competition for example very rarely involves equal forces on both limbs at the same time. Dr. Serrano trains athletes to improve performance and reduce the risk of many injuries by using Unbalanced Load Arm Training Advantages to prepare them for competition. Using unbalanced loading forces the neuromuscular system to survive and to ultimately get stronger as long as you take care of recovery parameters.

Build Up Your Strategic Reserves

Sipping the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder between meals builds up the raw material reserves within muscle bellies referred to scientifically as Accretion. The strategic build up makes more critical raw material sources available during training and around the clock to fill in important growth opportunities.

Personalized Training Program Benefits

The longer you have been training, the greater the need for fresh stimuli to support excellent rates of muscle growth. Our personalize program clients experience break-through results when they implement new training strategies to fit their needs and goals. Highly intense training methods such as the Unbalanced Load Arm Training Advantages require fewer work sets, but more attention to recovery of the muscles as well as the nervous system with 100% MR.


Unbalanced Load Hammer Curl

40 pound dumbbell in the right hand held in place to create ischemic conditions while the left arm does 8 reps with the 30 pound db. Sip some 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis between sets and repeat the sequence for each arm for the best muscle growth results.

30 Minutes Before Training to prepare the muscles for intense training.

2-4 scoops 100% MR

2-4 scoops Muscle Synthesis Powder

Combined with water into the same drink

4-8 GCX10 Physique and Performance Enhancer Capsules

Immediately following the last set to accelerate muscle growth and recovery.

2-4 scoops 100% MR

2-4 scoops Muscle Synthesis Powder

Combined with water into the same drink

A1.Unbalanced DB Curl3(6-8)3-1-1-160
A2.Unbalanced DB Reverse Curl3(6-8)3-1-1-160
A3.Unbalanced DB Hammer Curl3(6-8)3-1-1-160
B1. Supinated Ischemic Triceps Cable3(6-8)3-1-1-260
B2.Pronated Ischemic Triceps Cable3(6-8)3-1-1-260
B3.Neutral Ischemc Triceps Cable3(6-8)3-1-1-260

Do not be deceived by what seems like a low number of sets. The sequence is done for both arms so in reality there are 36 sets worth of work packed into the 18 sets listed in the Unbalanced Load Arm Training Advantages training plan above. Put in great effort during the sessions with equal attention paid to recovery and delivering growth materials to the muscles with the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis to maximize your muscle growth in 6 short weeks. Apply these Muscle Growth Nutrition Pre Training Nutrition Tactics for even greater rates of success.

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