Ischemic DB Row

Ischemic DB row

Hold one arm in the fully contracted position while the other arm performs the reps as listed for the Ischemic DB row demonstrated by Dr. Eric Serrano MD. Make sure the the contracted arm has the dumbbell touching the torso the entire time to maintain the fully contracted position. Alternate roles for the arms so both the right and left arm perform the fully contracted position and the repetition to consist of one set.

Ischemic DB Row

Dr. Eric Serrano MD developed Ischemic Transformation Torso training and many other unique executions to maximize client success. Disciplined execution is extremely important and may require a reduction in load initially as the nervous system adapts to the new stimuli.

Keep the traps down during the entire set which will focus more attention on the lats and reduce strain on the neck. More than one ischemic execution system may be used during the same training session for 12 week personalized training and nutrition plan clients to maximize rates of body transformation.

Alternate Arms

For the first set start with your weaker arm in the fully contracted position. Reverse the order for the second set and you may notice a difference in performance between the left and right arm which can be corrected over time with additional unilateral work. A significant difference in strength between the arms and ultimately the lat may indicate weaknesses elsewhere in the chain that will need to be corrected.

Incline Angle

The incline angle will most be often set at 30 degrees, but in some cases 45 degrees may be appropriate. Place the feet firmly into the floor and push the chest out into the bench which allows for a more powerful rowing position. The video above utilizes a neutral grip, however a pronated or supinated grip can also be used for the Ischemic DB row.