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Ischemic Transformation Torso Training

Ischemic Transformation Training

Unique training executions offer fresh stimuli for the muscles as well as the nervous system while being highly time efficient. As a result ischemic transformation Torso training movements burn a tremendous number of calories during each set while stimulating a wide range of muscle fibers while surging fat burning hormones. Take advantage of this awesome workout to burn off Body Fat and to build a great summer physique with short yet highly intense training sessions. Increased blood flow within the muscles during ischemic training offers the unique opportunity to pump hungry muscles full of the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder scientifically engineered ratios of amino acids to support rapid fat loss, muscle accumulation for men and recovery.


Ischemic Transformation Torso Training

Ischemic resistance training benefits are well documented in studies for many benefits which sparked Dr. Serrano’s imagination several years ago. Since that time he has created a number of different protocols for his patients which will be the subject of future articles. We have used ischemic strength training techniques for our 12 week personalized training and nutrition program clients with great success for many years.

100% MR, Muscle Synthesis Powder and GCX10 are the ultimate pre training stack to transform body composition and to elevate performance.
Ischemic Training creates massive blood increases to muscles which are ideal conditions to transport more raw materials from the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder scientifically engineered ratios of amino acids developed by Dr. Eric Serrano MD to hard working muscles within seconds. Building up the strategic reserve of amino acids within the muscle bellies known in literature as accretion has a huge impact on body composition, strength, athletic performance and recovery.

Your muscles have to work twice as hard vs. traditional rep executions due to the specific arm positions and extended length of each set.

Consider how much harder the muscles must work during ischemic movements. Muscle fibers simply have nowhere to hide during the hold position for the static arm while the working arm is cranking out the high-quality reps.

Dr. Eric Serrano MD holds the dumbbell in place in his right arm while performing reps with the left arm which presents tremendous challenge as an ischemic strength training movement. Taking 4 to 8 GCX10 Rapid Physique and Performance Enhancer before ischemic training is especially important to increase peak power and the strength endurance necessary for holding the heavy dumbbell without stimulants. GCX10 drives razor sharp mental focus and increases tolerance for exercise induced discomfort while elevating all facets of performance. Lactoferrin within GCX10 reduces visceral fat and boosts immunity.

Alternate The Starting Arm for Each Set

During a pressing ischemic training set for example you can perform the reps with the right arm while the left arm hold the static position. Performing the reps with the left arm while the right arm holds the static position will deliver muscle sensations you never thought humanly possible when using challenging weight loads. The static hold position creates tremendous pre fatigue which can expose more muscle fibers to stimulation. Change the order in which arm you start with for every subsequent set.

Ischemic Training Unique Benefits

Benefits of Ischemic Transformation Torso Training include increasing blood flow to the working muscles, intense nervous system stimulation, optimized muscle fiber recruitment, lengthened time under tension, advanced rehabilitation techniques and much more. Ischemic strength training is also highly effective for balancing the strength levels between limbs. In many cases Dr. Serrano sees patients who have one arm that is 20% weaker than the other arm which leads to development limitations and increased injury risk.

Advanced Protocols

The Chest and Back training program below features several techniques in addition to the Ischemic Strength Training during subsequent sets. We build 12 week personalized weight training, nutrition, fat burning interval and functional strength plans to maximize client success. The ischemic training sets the stage for the extended eccentrics followed by the faster pace reps to finish the training session. There is method to the madness and you must have the right training strategies in place to maximize success. Eating “Clean” and training “hard” are not enough to reach your full potential.

Ischemic Transformation Torso Training
A1.Ischemic Serrano Extensions363-1-1-260
B1. Ischemic Chest Supported Row262-1-1-175
B2.Incline Ischemic DB Press262-1-1-175
C1.Eccentric Chest Support DB Row248-1-1-175
C2.Eccentric DB Press248-1-1-175
D1.Chest support DB row283-1-1-160
D2. DB Incline Press283-1-1-160