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12 Week Plan

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I help male and female clients burn body fat and improve energy levels in support of their body transformation goals.  We will work together to earn your ideal your body using proven strategies that fit your lifestyle and busy schedule.*

Advanced bodybuilding clients slash 15 pounds of stubborn fat to show off a six pack while packing 10 pounds of rock hard muscle.*

Areas of proven expertise:

  • Life Changing and permanent body fat loss*
  • Executive transformation and stress reduction*
  • High Impact muscle growth*
  • Stubborn fat reduction*
  • Elite athletic performance*
  • Bodybuilding and Physique contest preparation*
  • Highly time efficient training and nutrition strategies*

The keys to quick body transformation success are working hard and smart while applying the correct strategies consistently to maximize muscle fiber stimulation, metabolic and hormonal momentum. I will build customized weight training, nutrition and interval sprint strategies to fit your specific needs.*

The body is an amazing machine that catches on very quickly to program stimuli, making strategic training, nutrition and interval sprint improvements every 6 weeks crucial to your success.*

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I will help you earn your ideal physique and maintain the results long term. Expert Coach Scott H. Mendelson’s proven strategies will take you twice as far in half the time compared to designing your own programs. Personalized Training and Nutrition | Gold Plan 12 Weeks. I have helped thousands of internet clients earn great transformations over aggressive time periods since 1999.*

Personalized Training and Nutrition | Gold Plan 12 Weeks

We can focus on any of the three goals below or a combination of all three to support your success.

  • Aggressive stubborn and overall fat burning*
  • Substantial muscle growth | for men*
  • Elite level performance improvement*


Personalized training and nutrition plan client success

In 24 weeks Scott has taking me from weighing 222lbs to a lean 185lbs. I have never felt more amazing than I do now. I have not only had a significant body composition change but my strength and endurance have gone through the roof as well. Personalized Training and Nutrition | Gold Plan 12 Weeks

I have taken a plethora of supplements in the past, none of which have come close to the fat reduction and muscle gain/recovery as the combination of GCX10, Muscle Synthesis Powder, 100% MR, Alpha Omega M3 and Fat Reduce FBO5 Day and Night Time Formulas. I truly believe that these supplements have greatly contributed to success in the vast change of my body composition.

I am in the military and have gone from an average scorer on our periodic fitness assessment to the top scorer in my command (over 100 people). This has all been achieved through following Scott’s nutrition and workout plans complemented with the top of the line Infinity Fitness supplements.

There is no way I could have achieved this in the same time line without Scott Mendelson and Dr. Serrano. Thank you so much for your continued support. I’m looking forward to more future success.* JB June 2015


Personalized Training and Nutrition 12 Week Plan

Attack your stubborn body fat

For example a man who has a high concentration of belly fat that will not budge while other areas improve is likely to have high cortisol and poor insulin sensitivity. As a result the nutrition, weight training and interval sprint programs can be modified accordingly to address the hormonal challenges.*

Before and after body pictures do not lie

In addition to evaluating body fat % improvements when reviewing pictures every 6 weeks, the specific location of body fat accumulation and progress in those areas reveals a great deal of important information regarding the client hormonal environment. Personalized Training and Nutrition | Gold Plan 12 Weeks.

Are you tired of busting your butt in the gym and making diet sacrifices for only average results? During the 12 week personalized program you can burn fat, improve performance or gain substantial amounts of lean muscle.*

You will never reach your full potential without the correct comprehensive strategy built for your needs and goals.

My personalized approach will help you bust through barriers to success. We will set short and long term measureable goals to support high levels of motivation.

Women who have stubborn body fat accumulation around the buttocks and thighs must use tactics to cleanse fat cells and to shut off fat storage receptors with specific strategies.*

Steady state cardio can increase stubborn fat storage and waste muscle

Sticking to your same old walk, runs, climbing or pedaling to nowhere will not lead you to ideal body composition. In most cases steady state cardio serves to increase body fat deposition and waste muscle.

Personalized Programs built for your needs and not a 22 year old

Personalized Training and Nutrition | Gold Plan 12 Weeks to fit your specific needs and goals. A 42 year old dad with a stressful job, wife and three kids cannot benefit from the same program built for a 22 year old fella who has no stress or time constraints!

Short training sessions

Maximum Time Efficiency strategies for busy clients to gain the most possible benefits out of every minute invested. You can earn great progress with 3-4 training session per week that last 40 minutes or less. Training protocols boost energy and create razor sharp focus to make you more productive throughout the work day.*

Advanced nutrition strategies

You must have a nutrition strategy in place to fit your individual needs and goals to support aggressive loss, high energy levels or substantial muscle growth.*

Eating “clean” is not enough to earn a low body fat percentage.

Just like training the nutrition plan must change strategically every 8 to 12 weeks to prevent metabolic staleness, to increase fat burning/muscle building enzymes and to naturally optimize hormones which govern body composition and performance. Macronutrient Cycling is a ground breaking nutrition strategy that you can easily implement to support your success.*

Fat burning sprints

Fat Burning Interval Sprint 20-30 minute programs a couple times per week using a number of indoor cardiovascular, outdoor and functional training venues to maximize the release of fat burning hormones. Explosive medicine ball throws combined with interval sprints is one of my favorite techniques for slashing body fat quickly, developing a razor sharp six pack and improving interval sprints.*

Do you help clients who want to maximize muscle mass without adding body fat?

Yes absolutely and this is one of my favorite client scenarios. I assign advanced training tactics to add muscle to desired body parts while supporting a naturally anabolic hormonal environment. The nutrition plan must be structured to improve nutrient partitioning which makes more growth materials available to muscles without spilling over into fat cells.*

7 day per week expert technical support

Scott H. Mendelson personally answers all emails and calls to ensure your success. I will analyze your feedback, performance and progress to make program refinements as needed without delay. Your questions will be answered in detail so that you can feel absolutely confident that your investment will play off exponentially.*

“Your success is my top priority 7 days per week! I am here to solve client programs to maximize their body transformation progress” Scott H. Mendelson

Personalized weight training programs

The personalized training program includes specific exercises, number of sets, reps, tempo (speed of reps) and rest periods so that you enter every training session ready to gain the greatest possible benefit from your hard work.

There is a saying that a lawyer representing themselves has an idiot for a client. When was the last time you made a significant improvement to your training and nutrition plan? Did the changes help you earn great progress or serve to cross off another trendy program that proved to fail just like the rest?

Email 7 days per week to discuss your unique situation and goals.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.*


You will be emailed a questionnaire immediately following sign up. The questionnaire helps me to evaluate your goals, training/nutrition history, challenges, measurements, pictures (optional), injuries and more to begin building your personalized transformation plan. I prefer pictures from the front, back and both sides to evaluate body fat percentage, posture, muscle development and more. All client information and pictures are kept completely confidential.

Your 12 week plan will include 2 distinctly different training programs that are 6 weeks in length. Many factors including exercise execution, the number of sets/repetitions, tempos and rest periods will change strategically over the course of a 6 week program to support continued progress.

There are numerous options including, but not limited to cycling, jump roping, stationary bikes, recumbent bikes, stair climbers, swimming, ellipticals, rowers, functional sled dragging, prowler pushing, explosive medicine ball throws and more!

No you do not. I suggest that most clients record a couple days of eating each week so that I can review the information and make suggestions. Some of my clients prefer recording every single day for their own purposes which is also fine.

Ideally clients will send me their excel weight training program with the weight loads, number of repetitions and their comments every other week for evaluation. I look for strength trends to improve over the course of a 6 week program which drives faster body transformation progress. The amount of loading used for specific exercises is also important. For example if a client is using 50 pound dumbbells during a Serrano press they are most likely not using the proper form as the weight load would be appropriate for a 325 pound NFL lineman.

On the other hand a client performing an incline dumbbell press with 25 pounds for 6 reps may not be using a high enough weigh load to maximize progress. The highest possible load should be used for work sets while performing the proper form and tempo. A high quality training performance measured by the average weight load a other quality factors directly impacts the rate of body fat loss, muscle growth or athletic performance improvement.*

Yes absolutely I have helped many female clients achieve their transformation goals which are 99% of the time focused on body fat loss. The personalized training, nutrition and interval sprint programs are built specifically to maximize the rate of body fat loss. My female clients do not put on unwanted muscle.

Yes. Each client will require a unique approach depending on their goals and other factors. We can build reward meals into a plan that help to increase metabolic rate by choosing the correct food sources and timing. Reward meals are an important part of a macronutrient cycling strategy which seeks to increase dietary fat, protein or carbohydrate on specific days to prevent metabolic staleness, increase fat burning/muscle building enzymes while optimizing hormones naturally.

During the client information gathering process I ask about current and prior injuries to develop a strategy that avoids conflicts. Over the years I have helped many clients work around serious injuries, but I never claim to fix injuries as I cannot dispense medical advice. In many cases poorly designed training programs new clients were using prior to working with me were responsible for causing certain injuries. Eliminating these inappropriate methods and improving training form have brought tremendous relief to clients in many cases.

Overtraining is a leading reason for chronic inflammation which in turn flares up injuries. Proper program design and advanced nutrition strategies optimize the recovery process which in turn helps tissues recover fully between training sessions. Personalized training programs are built to support proper function and balance which in turn helps to reduce the likelihood of many injuries.*