24 HD Training Surges Fat Burning Hormones

Chisel abs with high density workouts


Earn benefits out of every set by picking the perfect weight load. Optimize rep timing, rest periods, supersets and weekly progressions to maximize performance. Watch videos example workouts.*

Nutrition Systems for Reducing Body Fat

Nutrition strategies for  reducing body fat

Outsmart 20 pounds of Body Fat


Client transformation stories reveal carbohydrate and dietary fat loading feasts teach the body to burn more stored fat as fuel.  Highly advanced yet simple to execute KISS fat loss nutrition system builds dream bodies.*

Cutting edge supplements

Dr. Eric Serrano MD designed the Infinity Fitness supplement proprietary ingredient ratios based on more than 20 years of cutting edge research.  As a leading expert in the fields of sports medicine, nutrition, training, injury rehabilitation and supplementation - Dr. Serrano’s medical practice serves as the ideal supplement protocol testing ground.  The formulation process includes evaluations of patient hormonal blood work, published literature, patient trials, body composition testing, performance reviews, injury rehabilitation status, and more.  Dr. Serrano works to improve the lives of 8,000 local patients, professional athletes and an international network of strength coaches.

Fitness videos from pros

FBO5 Day and Night Time

The AM formula is designed to increase metabolic rate, energy and mental focus and related fat burning mechanisms. Taken once at night the PM formula will help people to relax helping to avoid the common pit falls of late night overeating (often do to stress or anxiety) and poor sleep which contribute to body fat accumulation.

Product spotlight

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