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Push Pull Muscle Expanders

Push pull muscle expanders

Drive fast chest and back muscle growth with specialized movements that force muscle fibers to work extremely hard throughout every set. Push Pull Muscle Expanders are fresh protocols including extended pauses in the stretch position which can activate a greater number of muscle fibers with fantastic potential for growth. Correct execution of the stretch positions can expand range of motion, improve strength and reduce the risk of future injury under the accelerated recovery conditions.

Push Pull Muscle Expanders

  1. Stretched positions for enhanced blood flow and fiber recruitment
  2. Fresh stimuli for muscle fibers and the nervous system
  3. Finishing set opportunities with higher loading
  4. Extended time under tension
  5. Greater range of motion per rep
  6. High intensity approach with controlled volume
  7. Strategic Weakness corrections

The stretched position takes place at the bottom of the towel pull up movements with at least ten degrees of elbow flexion to minimize joint stress. Due to the difficulty of the towel pull up variations and initial limits of grip strength the bottom position stretch is only a second in length, but still very effective. Unique hand positioning during towel pull ups allow for the torso to reach a higher point on top of each rep in comparison to traditional vertical pulling movements limited by the bar position.

By: Dr. Eric Serrano MD and Scott Mendelson

Chest Expander Stretch

A five second hold in the stretch position increases blood flow carrying critical growth materials from the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis powder sipped 30 minutes before, during and immediately after training. The proprietary ratios of amino acids scientifically engineered by Eric Serrano MD deliver the perfect building blocks to muscles during intense training sessions to support excellent growth, performance and recovery.

Notice the deep position of the dumbbells during the bottom pause of the pressing set for Push Pull Muscle Expanders. Concentrate on retracting the scapula with the traps held in the down position to allow for more natural range of motion. Push the chest upward like Scott Mendelson demonstrates during the video for greater expansion. Take note that people who are extremely tight from years of training and a lack of flexibility work will not be able to gain great range of motion overnight. Do not perform chest expansion techniques if you have shoulder pain or other injuries. Maintain tension at all times in the stretched position.

Reversing gravity following a pause

Pressing the rep up is much more difficult when expanding the chest correctly for five seconds as Dr. Serrano yells instructions to Scott Mendelson. Do not look for the easy way out and reduce the weight load to get the finer points exactly correct. Strength will be much higher when we return to a normal bench that is flat instead of the curvature. The curved bench offers a better range of motion so we use it more regularly than a traditional incline bench.

Stretch the muscle fascia with loading to grow faster

The fascia are like bags that surround muscle and can constrict growth if they are too tight. Fascia are extremely strong may loosen up with traditional stretching methods over a long period of time. However our clients are in a hurry for great progress so we can gain faster benefits by using appropriate loading and stretch muscles during sets with the right methods. Collagen protein is a main component of fascia connective tissue and highly beneficial during Push Pull Muscle Expanders training phases.*

Uneven Towel Pull Up Dr. Eric Serrano MD

Crank out quality reps like Eric Serrano MD by using 4 to 8 GCX10 Physique and Performance Enhancer capsules 30 minutes before training. GCX10 increases peak weight loads and quality rep capacity while attacking stubborn body fat without stimulants. The proprietary blend of ATP, Lactoferrin and Glycine has become a favorite of professional athletes around the world.

Finishing sets

The first two work sets of each exercise set the stage for a higher repetition finishing set with a much higher load potential than normal circumstances. The bottom pauses greatly reduce kinetic and elastic energy which summon an excellent strength response from the nervous system to deal with the extreme challenges presented.

100 Pound Dumbbell Reps

The fired up nervous system supports a set of 12 fast reps using 100 pound dumbbells during the finishing set to take full advantage of excellent muscle growth conditions. The high dosage of ATP within the GCX10 helps hard training clients handle heavier loading with more quality reps no matter how challenging the training protocol including Push Pull Muscle Expanders.

Dr. Eric Serrano MD cranks out unilateral lat pull down with rotation reps during his finishing set after making towel pull ups look easy during his work sets. This is an excellent movement for trainees who need to restore proper function of the scapula while increasing the strength of the rhomboids. Trainees who are very strong with chest pressing exercises are often as strong with vertical pulling for a number of reasons. Correcting these imbalances is critical for proper physique development, athletic performance and reducing the risk of injuries.

Pull Push Muscle Expanders
A1.X Lat Push Down2(6-8)3-1-1-245
A2.X Cable Extension2(6-8)3-1-1-245
B1. Chest Expander press253-5-x-075
B2.Uneven Towell Pull up253-1-x-175
C1Chest Finsiher1AMRAP2-1-x-060
C2Even Towel Pull up1AMRAP2-1-x-060
D1.Unilateral Pull down 283-1-1-460

AMRAP means as many reps as possible with proper form.