Muscle Synthesis Capsules

New and Improved


New and Improved Muscle Synthesis Capsules improve body composition when used around exercise sessions, between meals and to replace meals as part of a flexible fasting protocol such as the 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse Nutrition Plan.  Dr. Eric Serrano MD is a leader in scientific innovations who is never satisfied with sitting still.  Based on new findings in his medical office Dr. Serrano added L Tryptophan and L Proline to the proprietary free form amino acid formula.

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Muscle Synthesis Capsules are new and improved thanks to new innovations by Dr. Eric Serrano MD. L Tryptophan and L Proline were added to the proprietary free form amino acid blend scientifically engineered by Dr. Eric Serrano MD. The Muscle Synthesis capsules are very convenient to take pre/post training, between meals and to replace meals as part of a flexible fasting protocol. Dr. Serrano is constantly experimenting with new ingredient ratios to produce excellent outcomes for patients. He found that L Tryptophan helped patients tremendously with mood which can lead to better exercise, nutrition and lifestyle choices.

Muscle Synthesis Capsules

L Proline is found in large amounts within Collagen. Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body which is one of the reasons why that grass fed collagen was included in the new and improved DigestA+lean protein which also contains colostrum and glycine. L Proline supports the synergistic free form amino acid profile Dr. Serrano perfected over 15 years ago during extensive patient trials.

Muscle Synthesis Capsules help to improve body composition by increasing the utilization of stored fat as fuel while laying the raw materials foundation for excellent rates of muscle growth. However this does not mean that women will gain muscle by accident. The training and nutrition plan must be designed to increase lean muscle tissue in conjunction with the Muscle Synthesis capsules.

1 scoop of Muscle Synthesis powder is equal to 5 Muscle Synthesis capsules.

Combining the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis capsules pre/post training, between meals and to replace certain meals is the perfect combination for anyone wanting better body composition, quality of life and daily performance. 100% MR has a greater impact on recovery and performance while the Muscle Synthesis capsules dictate improvements in bod composition. The two proprietary formulas combined form a very powerful synergy when used together based on over 15 years of highly successful client feedback.