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8 Fat Loss Nutrition Tips

8 Fat Loss Nutrition Tips

Lose 10 to 20 pounds of body fat in an aggressive time frame with 8 Fat Loss Nutrition Tips for a sizzling summer. Maximizing your fat loss progress requires the right strategies to fit your needs. Our clients burn body fat very quickly with consistent execution of the right nutrition, exercise and recovery protocols. We relied on over twenty years of experience to form this list of strategies that we designed to be highly advanced yet simple to perform. Feel free to send us questions so we can support your success.

8 Fat Loss Nutrition Tips

  1. Macronutrient cycling
  2. Changing the length of intermittent fasted periods
  3. Boost metabolism with Fat Reduce FBO5 Day Time
  4. Improve sleep quality and hormonal restoration
  5. Cleanse billions of your fat cells
  6. Build metabolic and hormonal momentum
  7. Do not go zero carb for too long
  8. Eat More Frequently One Day Per Week

Using the same foods, amounts and meal times each day will limit your fat loss success after a couple of weeks. You must use macronutrient cycling to maximize your fat burning potential. Just like training the nutrition plan must improve strategically on a regular basis to avoid staleness.  Think of protein, carbohydrate and dietary fat as factors that you can change to drive up fat burning and energy levels.

Fat Reduce FBO5 Study

A Fat Reduce FBO5 study helped 30 patients increase daily caloric burn by over 500 calories after thirty days without any changes to their nutrition or exercise protocols. Bust through the most difficult metabolic and hormonal barriers to fat burning with the Day and Night time formulas scientifically engineered by DR. Eric Serrano MD.

By: Dr. Eric Serrano MD and Scott Mendelson


At least one day per week the macronutrient percentages must change significantly to break metabolic staleness, increase metabolism, surge fat burning enzymes and to naturally optimize fat burning hormones. Dr. Eric Serrano MD and myself Scott Mendelson are in agreement that some people may need two significant macronutrient cycling elements each week to maximize rates of fat burning.

We make macronutrient cycling highly advanced yet very simple to execute by changing the composition of a couple meals each week. It is not stressful, it is actually highly enjoyable as we use carbohydrate and dietary fat loading with clients to maximize rates of fat burning. Macronutrient cycling procedures typically involve a higher food intake in comparison to other days of the week which provides a huge mental and physical lift.

Eat More Frequently one day per week

The High Calorie Day built into the 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse Nutrition plan is a perfect example of macronutrient cycling. Like anything else the body can catch on to the length of the fasted periods and the amount of calories consumed each day. The objective is not confuse the body, but to rather send signals to the brain that it ideal to utilize more stored fat as fuel. Shake things up by having a great breakfast, lunch and dinner on the high calorie day to have a positive impact on metabolism. Ideally this will be a weight training day to take full advantage of the increased food intake as one of the most important 8 Fat Loss Nutrition Tips.


Billions of fat cells can determine body fat levels and must be cleansed with organic dietary fat choices and the Alpha Omega M3 to drive long term low body fat percentage.

Cleanse fat cells

We have billions of fat cells which store all sorts of toxins, trans fats and other bad materials over time. You must cleanse your fat cells with Alpha Omega M3 and organic dietary fat sources or your fat loss efforts will go nowhere fast. Remembers those french fries you ate not long ago? The corn oil used for frying screws up fat cell function making it much more difficult to utilize stored fat as fuel.

Turn the tables in your favor with proper diet and a higher dosage of Alpha Omega M3 for at least two weeks to get the fat cell cleanse process moving quickly. Dr. Eric Serrano MD built the AOM3 to provide fat cells with the specific ratios of toxin filtrated EPA/DHA (Fish oil), CLA, GLA, ALA, Vitamin E, Avocado Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Flaxseed needed to flush out garbage stuck in cells. Your billions of fat cells will welcome in the proper balance of essential fats while purging garbage so fat cells can collectively shrink in size.

21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse Nutrition Plan

Since the start of 2018 clients have reported great results from using a dietary fat loading approach on the high calorie day as part of the 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse Nutrition Plan. Specifically they increase the monounsaturated dietary fat intake from extra virgin olive oil, raw nuts and avocados to serve as a macronutrient cycling protocol for 8 Fat Loss Nutrition Tips. Dietary fat loading increases fat burning enzymes, naturally optimizes fat burning hormones, breaks metabolic staleness, improves sex drive and lubricates joints.

8 Fat Loss Nutrition Tips Part 2 coming soon.