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FAQ 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse

FAQ 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse

Learn how to outsmart up to 10 pounds of body fat in just three weeks with the FAQ 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse Nutrition Plan. On day 22 you can use a Carb Loading day to add a log to your fat burning fire while setting up hormones and metabolism for another cycle of the 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse Nutrition Plan for even more fat burning success with high daily energy.


FAQ 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse

What can I do after the 21 days for continued body fat loss?

On Day 22 you should increase carbohydrate consumption from the right sources to activate fat burning, revive thyroid levels, lower stress hormones and to provide a unique macronutrient cycling strategy. Our clients have had great success with the carbohydrate loading on Day 22 to set up even more fat burning during the next 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse Cycle.

FAQ 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse

Carbohydrate Loading Breakfast works very well if you are training first thing in the morning on Day 22.  Alpha Omega M3 drives raw materials including carbohydrates into hungry muscles instead of spilling over into fat cells based on DR. Eric Serrano’s proprietary blend of essential fatty acids.

Carbohydrates Add A Log To Your Fat Burning Fire

Dr. Eric Serrano often refers to targeted carbohydrate loading used on Day 22 as adding a log to the fat burning. Done correctly the carbohydrate loading will make the fat burning fire burn even hotter! It is very important to use the correct carbohydrate sources, combinations of dietary fats, organic protein sources and Alpha Omega M3 during these carb loading meals for the best fat burning results.*

The most challenging weight training session of the week should be performed before the carbohydrate loading meals. For example training around 11 am sets up an excellent lunch at around 1 pm and dinner at 5 pm. 4 to 8 GCX10 Physique and Performance Enhancer capsules before training will drive the quality of training necessary to maximize fat burning hormone levels.

GCX10 Targets Visceral and Stubborn Body Fat

GCX10 will help you improve the average weight load for more quality reps while targeting stubborn as well as visceral fat without stimulants. GCX10 contributes to optimizing insulin sensitivity which is especially important on days with carbohydrate consumption. 

The following composition can be used for both lunch and dinner. The portion sizes depend on gender, activity, stress levels, sleep patterns, body weight, genetics and much more.

30-50 grams of protein from cage free chicken, wild caught fish or wild caught seafood.

30-80 grams of carbohydrate from rice or potatoes.

20-50 grams of dietary fat from avocados or extra virgin olive oil packaged in a dark bottle.

3 to 6 Alpha Omega M3

Email for a free copy of the 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse Nutrition Plan and to discuss your goals. Look out for more FAQ 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse.