Personalized Plans

Personalized Plans

Our 12- week personalized weight training, nutrition, fat burning interval and lifestyle plans are designed to put clients on the fast track to success. You will be working directly with Scott Mendelson, who has been helping clients achieve excellent physique transformations for close to 20 years. Back in 1999 Scott was one of the first experts to offer personalized programs through the Internet built specifically for client needs.


What Do You Want to Achieve?

Are you a woman seeking to lose body fat? A man wanting to gain muscle and lose body fat at the same time? Looking to dominate a competition while improving body composition? Scott Mendelson will deliver personalized plans to fit your specific goals – highly advanced yet simple to execute with long lasting benefits. Programs built individually for client’s priorities can more than double the rate of transformation progress with consistent execution.

Get a Free Consultation

Email (subject: free consultation to discuss personalized programs) to discuss your situation and goals 7 days per week. In a day and age where customer service is nearly dead, Scott answers his emails personally to exceed our unmatched customer service standards. This no obligation email or phone discussion will bring areas of opportunity to your attention at absolutely no charge.

The Results

If you can dream it- we can do it, but not overnight. Turn the focus to achievement of short- and long- term goals. Many factors can influence your rate of progress, including hormonal conditions, injuries, the status of fat cells, metabolism, muscle fiber dominance, conditioning levels and more. The most well-conditioned people in this world focus on the factors they can control: training effort, nutrition plan compliance, proper rest and overall consistency of personalized plan execution. Do not let excuses get in your way to put off success another year month or single day.

Why do You Need Personalized Plan?

The pros have it all wrong

Nearly 99% of the population cannot train as long or as often as professional bodybuilders without hitting overtraining failure. Keep in mind that professional bodybuilders, Movie Stars, magazine cover models and many social media spectacles are using illegal drugs combined with near perfect genetics to achieve their success. Assuming those are not your circumstances, you must take a smarter approach to training, nutrition and muscle growth supplementation.

Eating “clean” is not enough to earn a low body fat percentage

Macronutrient cycling is a revolutionary technique for improving body composition by breaking metabolic staleness, increasing fat burning enzymes and naturally optimizing fat burning hormones. Changing the composition of a couple meals each week by rotating food sources makes implementation of macronutrient cycling very easy within the personalized nutrition plans. Eating the same foods, with similar macronutrient percentages (protein, dietary fat and carbohydrate) and timing each day will lead to a progress plateau very quickly.

Gaining Muscle does not happen simply by guzzling down protein shakes

Anyone who wants to pack on muscle must fuel excellent training sessions, accelerate recovery and keep muscles well fed throughout the day, so they can grow. The old school tactics of taking in a bunch of whey shakes with sugar may work for the genetic elite, but not for 99% of the population, who want to pack on muscle and feel good. The six meals per day approach will only work as long as the digestive system cooperates. Food allergies, irritations, intolerances, diminished digestive enzyme availability will limit muscle growth, especially for those over the age of 30.

You are an expert, but can you help yourself?

Have you ever heard the expression that a lawyer defending themselves has an idiot for a client? The meaning comes from the understanding that while a lawyer can be a subject matter expert, they cannot look at a situation objectively to form the best legal strategies to help themselves. In close to 20 years staying in communication with thousands of fitness enthusiasts from around the world, Scott has very rarely seen someone reach their full potential when designing their own training and nutrition plans. Even the most skilled trainers in the world consult colleagues to design plans for their needs to broaden their horizons of strategies.

The Right Transformation Strategies are Crucial

Time-efficient exercise systems and flexible nutrition programs will save your time while limiting stress. Work with Scott to identify barriers to success and develop strategies to overcome the problems that sink the efforts of 95% of the population. You can build metabolic and hormonal momentum to maximize fat burning using the correct tactics on a consistent basis. Alternatively, men wanting to pack on muscle fast, while increasing strength, will create naturally anabolic muscle growth conditions with cutting edge tactics.

Who are the personalized programs for?

Anyone who wants to improve body composition, performance and quality of life. Scott specializes in training and nutrition program design for men and women between the ages of 35 and 55 who lead busy lives. Another area of specializing is nutrition protocol design for professional and amateur athletes. This is done in cooperation with their coaches to gain the necessary performance feedback to make timely nutrition plan refinements.

Strive for Five

The Strive for 5 approach puts clients in an elevated state of fat burning throughout the week. Three weight training workouts of 45 minutes or less and 2 fat burning interval half hours each week have clients feeling energized. Each well-planned session can elevate fat burning hormones and metabolism significantly for the following 48 hours if the correct recovery protocols are in place. The better the execution, the greater the elevation of fat burning hormones and metabolism. As a result the five weekly sessions put clients into fat burning overdrive throughout the week. String together several weeks in a row of great execution and the body will burn fat like crazy.

What You Get

Every 12-week personalized training plan is broken into two distinctly different six-week training phases. The exercises, sets, reps, speed of reps, rest periods and other details are laid out in PDF files with space for tracking weight loads as well as repetition achievements. Strategic challenges are built into every six-week training phase by changing executions of exercises, repetition brackets, speed of reps or rest periods to maximize rates of progress.
The customized nutrition plans include a wide variety of food choices, shopping lists, portion sizes, flexible meal times, macronutrient cycling protocols and more. Changing up food sources and macronutrient percentages prevent the nutrition plans from getting stale. Nutrition plan strategies may change every six or twelve weeks pending client’s feedback and progress.
People of all experience levels struggle with paralysis by analysis due to the overwhelming amount of information available on the internet and social media. A key to success is using the right strategies to fit your specific needs and in a vast majority of cases this information cannot be pieced together entirely from one size fits all resources.

A Personalized Approach

After you sign up, you will receive a questionnaire asking about exercise, nutrition, lifestyle and related information to be returned by email. Scott will review the information and have follow up questions before building the personalized programs. You will receive a detailed introduction file including short instructional videos to explain program terminology and procedures. All of your questions will be answered by Scott Mendelson directly throughout the 12-week personalized program to ensure client success.

Optional Photo Assessment

It is completely optional to send in photos from the front, back and both sides for Scott to assess body fat levels, muscle development, posture, imbalances of structures and other details that are helpful with program design. All client pictures and information will be confidential. You can choose to take pictures every 6 weeks for your own progress tracking. There are many body fat percentage testing techniques that can be used as a progress markers as well.

Ongoing Support Excellence

Scott Mendelson will be with you every step of the way to collect feedback and to make program refinements based on your progress. The platinum 12-week personalized plan includes email as well as phone support, which helps Scott can collect critical client information. Gold plan clients will communicate by email only. Diamond programs include interaction by phone, email and video conferencing to include live exercise demonstrations.

Gigantic Video resources library

Our new website features a vast video library that will continue to grow on a weekly basis. Dr. Eric Serrano MD and Scott Mendelson will add new exercises, special executions, nutrition tips and lecture material with lightning fast playing speeds. The videos will play quickly on your phone, tablet or computer so you can look up an exercise any time you would like. Exercise sections are broken down by category or you can use the key word search to quickly find the information you seek.

What happens at the end of the 12-week program?

A very high percentage of clients renew for new 12-week personalized plans at the conclusion of the first plan. Fresh strategies are used with every new 12-week program while the systems become gradually more challenging to drive continued improvements. Scott Mendelson has worked with many clients for over 15 years and they have never repeated a 6-week training block.

An investment in your success

Transforming your body while supporting a high quality of life is extremely challenging. Invest in a personalized program, so you can focus on great execution, while Scott provides the expert guidance needed to make the process virtually stress-free. The correct weight training, nutrition, fat burning interval and lifestyle strategies can more than double your rate of progress when applied correctly.

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