Ischemic Dumbbell Press

Ischemic Dumbbell Press

The Ischemic Dumbbell Press represents a new frontier of chest development by making each rep twice as productive in comparison to a traditional rep execution. Muscle fibers and the nervous system are forced to engage intensely due to the unique challenges presented by Dr. Eric Serrano MD special execution.

Ischemic Dumbbell Press

Eric Serrano MD developed ischemic strength training techniques based on many years of clinical research and experimentation with patients. Ischemic executions are used in a variety of ways to increase lean muscle, boost strength, injury prevention, fat burning and much more.

Huge nervous system demands

Ischemic strength training techniques are extremely challenging and require advanced recovery techniques to avoid overtraining and to earn maximum benefits. Many elements of this training system create huge demands on the nervous system. Keep in mind the muscles cannot fully recover without optimal nervous system regeneration.

Accelerate recovery of the nervous system and the muscles

we highly recommend sipping the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder pre, during and immediately following ischemic strength training sessions. The proprietary blend of ingredients developed by Dr. Eric Serrano MD accelerate recovery of the muscles as well as the nervous system while laying the ideal raw material foundation for substantial muscle growth.


A skilled spotter is required for all ischemic strength training sessions. Practice the proper form and execution with warm up sets before every training session. Do not perform ischemic strength training exercises for more than 3 weeks in a row due to the high demands placed on the nervous system.

Ischemic Dumbbell Press weight load

the weight loads should be built up gradually with proper form when using the Ischemic Dumbbell Press. Initially even a small weight load will provide tremendous stimulation for the muscles due to the unique nature of the movement execution. Keep a wide base with the feet for balance and use spotters on both sides especially when encountering heavy loads.