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Innovative 6 Pack Training

Innovative 6 Pack Training

Improve 6 pack development, strength and reduce the risk of many injuries with Innovative 6 Pack Training. A standard core training approach involving endless crunches, sit ups and leg raises can cause low back pain and extremely tight hip flexors. The core must be trained correctly with rotational and other movements to develop a great looking 6 pack with proper stability to improve performance while reducing the risk of many injuries. Email to discuss a 12 week personalized training and nutrition plan to maximize your transformation success and overall efficiency.


Innovative 6 Pack Training

  • Improve 6 Pack Development
  • Reduce the risk of injuries
  • Enable Hip Flexor Range of Motion
  • Engage the Transverse Abdominis to make the belly look flatter
  • Short Rest Periods between sets peaks fat burning hormones
  • Fresh stimuli with gradual loading provides fresh stimuli to Revitalize Training

Gradual increases in weight load and band tension with proper form can make a 9 work set training session much more productive than a 2 hour meat head “ab training” session. Fixing common weaknesses with targeted exercises developed by Dr. Serrano puts our 12 week personalized program clients on the fast track to great 6 pack development without injuries.

Dr. Serrano’s New Year Rapid Fat Loss Training Check List

  1. Are you training hard or just going through the motions?
  2. Are rest periods short and accurate to cause discomfort?
  3. Manage stress and accelerate recovery with 100% MR to prevent belly fat accumulation
  4. Improve sleep quality with Fat Reduce FBO5 Night Time
  5. Make All Sets last 40 to 60 seconds to create rapid fat burning conditions
Attack stubborn and overall body fat with Fat Reduce FBO5 day and night time formulas. A patient trial involving 30 of Dr. Serranos patients demonstrated the ability to burn an additional 500 calories per day following 1 month of using the Fat Reduce FBO5 Day and Night time formulas. The scientifically engineered blend of ingredients Dr. Serrano assembled all support a specific purpose and work synergistically to attack belly fat for men and lower body fat accumulation for women through multiple proven pathways.

Activate The Transverse Abdominis for a Flatter Stomach

Listen carefully to Dr. Serrano’s instructions and activate the Transverse Abdominis (TA) correctly to create a flatter midsection. Standing tall during the specialized exercises involves proper coordination of the abdominal wall which helps clients stand correctly with proper pelvis positioning so the belly does protrude forward. This is especially important for those with a accentuated lumbar curve.