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Afterburner Cardio Maximizes Fat Loss Following Training

Afterburner Cardio Maximizes Fat Loss Following Training

Increase your rates of body fat loss by using short cardio sessions following weight training and fat burning interval workouts. For many years we have used Afterburners with clients in a hurry to lose body fat for summer and a new research paper caused us to revisit the protocols that have worked extremely well. Afterburner Cardio Maximizes Fat Loss Following Training by taking advantage of conditions including depletion of muscle glycogen (stored carbohydrate). Wiping out muscle glycogen causes the body to seek out more stored fat as a readily available fuel source.

Afterburner Cardio Maximizes Fat Loss Following Training

It sounds to good to be true so what is the catch? The weight training or fat burning interval workouts done before the afterburners must use a high level of intensity to wipe out muscle glycogen. In other words it will take a lot of effort during training which is a learned behavior for most people. 100% MR works perfectly in this scenario to enhance fat burning during the afterburners, protect muscle from being wasted, drastically reduces muscle soreness, improves performance and combats fatigue based on the exclusive ingredient ratios developed by Dr. Eric Serrano MD. However there is more to the story as the scientifically engineered ratios of BCAA (branched chain amino acids), Glutamine, Taurine, B Complex Vitamins and Niacin assembled by Dr. Eric Serrano MD based on many years of successful patient research within the 100% MR also keep troublesome stress hormones in check

Afterburner Cardio Maximizes Fat Loss Following Training

100% MR is made up of scientifically engineered ratios of BCAA, Glutamine, Taurine, B complex vitamins and niacin to support faster rates of body fat loss with Afterburners. Dr. Eric Serrano MD designed the 100% MR to drastically reduce muscle soreness, improve performance, fight fatigue, protect hard earned muscle, keep nasty stress hormones in check and to help the body lose body fat faster.

100% MR keeps Stress Hormones in Check

100% MR changes the game completely and allows the Afterburners to burn fat instead of chewing up hard earned muscle by keeping stress hormones in check. Stress hormones such as cortisol are associated with deposition of stubborn body, muscle wasting, low energy and poor performance. Combining the Muscle Synthesis Powder into the same drink as the 100% MR supports even faster rates of physique transformation for men and women.

The knock on steady state cardio following weight training is an increased risk of over training and elevated levels of nasty stress hormones. Proper attention to recovery and keeping weight training sessions to 45 minutes or less creates the perfect opportunity for afterburners.

Naturally flavored 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder

Naturally flavored 100% MR and naturally flavored Muscle Synthesis Powder pictured used pre and post exercise work synergistically to improve body composition, performance and rates of recovery to help clients maximize the benefits of every single exercise session. 

Afterburners can be applied following all weekly training sessions assuming the right recovery and fueling conditions are in place. We advise three weight training sessions of 45 minutes or less and 2 fat burning interval sessions of thirty minutes or less each week to make up Strive for Five. Strive for Five is the ideal training frequency for excellent body transformations based on over 50 years of combined experience.

Weight training programs focusing on quality over quantity with short rest periods allows a tremendous amount of productive work to be done within 45 minutes or less. As weight training sessions approach an hour the risk of overtraining increases significantly. Antagonistic super sets, giant sets, multiple phase strip sets and many other weight training systems can be used to pack a ton of highly quality work into a short period of time. Weight training sessions of 45 minutes or less prime the body for accelerated rates of fat burning by naturally optimizing hormones and metabolism.

Afterburners on Airdyne Bike

There is no substitute for high levels of effort when using fat burning intervals on an Airdyne bike. Taking the Fat Reduce FBO5 day time formula before exercise sessions creates excellent hormonal and metabolic conditions for fat burning.

Glycogen depletion weight training

The 50 caliber carb depletion weight training system published during January 2019 is a great system for men and women of all skill levels to deplete stored carbohydrate quickly so the body can transition into using more stored fat as fuel. Excellent execution during the training sessions will also have a huge impact on fat burning hormones and metabolism for up to 48 hours following each workout when the proper recovery conditions are in place with 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder.

Using Carbohydrate Correctly to Burn More Fat

A low carbohydrate nutrition plan works systematically with afterburners to keep glycogen (stored carbohydrate) levels low for an extended period of time. As mentioned many times before the right carbohydrate sources, amounts, timing and frequency are very important for body fat loss. A period of Zero carbohydrate intake during the 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse Nutrition plan is a great way to kick start body fat loss followed by the Day 22 Carb Load. This cycle can be repeated numerous times in combination with proper weight training, fat burning intervals and afterburners to earn excellent transformations in short periods of time.

Afterburners with rowing machine

Rowing machines are excellent for fat burning intervals immediately followed by afterburners on the same equipment. Fat Burning intervals included time periods of very high intensity followed by timed periods of lower intensity and then repeated for a designated number of revolutions. Afterburner Cardio Maximizes Fat Loss Following Training including fat burning intervals. 4 to 6 GCX10 before fat burning intervals improves peak power and the ability to repeat high levels of intensity during intervals without the use of stimulants. 

Afterburner Cardio Maximizes Fat Loss Following Training System

30 minutes before weight training or fat burning intervals

2-3 scoops 100% MR

2-3 scoops Muscle Synthesis Powder

Combined with water into the same drink

4 to 6 GCX10 Physique and Performance Enhancer Capsules

Fat Reduce FBO5 Day Time Formula

Weight training or fat burning interval session

Immediately following weight training or fat burning interval session begin sipping

2-3 scoops 100% MR

2-3 scoops Muscle Synthesis Powder

Combined with water into the same drink

Start the Afterburner Cardio Maximizes Fat Loss Following Training right away

20 minutes with an intensity level of 50 to 70% effort using a variety of venues such as walking briskly outside, stationary bike, elliptical, recumbent bike etc. Do not use treadmills due to the risk of falling and pounding on joints.

Email to discuss your individual situation and goals 7 days per week. 12 week personalized weight training, fat burning interval and nutrition plans with ongoing tech support will ensure the most rapid body transformations with a high quality of life.

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