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Vacation Six Pack Training

Vacation Six Pack Training

Earning a great 6 pack requires a low body fat percentage and excellent core muscle development. Unbalanced loading during lower body movements requires the core muscles to engage as nature intended by stabilizing the torso. Forget worthless infomercial gadgets and upgrade to challenging Vacation Six Pack Training with a full routine at the bottom of this article.

Vacation Six Pack Training

Every rep requires hard work from the core, lower back, postural muscles, and entire lower body. This results in massive caloric burn for every rep as a huge percentage of your overall muscle mass is working hard with every rep. Keep rest periods short and the overall session will be an action packed 30 minutes designed to maximize fat burning hormone levels for the next 48 hours if you take measures to accelerate recovery. 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder pre and post training drive excellent sessions, drastically reduce soreness and drive down stress hormones so fat burning can reach peak levels for days following training.

Vacation Six Pack Training

4-8 GCX10 Physique and Performance Enhancer capsules 30 minutes before a Vacation Six Pack Training session will attack stubborn and visceral fat without any stimulants. Key ingredient lactoferrin has been proven in research studies to reduce high risk visceral fat surrounding organs which is also a key contributor to the dreaded beer belly look. The high dosages of ATP and Glycine Dr. Eric Serrano MD included within the GCX10 allow for higher weight loading, more quality reps and excellent mental focus throughout challenging training sessions.

Force the Core Muscles to Engage

Loading only one side of a movement with a medicine ball forces the core muscles including the internal as well as the external obliques to contract in an intense manner. Better muscle recruitment results in excellent muscle development and razor sharp definition. Enhanced development creates the awesome 6 pack visuals people are working towards on a daily basis every summer. Unfortunately very few people outside of the genetic elite ever earn a great six pack due to using the wrong strategies.

Drop the ball

Never push a set beyond your ability to execute the proper form. We advise clients to drop the load during a set and continue with proper form until the predetermined number of reps is reached with a controlled speed of repetitions. Every rep should be taken to parallel on bottom to earn the most benefits. Anyone with injuries should not use these unbalanced core load movements due to their difficulty and complexity.

Unbalanced Core Lunge Front Foot Loaded

100% MR and Muscle Synthesis powder sipped around the training session provides powerful fuel sources for muscles and accelerates recovery between sets. Shorter rest periods create more fat burning hormone elevation opportunities with every set.  The proprietary ratios of amino acids assembled by Dr. Eric Serrano MD make a huge difference based on many years of experience helping clients around the world achieve their goals.

For example an aggressive approach during week one would be to use a 10 pound medicine ball with the side extended position. After rep 4 drop the ball and continue to get 4 more reps with the arm held in the same position. Keep in mind that your arm still adds weight load even while holding nothing. By week four performing all eight repetitions with the 10 pound medicine ball and using proper form is a fantastic improvement.

Unbalanced Core Lunge with Side Load

Unbalanced Core Lunge with Side Load make the notoriously neglected oblique muscles work like crazy.

Personalized 12 week training and nutrition program clients have thrived with unique exercises to support rapid goal achievement. The muscles and brain desire strategic change on a regular basis in order to earn the fasted rates of progress. Unbalanced core work sessions earn a great bang for the buck so to speak because so much of the overall musculature is involved in every single rep. Keep in mind that the number of reps below listed for the unbalanced lunge movements are done for each leg which doubles the work load in a short span of time.

We have developed down right wicked variations of these movements in addition to what you can see in the Vacation Six Pack Training routine below. Special executions and several versions of the movements all in a row are a significant challenge for even the most experienced of trainees.

Unbalanced Core Warm Up

Executing the appropriate unbalanced core warm up before the Vacation Six Pack Training is extremely important for preparing the muscles as well as the nervous system for the challenges ahead.

A1.Unbalanced Core Lunge Arm to Side483-2-1-045
A2.Unbalanced core Lunge Arm in Front483-2-1-045
A3.Unbalanced Core Lunge Arm Overhead483-2-1-090
B1. Medicine Ball Overhad Deadlift463-2-1-060
B2.Medicine Ball Squat Hold on chest4124-2-1-060
B3.Standing Unilateral Calf Raise483-2-1-290

How to perform the sets

Execute A1. for each leg, rest 45 seconds, execute A2 for each leg, rest 45 seconds, execute A3 for each leg, rest 45 seconds and repeat the entire sequence a total of four revolutions with proper form. Reduce the weight of the medicine ball or perform with no weight as fatigue becomes a factor.

The B series exercises are performed in the same pattern as above.

Repetition speed

Lower the body over three seconds, pause on bottom for two seconds, drive up to the top of the rep in one second and finally take no rest on top of each rep. This is how you execute a speed as noted in the Vacation Six Pack Training Program of 3-2-1-0.