Unbalanced Core Warm Up

Unbalanced Core Warm Up

Perform the Unbalanced Core Warm UP before personalized weight training programs or the Vacation Six Pack Training Workout. Prepare the muscles and the nervous system for intense training with the specific arm positions while walking lengths of 50 feet for each variation.

Unbalanced Core Warm Up


There are a total of six positions during the Unbalanced Core Warm Up when you consider all three of the arm positions holding the medicine ball done for each leg. Walk a distance of fifty feet for each position all in a row with minimal rest between. The sequence will become aerobically challenging as it can be harder to breath while the core muscles engage in an intense manner. The upper body, lower body and core will all be worked during the process which helps the body perform very well during the first work set.

unbalanced core warm up sequence

Sip the 100% MR Naturally flavored and Muscle Synthesis Powder combined with water before and during the warm up to prepare the muscles as well as the nervous system for intense training. Dr. Eric Serrano MD formulated the proprietary amino acid blends to force the body to use more stored fat as fuel during exercise while keeping nasty stress hormones in check.

Focus on keeping an upright posture while executing the Unbalanced Core Training Warm UP.

Weight Load Selection

The video includes a ten pound medicine ball which is appropriate for an advanced trainee. Some personalized program clients involved in power sports have used a 25 pound medicine ball with proper form. However someone who has never done the sequence before could start with no weight load at all as the arm alone has enough weight to provide stimulation.

Gradually increase the weight load over time with perfect form. One or two revolutions of the sequence can be performed before the unbalanced core training session. Personalized program clients may start the day with this warm up sequence even if they are not training until later in the day. Short sessions first thing in the morning are great for fat burning, performance improvement, stress relief and highly daily energy.