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All You Can Eat Vacation

All You Can Eat Vacation

Vacation Rules! Do not let life pass you by. Have a great time on vacation and do not stress about your food choices by having the right vacation nutrition strategies in place. A week or two of higher carb and total food intake is highly beneficial for clients who want to lose more body fat when they return from vacation. Playing the correct cards on vacation will result in a huge metabolic and hormonal boost to drive greater rates of progress in the future while making you feel great for All You Can Eat Vacation.


All You Can Eat Vacation

Yes you can eat big time on vacation without gaining body fat if you stay very active, limit the refined foods, take Alpha Omega M3 and the new EZ14 Digestive Enzyme Catalyst with your meals. The proprietary ratios of essential fats within the Alpha Omega M3 keep fat cells clean and prevent fat storing hormones from jumping too high even when food choices are far less than perfect. Dr. Eric Serrano MD carefully calibrated 14 Digestive Enzymes within  EZ14 Digestive Enzyme Catalyst to the digestion process more efficient.

All You Can Eat Vacation

Enjoy pizza without worries of gaining body fat or sluggishness during your All You Can Eat Vacation by adding Alpha Omega M3 and EZ14 Digestive Enzyme Catalyst to your meals. The body cannot make enzymes to properly digest refined foods such as pizza which sends the body into a confused state for many hours or days which sucks up vital resources. Dr. Eric Serrano MD carefully calibrated 14 Digestive Enzymes within the EZ14 to improve nutrient uptake, combat damage from food allergies and help the body minimize conflicts from refined foods people want to eat on vacation.

All You Can Eat Vacation Rules

Yes there are rules on vacation so you can have a great time while preventing body fat accumulation and lowering stress. Our clients follow these rules to not only avoid gaining body fat, but to also speed up metabolism so that when they return from vacation the body is primed to burn more fat.

  • Alpha Omega M3 with every meal that contains carbs to keep fat storage hormones in check.
  • Do at least one 30 minute fat burning interval or weight training session per day
  • Keep general activity levels high by walking around resorts, swimming and other activities
  • Take EZ14 with meals to support efficient nutrient absorption and to quickly process refined foods
  • Include dietary fat, protein and carbohydrates at every meal
  • Try new foods that you would not ordinarily have access to at home
  • Flexible fasting can create better conditions for large meals
  • Start the day with a walk around a resort for stress relief and increased energy
  • Keep a good sleep cycle
  • Avoid foods fried in corn oil, high fructose corn syrup, trans fats and liquid calories
All You can Eat Ice Cream on Vacation

Ice Cream is very difficult to digest for a large percentage of the population which has bigger implications than just stomach upset. Take EZ14 Digestive Enzyme Catalyst with foods containing dairy to help the body digest more efficiently. Better rates of digestion allow the body to dedicate more resources to burning fat and driving high levels of energy.

According to the research performed by Dr. Eric Serrano MD who is a leading expert in the field of nutrition- Eating the same groups of foods over and over again causes food allergies, irritations and intolerances. Thousands of patient food allergy blood tests, nutrition plan alterations, body composition testing, symptom tracking and more data confirms just how important managing food allergies, irritations and intolerances has become to support a high quality of life. These problems created from eating the same group of foods too often make body fat loss extremely difficult, prevent ideal nutrient utilization of the muscles, cause sluggishness, stomach upset, digestive stress, joint pain, rashes and much more.

Rotate Foods

Give the body a break from foods that you consume on a regular basis during the All You Can Eat Vacation. For example consume only wild caught fish and seafood for an entire week. This rotates out beef, chicken and other protein sources that you consume on a regular basis. Look for new dietary fat and carbohydrate sources as well while on vacation to avoid allergies, intolerances and irritations for that week. This is one of the reasons why our clients feel so good on vacation. They remove foods that are irritating them from several perspectives.

Your Body Needs Enzymes

Dr. Serrano developed the EZ14 Digestive Enzyme Catalyst to repair some of the damage created by food allergies, irritations in tolerances. In Combination with removing the offending foods, the EZ14 will produce amazing results with physique transformation, performance and quality of life. Clients notice less bloating, fatigue, water retention, sluggishness following meals, stomach upset and joint pain within a couple of days of starting the EZ14 and removing food allergens.


Vacation Nutrition Freedom

Vacation Nutrition Freedom includes eating foods you like without the guilt.

Traveling without the right strategies in place ends up being a disaster for most people and they end up piling on body fat quickly which is unfortunate. Make vacations a low stress process by feeling confident in your exercise and nutrition strategies while enjoying the best of all worlds. A personalized approach is often needed for the best outcomes on vacation to set up clients to EAT big time while supporting long term goals. A vacation is a great opportunity to boost metabolism and fat burning hormones so that excellent progress can be earned when clients return from a trip.