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Stubborn Fat Burning Training Tips

Stubborn Fat Burning Training Tips

Proven training strategies attack stubborn body fat by optimizing fat burning hormones and shutting off fat storage receptors with stubborn fat burning training tips. Getting rid of stubborn body fat requires a comprehensive approach with weight training, rapid fat burning intervals and afterburners to put the body into a heightened state of fat burning throughout the 7 day week with time efficient sessions. Fat Reduce FBO5 Day Time formula used pre exercise creates the perfect metabolic and hormonal environment to burn stubborn body fat during and after training.


Stubborn Fat Burning Training Tips

  • Minimize Stimulant Intake to lower stress hormones
  • Keep Training Sessions under 50 minutes
  • Accelerate Comprehensive Recovery with 100% MR to neutralize fat storing stress hormones
  • Perform Rapid Fat Burning Intervals followed by Afterburners twice per week
  • Keep rest periods short and make sets last between 40 and 70 seconds
  • Sip Muscle Synthesis Powder to mimic food intake without caloric burden
  • Take 4 GCX10 pre training to Improve performance and to attack visceral fat with lactoferrin
Get rid of stubborn body fat with a combination of 100% MR, Muscle Synthesis Powder, and GCX10 scientifically engineered ingredient blends developed by Dr. Eric Serrano MD including many years of successful patient research. DR. Serrano closely examines patient blood work and determine which scientifically engineered supplement ingredients positively impact the hormones governing stubborn body fat loss.

Minimize Stimulant Intake to Get Rid of Belly Fat

Most pre workout products contain a heavy dose of stimulants that send stress hormones through the roof. These same stress hormone elevations turn on fat storage receptors leading to belly fat accumulation for men, delay recovery, kill daily energy and lead to muscle wasting. Over time trainees use gradually higher dosages of pre workout products as the body adapts to the stimulant intake leading to even bigger problems. 4 GCX10 30 minutes before training has a huge impact on peak power for higher weight loads, more high quality reps, a greater number of quality sets, and razor sharp focus without stimulants. The lactoferrin ingredient within the GCX10 is excellent for attacking stubborn and visceral body fat as well.

Action Packed Weight Training Maximizes Fat Burning

Keeping rest periods relatively short between antagonistic movements holds the potential to increase fat burning hormonal benefits from training. Gradually increasing the weight loads with proper form and disciplined rep speeds is extremely important for maximizing the release of fat burning hormones. Based on many years of experience watching the general public train we know the most people rest twice as long as they plan and fly through reps with their sets lasting 15 to 20 seconds. Controlling the speed of the reps and the 6 second strategic pause built into Cluster 6 Pause training for example can make sets last between 40 and 70 seconds which is highly beneficial with challenging weight loads. New 12 week personalized training and nutrition program clients often find that they are achieving double the amount of work than before with workouts taking half as long which is a huge improvement in density.

Muscle Synthesis Powder sipped during fasted periods and around training signals the brain that a huge amount of food has been consumed which sends multiple fat burning pathways into overdrive. The scientifically engineered ratios of free form amino acids Dr. Eric Serrano MD developed within the Muscle Synthesis Powder have have no caloric burden which allows a tremendous amount of stored fat to burned. The free form amino acids exclusive to the Muscle Synthesis Powder mimic food on a theoretical basis.

Create A Bigger Fat Burning Fire for Longer

Each well executed weight training and fat burning interval session will peak metabolism and fat burning hormones for up to 48 hours following each session when the right recovery and fueling materials are in place. A total of 5 exercise sessions per week put our clients into an elevated status of stubborn fat burning throughout the 7 day week as result of the fat burning benefits that follow each high impact exercise session. Accelerating recovery with the 100% MR frees up more resources for the body to allocate to fat burning and protecting hard earned muscle while ensuring that trainees are fully ready for the next challenging training session. The specific ratios of amino acids exclusive to the 100% MR keep stress hormones associated with stubborn body fat deposition in check based on many years of Dr. Serrano’s patient hormonal blood work reviews during the formula design process.

Get rid of muscle soreness and fatigue by sipping 100% MR 30 minutes before and again immediately after all exercise sessions. Faster recovery results in more benefits from challenging weight training and fat burning interval sessions while reducing the risk of fatigue related injuries.

Fat Burning Intervals Require Discomfort

Short sprints with very high levels effort followed by active rest periods and repeated for 10 minutes total are highly effective for body fat loss. Fat Burning intervals require a high level of effort for only 5 to 15 seconds followed by active rest periods of 20 to 40 seconds to maximize the burning of overall and especially stubborn body fat. Repeating this sprint followed by active rest period multiple times becomes extremely challenging after a few minutes. However this does not mean someone needs to be an expert cyclist or track sprinter to gain significant benefit. Alpha GPC within the GCX10 helps clients push through exercise induced discomfort while the high dosage of ATP allows for multiple high performance sprints. The metabolic and fat burning hormones respond very well to gradually improved levels of performance week to week based on our observations of thousands of clients.

4 GCX10 30 minutes before training creates razor sharp focus and the ability to push through exercise induced discomfort which helps to gradually improve Fat Burning Interval Performance. 3 Fat Reduce FBO5 Day time formula taken 30 minutes before training creates the perfect metabolic and hormonal environment during training to burn stubborn body fat.
Afterburners Burn Even More Fat

10 to 20 minute steady state cardio sessions following fat burning intervals are what we refer to as Afterburners which are very potent for additional stubborn body fat. 100% MR provides additional fat burning benefits during glycogen depleted conditions. Depleting the stored carbohydrate stored within muscles referred to in the scientific literature as glycogen creates rapid fat burning opportunities if the right overall strategies are in place. The 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse Nutrition System is an ideal nutrition approach to deplete glycogen while pursuing multiple fat burning pathway accelerations. The scientifically engineered amino acid ratios exclusive to the 100% MR get rid of muscle soreness as well as fatigue while acting as a very powerful alternative energy source for muscles during a low carb intake.

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