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Reverse Cluster 6 Pause Lower Body Action Training

Reverse Cluster 6 Pause Lower Body Action Training

Transform your entire body with Reverse Cluster 6 Pause Lower Body Action Training sessions to surge fat burning hormones and stimulate muscle fibers with short sessions. Action packed workouts with 36 challenging reps packed into 2-3 minute Cluster 6 Pause sets will cause your legs to feel like they are on fire. The same burning sensation also potentiates tremendous increases of fat burning hormone release when the correct raw material fueling and recovery conditions are in place by using the 100% MR combined with the Muscle Synthesis Powder around training sessions.

Reverse Cluster 6 Pause Lower Body Action Training

  • Surge fat burning hormones
  • Improve functional strength
  • Activate a wide cross section of muscle fibers
  • Correct muscle imbalances
  • Limit Joint Stress with Conservative loading
  • Build stamina
  • Increase training capacity
  • Drive blood flow to muscles carrying nutrients
  • Activate the posterior chain
  • Peak quality of training with with focused compact sessions
Reverse Cluster 6 Pause Lunge

Dr. Eric Serrano scientifically engineered ratios of ingredients within 100% MR prevents massive muscle soreness, stops the post workout mental fatigue hangover, protects hard earned muscle, improves performance and drives faster rates of fat burning during muscle glycogen depleted conditions.  Muscle Synthesis Powder exclusive amino acid ratios increases the utilization of stored fat as fuel during exercise, lays the perfect raw material foundation for men to increase lean muscle and sends powerful fat burning signals to the brain when used between meals.

Reverse Cluster 6 Pause Lower Body Action Training Execution

8 reps – Pause 6 seconds

7 reps- Pause 6 seconds

6 reps- Pause 6 seconds

5 reps- Pause 6 seconds

4 reps- Pause 6 seconds

3 reps- Pause 6 seconds

2 reps- Pause 6 seconds

1 rep – Pause 6 seconds

Dr. Eric Serrano MD referred to the above sequence as a down cluster starting with 10 reps within the Cluster 6 Pause Variable video listed within the playlist above. We used a wide variety of Cluster 6 Pause executions by altering the number of reps, length of the pause, rep executions and more to maximize the success of 12 week personalized training and nutrition plan clients. The right training, nutrition and recovery strategies can double or even triple rates of progress based on our combined 50 years of experience helping clients earn excellent body transformations.

Cluster 6 Pause Band assisted lunges Dr. Eric Serrano MD

“I was one of the first practitioners to experiment with different ratios of BCAA more than 20 years ago. Recording patient feedback is extremely important when testing formula ratios to determine what works best. Following brutal workouts in my gym patients using the experimental 100% MR were much less sore than the rest of the training group. Furthermore patients using 100% MR were able to fight fatigue and achieve better performance during all sorts of training. The scientifically engineered ratios of BCAA within the 100% MR can decrease serotonin which in turn prevents the dreaded post workout mental fatigue hangover. Accelerated recovery and improved training performance drive faster body transformations. ” Dr. Eric Serrano MD.


Drastically Reduce Muscle Soreness and Fatigue

100% MR accelerates recovery of the muscles as well as the nervous system with scientifically engineered ratios of BCAA, Glutamine, Taurine and B Complex vitamins assembled By Dr. Eric Serrano MD based on many years of successful patient research. Muscle Synthesis Powder improves body composition with medically developed proportions of essential amino acids based on muscle biopsies to determine the amino acid composition of human muscle. The time period around training demands rapid delivery of raw materials in exact proportions for muscles to easily assimilate into new lean tissue. 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder bypass digestive hang ups and deliver their payload to hungry muscles within seconds. Protein shakes on the other hand are too little, way to late due to digestion time needs and generic amino acid ratios.

Reverse Cluster 6 Pause Glute Raise

Women will burn off body fat and firm up in all of the right place when using Reverse Cluster 6 Pause Lower Body Action Training one time per week.  Fat Reduce FBO5 Day time formula designed to get rid of stubborn body fat taken before training creates an excellent fat burning environment to take full advantage of the conditions created by challenging lower body training sessions. Fat Reduce FBO5 Night Time formula mobilizes stored fat to be burned as fuel during sleep while the synergistic ingredients help clients transition into a restful sleep.

The safety bar squat sequence featured five reps instead of eight due to the heavy loading. It is ideal to use a conservative weight load when performing the squat during Reverse Cluster 6 Pause Lower Body Action Training due to the potential deterioration of form with high levels of fatigue. Safety pins in the squat rack are a great safety procedure in addition to have a spotter to monitor proper form and depth.

Fresh Training Stimuli Benefits

Changing the order of rep execution with Reverse Cluster 6 Pause Lower Body Action Training provides fresh stimuli for the muscles as well as the nervous system. A reverse cluster can be applied to the Cluster 6 Pause Arm and Torso training routines we have posted recently to drive even faster body transformation progress. 12 week personalized weight training and nutrition program clients may use a Reverse Cluster Pause and traditional Cluster 6 Pause execution during the same training session to maximize rates of progress.


Reverse Cluster 6 Pause Band Glute Raise

Reverse Cluster 6 Pause Band Glute Raise with complete range of motion on top is excellent work for the glute development. GCX10 Rapid Physique and Performance Enhancer increases peak strength and muscle endurance during challenging training sessions without stimulants. The specialized GCX10 ingredient ratios fuel muscles and help to overcome significant muscle discomfort during elongated Cluster 6 Pause sets.

Earn a Great Butt with 3 Foot Position Band Tension Glute Raises

Glute raises with the barbell across the lap and variations have become very popular. However many of these movements lack the proper range of motion and very rarely are trainees achieving the proper position on top when Dr. Serrano reviews videos brought to him by new patients. The band tension glute raise featured above and within the video playlist creates the highest levels on tension on top of the exercise for an ideal contraction. Band tension can be increased gradually as trainees achieve the proper form. Using three different foot positions ads tremendous challenge to the sequence to develop real buns of steel.

1 1/4 Belt Squat Execution Tips

The extra 1/4 on bottom of the Belt squat adds tremendous difficulty to the movement often used by Dr. Eric Serrano MD with patient program designs. The bottom 1/4 of the rep is typically the weakest range of motion which needs attention. The additional focus on the bottom range of motion helps trainees achieve the proper parallel depth on bottom of the squat rep and is easier to lean in comparison to traditional squat with a barbell. A highly qualified spotter and appropriate belt is needed for this movement to be beneficial. Make sure the elevated surface cannot move during the exercise while being able to support the loading of the exercise.


A1.Safety Bar Squat2Reverse ClusterNA90
A2.Rear Leg Elevated Lunge2Reverse ClusterNA90
B1.3 Position Band Glute Raises3102-1-1-190
B2.1 1/4 Belt Squat383-3-1-190