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Cluster 6 Pause Torso Transformation Training

Cluster 6 Pause Torso Transformation Training

In response to high demand the Cluster 6 Pause Torso Transformation Training program is assembled to reduce body fat, increase lean muscle tissue for men and improve strength with training sessions under 30 minutes. The high average weight load per rep packed into a short space of time stimulates a wide array of muscle fibers while naturally optimizing hormones that govern body composition. Both men and women have responded extremely well to the Cluster 6 Pause Great Arm Training System which explains the execution patterns and benefits of this innovative training system.

Challenge yourself to 6 consistent weeks of execution with the Cluster 6 Pause Arm and Torso Training session each done one time per week while making gradual increases to the weight loads.  Accelerate recovery and fuel properly with every session by using the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder around each intense workout to drive the fastest possible physique improvements.

Cluster 6 Pause Torso Transformation Training Benefits

  • Achieve full range of motion for excellent muscle development
  • Alternate pushing and pulling movements to stimulate the nervous system
  • Implement advanced execution strategic pauses at the top of reverse fly
  • Take advantage of increased muscle blood flow with 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder to quickly fuel hard working muscles.
  • See numerous benefits listed in the Cluster 6 Pause Great Arm Training Article


Cluster 6 Pause Torso Transformation Training

100% MR drastically reduces muscle soreness, improves performance and protects hard earned muscle during intense cluster 6 pause sets. Muscle Synthesis Powder increases the utilization of stored fat as fuel during training while providing the perfect raw material building blocks for men to accumulate muscle quickly. Dr. Eric Serrano MD scientifically engineered the specific amino ratios within the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder to be combined before/after workouts for rapid physique transformation.

Cluster 6 Pause Torso Transformation Training Execution Review

Each set has 8 phases with 6 seconds rest between phases. 36 high quality reps when you execute the entire sequence below. The first few phases may feel easy, but the challenge increases dramatically around the 5 rep phase for most trainees pending their muscle fiber type dominance and other individual factors. Clients using the Cluster 6 Pause Great Arm Training system have reported the best results when making gradual increases to the weight load over the course of a six week training phase. Do not be afraid to fail short during a set as long as the proper form is being used.

1 Rep rest 6 seconds

2 Reps rest 6 seconds

3 Reps rest 6 seconds

4 Reps rest 6 seconds

5 Reps rest 6 seconds

6 Reps rest 6 seconds

7 Reps rest 6 seconds

8 Reps rest 6 seconds

Cluster 6 Pause Chest Press

4-8 GCX10 Rapid Physique and Performance Enhancer before training increases the average weight load and high quality rep capacity during Cluster 6 Pause Torso Transformation training sessions according to 12 week personalized program clients using the system. GCX10 contains no stimulants and improves performance dramatically with a specialized blend of high dosage ATP, Alpha GPC and Glycine assembled by Dr. Eric Serrano MD.

Customizing the Number of Sets

An experienced trainee with ideal recovery conditions from proper rest, 100% MR around training sessions and proper nutrition plan execution can benefit from more sets than the average person during Cluster 6 Pause Torso Transformation Training. 12 week personalized weight training and nutrition plan clients have earned great success using Cluster 6 Pause techniques while changing the number of sets each week pending recovery factors. Especially for the first week of this routine one work set following a warm up is enough to stimulate progress. Clients gain additional body transformation benefits from doing 2 sets of each Cluster 6 Pause Torso Transformation workout with the right recovery conditions in place. 3 sets of each movement would be most appropriate for a client who has extra time to rest with very minimal stress such as an off season professional athlete or actor preparing for a movie roll.

Prevent Massive Muscle Soreness with 100% MR

Exceeding the recovery capacity by doing too many sets can crush progress. Packing 36 high quality reps into a roughly two minute Cluster 6 Pause set is extremely challenging from a recovery standpoint for the muscles as well as the nervous system. 100% MR contains the exact ratios of BCAA, Glutamine, Taurine and B complex vitamins to accelerate all elements of recovery while improving performance based on the successful patient research conducted by DR. Eric Serrano MD. 100% MR provides a powerful alternative energy source for hard working muscles during intense Cluster 6 Pause Sets while preventing muscle wasting.

Combining the Muscle Synthesis Powder with the 100% MR pre/during/post training is one of the key tactics used to help women increases the utilization of stored fat as fuel during exercise. The specific ratios of essential amino acids within the Muscle Synthesis Powder Dr. Serrano developed lay the ideal raw material foundation for men wanting to gain muscle quickly. Sipping the combination during fasted periods has additional body transformation benefits as part of the 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse Nutrition Plan.

Selecting the Best Weight Load

We suggest starting with a weight load you can use for 12 to 15 reps with excellent form. See what happens during the first Cluster 6 Pause Torso Transformation set and adjust accordingly. Treat the first revolution of the five exercises in the routine below during week one as a warm up set. If you executed all 36 reps with great form then increase the weight load five pounds for the next time. If you fail towards the end of the sequence then stick with the same weight load next time and aim to complete all 8 phases with proper form.


Cluster 6 Pause Pull UP

4-8 GCX10 before training improves performance dramatically without the side effects of heavy stimulant based pre workout products. The GCX10 contains no stimulants while driving razor sharp mental focus by lowering stress levels with Glycine and using Alpha GPC to push through muscle discomfort during intense sets.

Weekly Progressions Drive Physique Improvement

Clients earning the fastest physique transformations are pushing for increases in weight load with proper form week to week. Better training performance burns more calories, stimulates more muscle fibers and has a much greater impact on the hormones governing body composition improvement. Over the course of a 6 week Cluster 6 Pause Training phase you should increase the weight loads every other week at a minimum of approximately 5 pounds. Accelerating recovery of the muscles as well as the nervous system with 100% MR will have a tremendous impact on the ability to improve performance on a regular basis by way of loading and quality rep counts. Faster recovery between sets also allows for shorter rest periods between sets which is critical for increasing fat burning hormones. Muscle Synthesis Powder Essential Amino Acid Exclusive ingredient ratios increases the utilization of stored fat as fuel while laying the perfect raw material foundation for rapid muscle growth. Women using the Muscle Synthesis Powder will not gain unwanted muscle by accident due to significant genetic differences from men.

Training Hard is a Learned Behavior

Cluster 6 Pause Training will serve as a significant test for men and women wanting to transform their bodies. Pushing the limits of performance while using proper form pays off for men to gain muscle and lose body fat at the same time. Female clients earn great definition and decreased body fat levels quickly without gaining unwanted muscle by accident due to their distinct genetic differences. GCX10 taken before training not only improves weight loads in addition to quality rep counts, but also helps clients push through significant muscle discomfort due to the Alpha GPC ingredient.


Cluster 6 Pause Chest Press

Fat Reduce FBO5 Day time formula taken before exercise creates excellent fat burning conditions during intense training Cluster 6 Pause Torso Transformation Training sessions for women and men by busting through the most significant hormonal barriers to stubborn fat burning. A couple hours before bed taking the Fat Reduce FBO5 Night time formula helps people transition into restful sleep while mobilizing more stored fat as fuel and enhancing natural recovery pathways.

Female clients have lost body fat and firmed up in all of the right places using Cluster 6 Pause training variations for the arms, torso and legs each week. The long duration of each set with challenging weight loads sparks a fat burning fire storm by burning a tremendous number of calories and spiking fat burning hormones for many hours following when the right recovery protocols are in place with 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder around each session.

Cluster 6 Pause Torso Transformation Training Routine

A1.Strategic Pause Reverse Fly(1-2)NA60
A2.Incline DB Press with full ROM(1-2)NA60
A3.Multi Grip Hammer Row(1-2)NA60
A4.Cable Press(1-2)NA60
A5.Spread Lat Pull Down(1-2)NA60

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