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Cluster 6 Pause Great Arm Training System

Cluster 6 Pause Great Arm Training System

Burn body fat like crazy and accumulate quality muscle to your guns with the Cluster 6 Pause Great Arm Training System. Be prepared to bring your A Game effort to maximize your rate of progress as these sessions will be short, but hellacious to say the very least. You must take care of proper fueling as well as recovery with the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder or your destined for massive muscle soreness. The unique properties of this highly dense training system create an opportunity to drive more of the specialized amino acid ratios within the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder to hungry muscles. The strategic buildup of these raw materials know as accretion leads to faster recovery, greater rates of body fat loss and quicker accumulation of shoulder, biceps and triceps muscle. to discuss your individual situation, goals and questions 7 days per week.

Cluster 6 Pause Great Arm Training System

Cluster 6 Pause Great Arm Training System Benefits

  • 36 high quality reps during a 2+ minute set
  • Increase Fat Burning Hormones
  • Stimulate Massive Arm Muscle Fibers
  • Build Up Strategic Reserve of Growth/Recovery Materials within Muscle Bellies
  • Cut out momentum to make muscles work harder
  • Increased loading capacity for more muscle fiber stimulation
  • Training sessions under 30 minutes
  • Fantastic cardiovascular work
  • Minimize the risk of injury with proper loading
  • Easily tracked improvement markers weekly for faster transformations
  • Reduced risk of overtraining
Cluster 6 Pause Great Arm Training Biceps Curls

100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder create a larger strategic build up of specialized amino acid ratios within the muscle bellies due to the massive blood flow created by Cluster 6 Pause Great Arm Training System characteristics. Filling up muscles with these crucial raw material ratios Dr. Eric Serrano MD scientifically engineered from the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder drive accelerated recovery, faster muscle growth and better performance.

How to pack 36 Challenging reps into each Cluster Set

Each set has 8 phases with six seconds rest between phases. Start with 1 rep for the first phase, rest 6 seconds and then 2 reps for the second phase, rest 6 seconds, 3 reps for the third phase etc. Building all the way up to 8 phases. Most people really start feeling the challenge during the fifth phase of the set which features 5 reps. This is the time when the scientifically engineered blend of ingredients within the GCX10 really kick in to help clients drive on and complete the set when others fail.

6 Second Pause Benefits

It takes roughly 6 seconds to eliminate the momentum created during the eccentric (lowering) phase of a rep. During a set for Joe average in gyms across the world he is going to use a rapid speed with his reps to make the lifting phase of each rep easier. Moving the weight load fast creates kinetic energy otherwise known as a bounce to help lift the weight. In this case we pause 6 seconds between phases and eliminate the bounce to make the muscles work much harder. The average set will last two minutes or more which will build up the residual fatigue.

Proper Fueling

This is one the many reasons why the GCX10 Physique and Performance Enhancer capsules are so important for helping clients use higher loads while being able to complete all 8 phases of the sets with excellent form. The high dosage of ATP Dr. Serrano included within the GCX10 is proven to increase peak power and strength endurance.

Cluster 6 Pause Great Arm Training Triceps Push Downs with GCX10

GCX10 creates unbreakable focus and resolve to train without stimulants. Recent client feedback tells us that the addition of Alpha GPC to the GCX10 helps to push through significant muscle discomfort while cranking out high quality reps with proper form. The high dosage of ATP is proven to increase peak load and rep capacity which leads to faster accumulation of muscle and fat loss with every session. Glycine keeps stress levels in check and helps trainees stay locked into the “zone” for excellent training performance.

Picking the Right Weight Load

Pick a weight load that you think you can do for 12-15 reps with proper form. Your performance during the set will tell you if the load is too light or too heavy so that you can adjust accordingly the next time. Even if you guess wrong on the weight, the fresh stimuli provided by the Cluster 6 Pause arm training is highly beneficial for the muscles, nervous system, nutrient uptake of the muscles and naturally anabolic hormone levels. A warm up set is a good way to judge the weight load, practice the rep phase sequence and otherwise become more familiar with this highly challenging execution.

5 Exercises Per Training Session

Five exercises is the ideal number of exercises per training session. Cluster 6 Pause protocols can be applied to any body part grouping. For example Chest/Back on day 1, Lower body day 2, Arms day 3. However the number of clusters can change depending on the client individual situation, goals, muscle fiber type dominance, nervous system maturity and other individual characteristics. Some readers may wonder why the rope triceps push down is the only pure triceps movement within this particular program. The shoulder press stimulated the triceps in addition to the Deltoid tremendously making only one other triceps movement necessary.

Cluster 6 Pause Great Arm Training Load Selection

Cluster 6 Pause Great Arm Training System Load Selection, set volume and advanced pause points crucial for 12 week personalized training and nutrition program clients to earn the fastest possible transformations.

Weekly Improvements during 6 Week Training Phases

We have used Cluster 6 Pause Arm Training with many personalized program clients over the last couple of months with great success. Those who make steady improvements from week to week during a 6 week personalized training plan earn the fastest rates of progress. A 2.5 to 5 pound increase in weight load is more significant than what most people would think as this difference in load adds up over the course of 36 reps. Cluster 6 Pause Great Arm Training System

Recovery Capacity Dictates the Number of Sets

Most trainees will be tempted by nature to do multiple sets of each movement for a longer training session. We have seen the most success by rotating the volume on a weekly basis. For example week one will feature one set and week two can utilize two sets is shown within the chart below. We are very careful to assess the recovery capacity of the client and in many cases one work set each week is enough to earn steady progress as long as gradual improvements are made. The 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder are absolutely needed around the Cluster 6 Pause Arm Training sessions to earn the best possible results. The scientifically engineered blends of amino acids Dr. Serrano created support better performance, faster recovery between sets, increase the utilization of stored fat as fuel, accelerate recovery of the muscles as well as the nervous system and lay the perfect raw material foundation for rapid muscle growth for men.

Cluster 6 Pause Great Arm Training System

A1.DB Shoulder Press(1-2)NA60
A2.Standing Biceps Curls(1-2)NA60
A3.Cable Triceps push down(1-2)NA60
A4.Serrano Extensions(1-2)NA60
A5.Prone Cable Curl(1-2)NA60