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Eccentric Ladder Transformation Training

Eccentric Ladder Transformation Training

Controlling the lowering phase of each rep for a defined number of seconds requires shear strength of will and discipline due to the challenge of Eccentric Ladder Transformation Training. The hard work of fighting gravity with every rep is worth the effort as eccentric ladder training can stimulate a tremendous number of muscle fibers for growth while creating a hormonal environment ideal for timely physique transformations.

Eccentric Ladder Transformation Training

Beware- Eccentric ladder transformation training will create massive muscle soreness without the proper recovery support of the muscles as well as the nervous system with 100% MR. Faster recovery rates equates to greater opportunities for excellent rates of fat loss, muscle growth and competition performance of any kinds. Combining the Muscle Synthesis Powder with the 100% MR pre/post training increases the utilization of stored fat as fuel during training while providing men with the perfect ratios of raw materials for superior rates of muscle growth. As mentioned before women should not be concerned about accidentally piling on muscle due to the significant differences of the genetic code between males and females.

eccentric ladder training pull ups

Eccentric also known as the negative portion of the rep inflicts more stimulation to muscles which will cause extreme soreness without the right recovery approach for the nervous system as well as the muscles. Sipping 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder pre/post training fueling, recovery, raw materials, transformation hormonal conditions. Towel pull ups as demonstrated by Dr. Eric Serrano MD pictured above ads tremendous challenge to vertical pulling movements while having practical application to sports requiring powerful grip strength.


Eccentric Ladder Transformation Training Unique Benefits

  • Each repetition presents new stimuli due to the difference in time length
  • Sets last longer than a minute to produce optimal tension for excellent rates of muscle growth
  • Tremendous emphasis on the lowering portions of reps to build eccentric strength
  • Extended set time duration stimulate high fat burning hormonal output
  • Reduce shearing forces on joints associated with fast descents
  • Forces attention to proper form and range of motion

Eccentric Ladder Training Pull Ups

The Eccentric refers to the lowering portion of the rep during a pull up. The specific timing of the eccentric ladder execution puts the hardest work at the front of the set to accommodate the fatigue curve. There should be brief pause on bottom and the concentric or lifting phase of the rep when pulling the chin above the bar should be done in an acceleration fashion. 4 ot 8 GCX10 Physique and Performance Enhancer capsules 30 minutes before training come in very hand to help muscles work through the long time length of the sets. GCX10 is well known for improving the average wight loads during challenging training sessions and the high amounts of ATP will also support greater strength endurance for sets well over a minute in length.

Eccentric Laddder Pull ups
Rep 110 secondsRep 65 seconds
Rep 29 secondsRep 74 seconds
Rep 38 secondsRep 83 seconds
Rep 47 secondsRep 92 seconds
Rep 56 secondsRep 101 second
Expand range of motion

This model above has not reached full range of motion on the bottom of the dumbbell press which limits chest development and creates muscle imbalances. Scott Mendelson demonstrates full range of motion on bottom of the eccentric ladder press during the video within the playlist above. Practicing proper range of motion during the warm up is extremely important so that the correct weight loads can be established for the work sets.

Eccentric Dumbbell Press Full Range of Motion Objectives

The eccentric portion of the dumbbell 30 degree incline press is the time it takes to go from the top position with the arms extended down to the chest. Most trainees subconsciously avoid getting the full range of motion on bottom of the pressing movement so they can handle more weight load which is a mistake. Proper range of motion as demonstrated in the videos leads to better chest development and a reduction of strength imbalances. We advise clients to remain focus on proper range of motion and to reduce the weight load when needed. The right approach to execution leads to the ability to increase weight loads incrementally on a weekly basis throughout a 6 week training phase when the right recovery conditions are in place.

Bands and Changing Speeds for the Warm Up

We used added band tension for the first pressing set of the workout as shown in the first video of the playlist to work on range of motion and to warm up the upper body. Dr. Eric Serrano MD applied added pressure in strategic positions to help Scott Mendelson stretch the muscle fascia. The flys were done at the end of the set with added bend tension and oscillations of the band to increase nervous system activation.

kneeling reverse fly with Eric Serrano MD

Kneeling reverse fly using supination of the palms at the end of the movement with Eric Serrano MD is absolutely crucial for well balanced and injury free shoulders. The position of the palms relates to specific recruitment patterns and like many variables should be alternated strategically. Highly productive training sessions should be judged based on the quality of work which requires proper fueling and dedication to optimal recovery with the 100% MR, Muscle Synthesis Powder and GCX10.

Advanced Muscle Growth Tactics

Two sets of the eccentric ladder pull up sequence sets the stage for even faster rates of muscle growth and fat loss. A third set of pull ups using the Extended Pause will activate more muscle fibers with a great potential for growth by focusing on a contrasting aspect of training. Contracting as hard as you can to maintain the top position of the pull up for ten seconds is extremely challenging at this stage of the training session. During the first week aim to get two holds of 10 seconds on top and add one hold each week during a 6 week training cycle. Use a spotter for safety during all pull up sets.

Personalized Training Programs for Fast Transformations 

Finally a fourth set can be reps as normal with a fast tempo and as many reps as possible with proper form. Advanced training measures are only helpful for body fat loss, muscle growth and strength accumulation if recovery rates are optimized.  12 week personalized training and nutrition program clients typically have multiple different set executions built into the training session to maximize the benefits from every single set.


Eccentric Ladder Training
A1.Kneeling Reverse Fly363-1-1-345
A2.Serrano Extensions383-1-1-245
B1.Eccentric Ladder Pull up275
B2.Eccentric Ladder DB Press275
C1.Eccentric Ladder Horizontal Row275
C2.Eccentric Ladder Push ups275