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Advanced Muscle Growth Strategies 2019

Advanced Muscle Growth Strategies 2019

The right training strategies and advanced exercise executions will unlock your muscle growth potential. The longer a client has been training the greater the need for advanced muscle growth strategies 2019 to provide fresh stimuli. Increasing the amount of work with more sets, reps and higher workout frequency typically leads to overtraining. A close look at the videos reveals unique grip positions, expanded ranges of motion, specific rep timings that we have used to help clients gain 10 pounds of muscle in thirty to sixty days with the correct post workout nutrition protocols.

Advanced Muscle Growth Strategies 2019

Shift the training emphasis to working on weaknesses and expanded range of motion to grow quickly. You are only as strong as your weakest link and the body will stop muscle growth to prevent injury as muscle imbalances become more significant. Advanced Muscle Growth Strategies 2019 will require reductions in weight load in order to achieve proper form, expanded range of motion, extended speed of reps and other tasks. However during future phases strength levels will go through the roof as weaknesses are fixed.

100% MR and Muscle Synthesis drive Muscle growth

100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder drive Muscle growth taken pre, during and immediately post training based on many years of research conducted by Dr. Serrano to determine the ideal ingredient ratios. The name of the game is training smart and putting the right effort into rapid recovery and raw material delivery. Muscle Synthesis Powder delivers the perfect ratios of free form amino acid growth materials when muscles need them most. 100% MR accelerates recovery of the muscles as well as the nervous system while preventing muscle break down during intense training.

Expand Fascia For Faster Muscle Growth

Tight shoulder and chest muscles commonly reduce the range of motion during horizontal and vertical pressing movements. Static stretching can help to improve muscle flexibility, however tight muscle fascia are usually the limiting factor for range of motion. Fascia are connective tissue that surround muscles and if too tight, the fascia limit room for muscles to grow.

During the expanded range of motion dumbbell pressing movements Dr. Eric Serrano applies a measured amount of additional force to the hands of Scott Mendelson while in the bottom position. At least two reps with a four second lowering phase are performed before Dr. Serrano applies the additional forces to ensure the body is ready for the stretched position. This is not a technique to be used by beginners or trainees with a history of injury.

2 Finger Pull Ups by Dr. Eric Serrano

2 Finger Pull Ups by Dr. Eric Serrano are extremely challenging yet very rewarding for lat recruitment.

Adjusting the grip during pulling movement to involve fewer fingers changes the muscle recruitment significantly. Dr. Eric Serrano MD has found that 2 finger pull ups in particular exhaust the lats very quickly making them appropriate for two sets before moving on to a traditional grip variation for the remaining sets. Notice during the suspended rows that Dr. Serrano keeps his index finger away from the handle to increase the difficulty of the movement. Subsequent sets utilized a traditional grip to counter act fatigue.


Dietary Fats for Muscle Growth

The second post workout meal should include organic dietary fats to expand the length of the naturally anabolic hormonal window. French Fries made with organic lard and grass fed beef are excellent choices. Alpha Omega M3 includes scientifically engineered ratios of essential fats Dr. Serrano assembled to optimize insulin which is the most potent muscle growth hormone.

Two post workout meals approximately three hours apart create the fastest rates of muscle growth based on many years of experience. The first meal 30 to 60 minutes following training includes lean protein sources, carbohydrates from rice and monounsaturated fats from extra virgin olive oil. The second meal is focused on organically raised dietary fats such as grass fed beef and carbohydrates from potatoes. The EZ14 digestive enzyme catalyst plays an important role with both post training meals to increase the nutrient utilization so muscles can grow fast without digestive distress.

Post Workout Meal 1 for Maximum Muscle Growth

Post Workout Meal 1 for Maximum Muscle Growth includes leaner protein sources, more carbohydrates from rice as well as potatoes, grass fed butter and a bunch of extra virgin olive oil. Alpha Omega M3 drives raw materials including carbohydrates into hungry muscles instead of spilling over into fat cells while peaking anabolism.

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