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Everyone Suffers Food Allergies

Everyone Suffers Food Allergies

Food allergies, irritations and intolerances are a leading reason why people do not reach body transformation, performance and high quality of life goals. Allergies to certain foods can be built over time from consuming them too often making even “clean” foods such as chicken, eggs and dairy ingredients such as whey protein very harmful to certain individuals. Every time an allergen is consumed the body has to dedicate massive resources to cleaning up the metabolic and hormonal mess. As a result much fewer resources are available to burn fat, repair muscle, drive energy or improve performance. Everyone Suffers Food Allergies and can resolve these problems by using EZ14 Digestive Enzyme Catalyst and rotating food sources regularly.


Everyone Suffers Food Allergies

One of the reasons the 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse Nutrition Plan advises to rotate new food sources is to avoid the many pitfalls of food allergies.  Consuming the same healthy foods over an over for an extended period of time will eventually lead to food allergies which make body fat loss very difficult.  Everyone Suffers Food Allergies. The clients who follow our advice and rotate off of foods then have been eating regularly for 4 to 6 weeks earn much faster rates of body fat loss than those who do not.  Individual people will inherently not respond well to certain foods even if they have not been consumed often and this case a blood test must be done to detect the culprits.  Taking 3 EZ14 right before meals can help the body recover from and deal with certain food allergies more quickly. The 14 carefully calibrated Digestive Enzyme Ingredients Dr. Eric Serrano MD created within EZ14 break down perilipin which is a stubborn coating smothering fat cells to drive faster rates of fat burning.

Food Allergies causing Bloating

Improve nutrient uptake, lower body fat, increase energy levels and make more raw materials available to feed hungry muscles with 3 EZ14 Digestive Enzyme Catalyst taken right before meals twice daily.  Taking EZ14 before meals can help to digest foods that people normally do not respond well to preventing bloating, sluggishness, joint pain and more.    Bloating is not always highly visible, but can cause a great deal of discomfort which is a sign the body is working too hard to digest foods.  AddAlpha Omega M3 to your meals to work Synergistically with the EZ14 to cleanse billions of fat cells leading to a lower long term body fat percentage.

EZ14 Development Process

EZ14 Digestive Enzyme Catalyst was developed over a two year period of patient experimentation by Dr. Eric Serrano MD to create excellent outcomes for patients.  Increases in digestive problems, food allergies and other issues among patients drove Dr. Serrano to develop solutions with many different ingredients and combinations before arriving at the 14 carefully calibrated ingredients within the EZ14.  Everyone Suffers Food Allergies at some time or another.

Everyone Can Have Destructive Food Allergies
This test includes foods that Scott has consumed too often based on his own records such as macadamias, cashews and almonds. The test also shows an allergy to flounder which Scott has never consumed in his life. Following a nutrition plan with the food allergens removed can make a huge difference within a matter of days.  Taking EZ14 with meals while eating out has helped Scott to avoid stomach discomfort as allergens such as Oregano which shows up as a problem on the test above are used in many restaurants.


Problems Food Allergies Create

Signs of food allergies, irritations and intolerances include stomach upset, bloating, digestive distress, joint pain, skin rashes, runny nose, sluggishness, irritability, difficulty breathing, trouble concentrating and more.  Dr. Eric Serrano MD relies on various blood tests to identify the foods that patients must avoid to improve their circumstances which we will refer to as food allergies for the purposes of this article.  In many cases the patients who avoid the foods listed on their food allergy report see remarkable results within a matter of weeks.    Standard Skin allergy tests may detect items causing anaphylactic shock, but do not identify other types of allergens in many cases.

Food Allergies Interfere with Body Fat Loss

Obesity is a state of inflammation that is running rampant throughout modern society.  Foods that create a poor response when consumed cause an inflammatory response.  The greater the quantity and frequency of these foods being consumed- the worse the inflammatory response will be which potentially leads to chronic problems.  Consistent exposure to the allergens stresses immune system to go into over drive to fight off the attack like properties of the offending foods.

Ice Cream with EZ14
Dr. Serrano occasionally enjoys pizza followed by ice cream without any joint pain or bloating when using 3 EZ14 capsules right before the meal. He adds 8 Alpha Omega M3 to the meal to prevent body fat accumulation and keep fat cells perfectly clean!

Muscle Growth Difficulties with Food Allergies

The body cannot support efficient nutrient delivery to muscles when food allergies are constantly being battled on multiple levels.  Bodybuilders for example who are eating six meals per day may be making matters worse by depleting digestive enzymes.  Throw in a consistent use of dairy based proteins and the whole digestive process becomes an ongoing mess throughout the day which robs hungry muscles of  nutrients.  Taking EZ14 will help to re establish optimal digestion for those wanting to gain muscle and improve performance while making more nutrients available for hungry muscles.

Perform A Self Test

Taking notice of how you feel following meals can give a strong indication that one or more of the foods consumed has caused a problem.  Keep a journal of all foods consumed for two weeks and compare to notes throughout the day regarding energy levels and other problems.  Many patients who come to see Dr. Serrano with difficulty losing body fat or gaining muscle are using dairy proteins such as whey, casein, yogurt, milk and cottage cheese very often.  A simple test which may reveal these foods as destructive allergens can be done by measuring the pulse before and following eating these dairy ingredients.  A rapid pulse increase can indicate these foods are not well received because Everyone Suffers Food Allergies.