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Lean Body Travel Blog San Juan Puerto Rico

Lean Body Travel Blog San Juan Puerto Rico

San Juan Puerto Rico has fully recovered from hurricane Maria and is welcoming visitors with open arms. Lean Body Travel Blog San Juan Puerto Rico is intended to help our clients plan vacations that will enable them to look and feel great while traveling. Our December visit featured great weather in the low 80’s every day and cool breezes from the Atlantic ocean. Numerous great outdoor activities are available throughout the island which is a United States Common Wealth. The restaurants in the Condado area of San Juan were within easy walking distance with modern twists on a variety of cuisine.

For over 21 years I have been helping clients from all walks of life earn great condition for vacations with 12 week personalized weight training, nutrition, fat burning interval, afterburner, scientifically engineered supplementation and recovery protocols. Naturally clients also want strategies to look great throughout an entire vacation while eating much more than normal. The proven strategies developed by Dr. Eric Serrano MD and Scott H. Mendelson help clients to prevent body fat accumulation while surging metabolism.

Lean Body Travel Blog San Juan Puerto Rico

  • Start each day with a walk outside
  • Utilize Flexible Fasting Daily and consume 2 meals daily
  • Weight train for 40 minutes every other day
  • Take 3 Alpha Omega M3 and 3 EZ14 with meals to prevent body fat accumulation even when food choices are far less than ideal including increased carbohydrate intake.
  • Enjoy outdoor activities such as hikes, walking tours and snorkeling
  • Perform Fat Burning Intervals every other day for 30 Minutes

San Juan Puerto Rico excellent restaurants located in Condado

  1. Tacos and Tequilla Vanderbilt Hotel features the best tacos I have ever eaten including pork belly. All taco options can be easily consumed with a fork to avoid the tortilla. The outdoor seating by the ocean was great even after dark. The baby back ribs were an awesome appetizer and made without added sugar BBQ sauce.
tacos and tequila Vanderbilt hotel Condado

Alpha Omega M3 and EZ14 Digestive Enzyme Catalyst with meals help to prevent body fat accumulation even when food choices are far less than ideal. The scientifically engineered ratios of essential fats within the Alpha Omega M3 drive carbohydrates into hungry muscles instead of spilling over into billions of fat cells.

  1. Marriott Stellaris beach grill cooks up great choices within 15 minutes including lobster tails, skirt steak, burgers, hot dogs, corn, chicken breasts and fresh fish. All can be easily ordered without bread with a side of Puerto Rican rice. Following a challenging workout they made me a house specialty of Puerto Rican style rice with bacon and bathed in bacon fat. My client who trained with me on that day ate a whole bowl of guacamole, The bacon rice, 2 lobster tails, a bowl of tropical fruit along with 6 Alpha Omega M3 and 4 EZ14 for a very satisfying post workout meal following a 20 hour fast. The outdoor servers at the hotel were very helpful in addition to the beach side dining views.
marriott stellaris San Juan Puerto rico beach grill

Lean Body Travel Blog San Juan Puerto Rico

  1. Señor Paleta Popsicle Condado

The fruit based popsicles didn’t have any added sugar or other garbage ingredients and tasted great. An easy spot to walk into following dinner. However do not use poor line adequate and ask for several samples so you can verify that the coffee popsicle actually tastes like coffee while people are waiting in line.

senor paletta san juan puerto rico

  1. Ola ocean front Vanderbilt hotel Condado

Exquisite shrimp scampi pizza with added bacon was excellent to say the very least. The pizza oven was visible from our table and delivered the goods hot out of the oven. The salads and hummus platter were also excellent.

ola ocean front Vanderbilt hotel Condado

  1. Serafina La Concha Marriott has an outdoor pizza oven, Italian food and blaring music. The meat balls with tomatoes sauce were so good that I ordered more and added them to a salad. The pizza chef made an excellent pizza with every meat option they had available including pepperoni, sausage, bacon and meat balls brought to the table hot out of the oven.

Serafina Restaurant Condado

Puerto Rico Activities to Burn a Bunch of Calories

El Unique Rain Forrest is excellent for hiking with the ability to swim near picturesque waterfalls. A professional guide is highly recommended.

Castillo San Cristóbal Fort built in 1793 and sits on 27 acres built by the Spanish military forces to protect against attacks.

Boat Tours from Fajardo Marina located on the east side of the island can go to several destinations. Our captain from Sandy Bottom boat tours took ups to Vieques island based on the conditions of the waters on that particular day. The waters were pretty calm and we were able to drop anchor near an uninhabited island that was formerly used by the US government for bombing missions and Navy Seal Survival training courses.

Weight Training on Vacation

Marriott Stellaris San Juan gym is a good training spot with dumbbells going up to 70. The dual action cable system provides a lot of options including multiple grip options for pull ups. A couple gyms are available near by including a boxing gym called phyt. The hotel has 2 tennis courts, a beach volleyball court and plenty of sand for sprints on the beach. Swimming in the ocean is enjoyable, but the waves can be pretty rough. I chose to do Cluster 6 Pause Training sessions since they are very time efficient and great for improving body composition. The sessions lasted 35 to 40 minutes and allowed me to deal with the crowded training times during the afternoons. Lean Body Travel Blog San Juan Puerto Rico key strategies include consistent exercise without excuses.

Yes I advise clients to bring scientifically engineered supplementation with them traveling in checked bags which is a choice to be successful.

Fat Burning Intervals on the beach

The best time to do fat burning intervals on the beach is during the morning when things are not crowded. Simply sprinting 50 yards and then walking back to the starting point at a reasonable pace will be extremely challenging. Most clients can do 10 to 15 intervals total with a high level of effort before the session should end. Following the intervals a 10 to 15 minute cool down we call an afterburner capitalizes on metabolic and hormonal conditions created by the intervals and 100% MR to burn more body fat.

Lean Body Travel Blog San Juan Puerto Rico will be the first of many posts including proven strategies. Email seven days per week to discuss your individual situation and goals.