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Innovative Leg Transformation Training

Innovative Leg Transformation Training

Training with Innovative Leg Transformation Training exercises requires tremendous effort to maximize rates of physique transformation and performance progress. Dr. Eric Serrano MD created the specialized movements within the video play list to fix common weaknesses, naturally optimize body transforming hormones, prevent overuse injuries and to improve athletic performance. A wide variety of trainees can benefit from these exercises if they are willing to invest the proper training effort, consistent execution and focus on fueling accelerated recovery with proper fueling for challenging activities.


Innovative Leg Transformation Training Benefits

  • Fix weaknesses before they lead to injury
  • Improve Competition Performance
  • Create a balanced Physique
  • Crate an ideal exercise induced hormonal environment to drive rapid physique transformations
  • Gain more satisfaction from challenging training sessions
  • Improve functional strength
Prevent massive muscle soreness and mental fatigue by sipping on 2 to 4 scoops of 100% MR 30 minutes before training and 2 to 4 scoops of 100% MR immediately after training. Dr. Serrano scientifically engineered a unique BCAA ratio along with taurine, b complex vitamins and niacin that is exclusive to the 100% MR based on many years of successful patient research. 2 to 4 scoops of Muscle Synthesis Powder combined with the 100% MR pre/post training provides the exact ratios of free form amino acids muscles need to grow based on extensive research including muscle biopsies.

Fix Muscle Weakness

Thousands of Dr. Serrano’s patient evaluations revealed that weak links lead to increased risk of injury, sub optimal performance and the inability to reach physique transformation potential. Through many years of patient research Dr. Serrano has developed exercises to make weaknesses into areas of strength. A majority of patients have a weakness within the posterior chain specific to the glutes, hamstrings, lower traps, upper back and lats which is why many of the specific videos within the playlist were chosen.

Fear Muscle Soreness No More

Subconsciously many trainees limit their effort levels during lower body training out of fear of massive muscle soreness and severe mental fatigue. Fear soreness no more, as the 100% MR scientifically engineered amino acid ratios drastically reduce muscles soreness and mental fatigue during the hours and days following intense training. Accelerated recovery allows trainees to maximize the productivity of all training sessions each week as the body and mind are both recharged quickly. The scientifically engineered free form amino acids within the Muscle Synthesis Powder improve the lean muscle to body fat ratio quickly by building lean muscle. Should women fear piling on unwanted muscle overnight from the Muscle Synthesis Powder? No, women and men have vastly different genetic codes and women do not pile on unwanted muscle by accident.

4 to 6 GCX10 Rapid Physique and Performance Enhancer capsules before weight training or competition will increase peak power and strength endurance significantly. Lactoferrin within the GCX10 demonstrates the ability to burn stubborn visceral fat, boost immunity and to prevent muscle loss. Alpha GPC and Glycine within the GCX10 create razor sharp mental focus and the ability to push through exercise induced discomfort without stimulants.

Elevated Confidence is a Key to Success

Training with great effort is a learned behavior. Keep in mind that levels of effort and ultimately productivity correlate directly with rates of physique transformation and athletic performance improvement. In most cases an increased level of confidence in the training plan will lead to a higher level of effort. GCX10 experiments have produced great feedback from clients reporting razor sharp mental focus during training with the ability to push through exercise induced discomfort without stimulants.

Are You Training Hard or just going through the motions?

No one wants to admit they are just going through the motions with training, but the reality is that many are capable of much greater levels of effort. Emphasizing proper form and becoming more familiar with how to execute new exercises is vital and can be a gradual process. There should be a weekly focus on increasing weight loading within a certain rep scheme while maintaining the proper form. In many cases trainees visiting Dr. Serrano need to push beyond their current comfort zone to break into new levels of success safely.

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