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Athletic Advantage Muscle Growth Training

Athletic Advantage Muscle Growth Training

Stimulate fast twitch Muscle Fibers with the greatest potential for growth with the unique exercises built into the Athletic Advantage Muscle Growth Training Program. Moving challenging weight loads in an explosive manner with proper form is vital for improving athletic performance and rates of muscle growth. Explosive exercises and dynamic elements of competition creates more demands on the nervous system (the brain) which requires comprehensive recovery acceleration from the 100% MR scientifically engineered ingredient plans pre/post exercise. Competitive athletes especially must take into account that the nervous system governs all elements of performance and does not fully recover until muscle soreness is gone. Adding Muscle Synthesis Powder to the 100% MR pre and post workout provides the perfect ratios of free form amino acids necessary to maximize rates of muscle growth.


Athletic Advantage Muscle Growth Training

Greater training experience creates a maturation of the nervous system which requires strategic variety of training protocols to increase lean muscle and athletic power. Adding more training volume in regards to training frequency and length of sessions is rarely a solution and ultimately leads to over training. Emphasizing the intensity of work and rotation of strategic protocols creates the best rates of muscle growth, body fat loss and competitive power. Taking 4 to 8 GCX10 (new and improved with added Lactoferrin) capsules 30 minutes before training or competition has a tremendous impact on peak power, the ability to crank out high quality reps, sprinting speed, leaping ability, supports razor sharp mental focus, reduces stubborn body fat, boosts immunity and improves the ability to push through exercise induced discomfort.

GCX10 (now with Lactoferrin) Rapid Physique and Performance Enhancer Capsules 30 minutes before training will help you conquer challenging exercises with high quality reps and loads without stimulants. Lactoferrin gets rid of stubborn body fat for elite athletes and weekend warriors while boosting immunity. Muscle Synthesis Powder before and after training lays the perfect raw material foundation for rapid muscle growth and the increased utilization of stored fat as fuel based on the scientifically engineered ratios of free form amino acid ratios developed by Dr. Eric Serrano MD based on years of successful patient research. Lactoferrin can be especially beneficial for MMA and other athletes by combatting certain contact infections and boosting immunity.

Proper Execution is Everything

Pay close attention to the execution of unique exercises used by rising MMA competitor Chance Ikei within the videos. Chad Ikei assembled the workout below for a group of professional football players and Mixed Martial Arts Athletes. Certain exercises and rep executions were modified for each individual athletes based on their specific needs. Chance Ikei for example performed heavy sand bag pick ups from an on knees position as this movement pattern is critical for MMA athletes that most go from the ground game to standing positions while under tremendous resistance.

Scientifically engineered Supplement protocol for Chance Ikei:

3 Alpha Omega M3 with meals twice daily to protect the brain, lubricate joints, optimize body composition and to improve quality of life.

2 Fat Reduce FBO5 Night time formula capsules 1 hour before bed to promote restful sleep, optimal body composition, enhanced recovery and accelerated recovery of the adrenal glands.

30 minutes before weight training, sparring and wrestling

4 GCX10

3 scoops 100% MR and 3 scoops of Muscle Synthesis Powder combined with water into the same drink

Immediately following all activity

3 scoops of 100% MR and 3 scoops of Muscle Synthesis Powder combined with water into the same drink

Athletic Advantage Muscle Growth Training Program
A1.Powel Rotations3(8-10)
A2.Alternating DB Band Press3(8-10)
B1.Heavy Med Ball Pick Ups34
C1.Advanced Bench Load Adjustment38x1 single
C2.Cylinder Grip Pull ups3(4-6)
D1.Oscillating Band Raise330 sec
D2.Stabilizer Swiss Ball Push Ups*3(10-12)

*use anti burst swiss ball with bar that is structurally appropriate for the stabilizer swiss ball push up exercise under expert supervision.

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