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Athletic Muscle Growth Nutrition

Athletic Muscle Growth Nutrition

The food choice combinations, macronutrient percentages, timing of meals, and amounts of food all play a vital role in the effectiveness of nutrition plan built to maximize functional muscle growth while optimizing performance. Athletic Muscle Growth Nutrition strategies specifically applies to competitive athletes who need to increase the size of their muscle engine applicable to their sport, accelerate recovery, boost daily energy levels and to improve high stakes competitive performance.


Athletic Muscle Growth Nutrition

Eating “clean” so to speak is not enough to maximize muscle growth, performance and recovery for competitive athletes who face tremendous demands. A clear strategy muscle in place to support the achievement of goals. A highly advanced yet simple to execute plan will result in the most consistent execution for busy athletes of all levels. This is one of the main reasons that Scott Mendelson asks clients for pictures of their meals by phone to ensure personalized nutrition plans are being executed correctly.

5 Key Elements for Muscle Growth Nutrition

  • Macronutrient Cycling
  • Rotate Food Sources to Prevent Poor Digestion
  • Accelerating Recovery and Proper Fueling for Muscles
  • Natural Food Consumption
  • Extra Food Availability
The scientifically engineered ratios of amino acids developed by Dr. Eric Serrano MD within the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder around exercise have helped athletes of all levels pack on functional muscle, accelerate recovery, improve performance and reduce the risk of fatigue related injuries.

Natural Food Consumption

In many ways the human digestive system does not respond well to refined foods since they contain many ingredients foreign to the digestive system. Refined foods contain less nutrients that naturally existing food sources which limits the potential for muscle growth. Refined foods include bread, pasta, baked goods, pretzels and any many other foods that are naturally existing. Natural foods include protein from animal/fish sources, fruits, vegetables, potatoes, rice, Olive oil, nuts and more.

Avoiding Digestive Distress

Eating the same food sources on a daily basis is a recipe for disaster. The body gets sick of eating the same foods on a daily basis and will begin to respond with stomach upset, low energy, difficulty breathing, joint pain, mental fogginess and more. Rotating food sources is vital for success. EZ14 Digestive Enzyme Catalyst helps to replenish digestive enzymes that tend to be very low for those in a cycle of eating the same foods to often.

Athletic Muscle Growth Nutrition Holiday Extra Portions
The Alpha Omega M3 and EZ14 help the body respond more favorably to meals while feeding hungry muscles with growth materials. EZ14 Digestive Enzyme Catalyst enables athletes to eat gradually larger meals without stomach upset or fatigue. Alpha Omega M3 essential fatty acid ratios helps the body naturally boost muscle growth potential when consumed with meals. Holiday meals offer the opportunity for extra portions for hungry athletes during the following days.

Macronutrient Cycling for Rapid Muscle Growth

Manipulating the amounts of dietary fat, protein and carbohydrate at certain meals each week is extremely important for preventing staleness. Just like training the nutrition plan must change strategically to prevent staleness, to increase muscle growth enzymes and naturally optimizing anabolic hormones associated with increased muscle growth. Increasing the amounts of carbohydrate from the right sources during the meal following training combined with the correct dietary fat and protein sources are a very potent combination to maximize muscle growth at that particular time.

A personal chef service each week provides clients all over the world with a large volume of high quality food to eat throughout the week while fitting personal tastes.

Extra Food Portion Availability

Having the right food sources available at key times throughout the day is extremely important for driving consistent execution of a Athletic Muscle Growth Nutrition Plan. Many of our clients throughout the world use a chef service to prepare a large volume of great tasting food that fits the parameters of the plan. Skilled chefs can make suggestions for new menu choices on a regular basis to prevent boredom. Great tasting food is more likely to be consumed in the proper quantities especially for youth athletes who need a large volume of food consumption to grow.

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