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Extended Eccentrics Arm Training

Extended Eccentrics Arm Training

Build muscular arms and lose body fat quickly with Extended Eccentrics Arm Training Strategies which have been high effective for 12 week personalized training and nutrition program clients. Extending the lowering portion of the rep during a biceps curl for example increases the time under tension, stimulates a tremendous amount of muscle fibers and creates a naturally anabolic hormonal environment. Best of all this training system allows for workouts in the 30 to 40 minute session range pending client recovery capabilities.


Extended Eccentrics Arm Training

Lowering a weight load over a thirty second period with proper form will deliver a unique and powerful set of stimuli for the muscles as well as the nervous system. The longer clients have been training, the greater the need for strategic variety to create excellent fat burning and muscle growth progress. Be fair warned that extended eccentrics will cause tremendous muscle soreness. Sipping on 100% MR 30 minutes before and immediately after the training session will drastically reduce muscle soreness and fatigue while improving rates of recovery between sets by providing the perfect ratios of amino acids determined by Dr. Eric Serrano MD to accelerate comprehensive recovery. Muscle Synthesis Powder provides the ideal ratios of free form amino acid developed by Dr. Eric Serrano MD based on many years of successful patient research to support rapid muscle growth and body fat loss.

4 GCX10 30 minutes before training pumps up weight loads and quality reps to enable our clients to gain muscle and lose body fat faster without stimulants. Clients report that the GCX10 creates razor sharp mental focus and the ability to push through very challenging set executions such as the extended eccentric methods. Muscle Synthesis Powder scientifically engineered free form amino acid ratios provide hard working muscles the perfect growth materials they need within seconds of consuming pre/post training along with 100% MR to accelerate comprehensive recovery.

Cranking Out The Quality Reps

Clients point out that the arms feel weightless following the 30 second eccentric lowering and triceps contracted position which creates perfect conditions to crank out more quality reps using a rapid, yet controlled repetition speed. The extended eccentric stimulates a wide array of muscle fibers which creates an opportunity for the finishing set reps to create even more stimulation necessary for rapid muscle growth. Extended sets with challenging conditions shoot fat burning hormone levels through the roof by increasing lactic acid which is a precursor to natural growth hormone spikes.

Your arms will feel weightless following the extended eccentrics which will allow for high quality reps immediately for the rest of the set sequence. The high dosage of ATP within the GCX10 provides muscles with the perfect fuel to perform a greater number of reps with higher loading necessary for rapid muscle growth.

The Extended Eccentric Biceps Set Sequence

Determine the right weight load for the 30 second biceps extended eccentrics Arm Training lowering period by doing a couple warm up sets. After lowering the weight load over 30 second perform 2 biceps curl reps and rest lower the weight load again over 20 seconds. Rest 20 seconds and perform as many seated bicep curl reps using moderate pre speed to ensure the proper form is in place.

Improve Performance Each Week to Maximize Body Transformation Progress

Take note of how many reps are achieved during the finishing sets so that record can be beaten during the following week. In this case we want the biceps finishing set to be capped at 12 quality reps. To drive weekly improvement add 2.5 to 5 pounds to the weight load and aim again for 12 reps during the finishing set. Similar loading parameters for weekly improvements are built into all personalized training plans to maximize client success.

In addition to all of unique fat burning benefits, the scientifically engineered ratios of essential fats Dr. Eric Serrano MD developed within the Alpha Omega M3 also act as a powerful Nutrient Partitioning agent to drive raw materials including carbohydrate into hungry muscles instead of billions of fat cells. EZ14 Digestive Enzyme Catalyst Increases nutrient uptake during the post training meal to support faster rates of muscle growth and body fat loss while supporting high daily energy.
Body Transformation Post Workout Meal

The post workout meal should be consumed 45 to 60 minutes following training to naturally peak insulin sensitivity with the help of Alpha Omega M3 essential fatty acid ratios. Sipping the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder 30 min before and again immediately post training floods the increased blood flow within muscles with vital recovery and muscle growth materials. Waiting 45 to 60 minutes following training to consume the post training meal gives the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder time to be fully utilized without interference.

Maximizing Nutrient Utilization

Keep in mind that ultimately you only benefit from nutrients that are properly utilized. The EZ14 improves the efficiency of the digestion process to make more nutrients available to hungry muscles. Over time the amount of digestive enzymes needed are depleted for a number of reasons including age, eating too often, food allergies and more. 3 EZ14 with the post workout meal helps to maximize nutrient utilization while supporting high daily energy levels.