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16 Mega Muscle Growth Tips

16 Mega Muscle Growth Tools Part 1

By: Dr. Eric Serrano MD and Scott H. Mendelson CFT, SSC, SPN See info about Scott HERE

100% MR and Muscle Synthesis for Rapid Muscle Growth and Recovery

100% MR + Muscle Synthesis Scientifically Engineered by Eric Serrano MD for Rapid Muscle Growth, Accelerated Recovery and Elite Performance.

100% MR + Muscle Synthesis Scientifically Engineered by Eric Serrano MD for Powerful Muscle Growth, Accelerated Recovery and Elite Performance.Make the best investment of your fitness life with a 12 week Customized Training and Nutrition Consultation
100% MR + Muscle Synthesis Scientifically Engineered by Eric Serrano MD for Mega Muscle Growth, Accelerated Recovery and Elite Performance.with Scott H. Mendelson

Gaining lean muscle tissue is never as simple as it seems, but there are some sure fire ways for increasing your rates of progress. You spend maybe an hour per day in the gym at the most so the other 23 hours must set the table for your success. The right raw materials are needed frequently and in the correct amounts to provide the building blocks needed for muscle growth. Experienced trainees especially must take advantage of all opportunities as gains are harder to come by as the physique matures.

Our goal is to promote gains in muscle and not an over abundance of fat. Eating the right foods at specific times along with proper exercise can effectively feed the muscle. Many of our clients often times lose body fat without even trying just by cleaning up the diet in general with a large amount of clean food and supplementation. How is this possible? Activating anabolic hormones with the right nutrition strategies have a potent fat burning impact. Gauge your progress with objective measurements and body fat % tests (calipers preferably) every 4-6 weeks.

1. Eat Often

Consuming large quantities of the proper food choices is a step in the right direction, but eating and supplementing more frequently is a lost art which is vital for success. Very few people have the ability to sit down and eat 6-7 meals per day, but everyone can manage at least 4 in my experience with any kind of effort. Between meals you want to use portable snacks such as raw nuts, powerbutter high protein peanut butter, organic jerky, DigestA+Lean Protein and at certain times fruits. Remember Bulls Graze and Pigs Pig out!

“The bomb- all of the guys in the locker room love this stuff and they have no regrets about stealing it right out of my gym bag. Playing in the NFL is no joke, we depend on our performance to feed our families and I take working out very seriously as way to keep me in the game. I can get tons of stuff for free, but I would rather pay for the 100% MR , Muscle Synthesis, and Alpha Omega M3 since they work. I Amino Load between meals, before and after workouts practices and games ever week. Since staring this my muscles are fuller, strength is better, no soreness and I am even leaner this off season than when I came into the league 6 years ago. Name With held professional Football Linebacker. 4/22/08


“Lean Machine- that is what they call me now, putting on muscle has been easier than losing fat for me over the past few years, but now I have really put things together with your programs Scott and the Amino Loading makes a huge difference. The new Muscle Synthesis Powder mixed with the 100% MR is great. I sip it all day long during my workouts and between meals. Since starting in Feb. of this year with no changes to my workouts or meal plan I have lost 7 lbs of fat and put on 11 lbs of muscle! People in the gym are hassling me all of the time, asking me questions, I give them your business card so they will leave me alone. I have work to do! Marvin T Orlando 4/28/08

2.Eat Breakfast Like a King

Eat breakfast like a king, studies show that people who consume a fairly large % of their daily intake during meal 1 of the day within an hour of waking have lower levels of abdominal fat and I think it is fair to make the conclusion that this is related to elevated anabolic hormone levels. Breakfast sets the tone for the entire day so make sure you have plenty of protein, anabolic fats and some good carb choices to support your goals. Breakfast choices have a huge impact on your blood sugar levels for the following 24-48 hours so this meal is an investment in your daily energy! Remember you have been fasting over night and your muscles will want energy ASAP. If you are not accustom to eating breakfast it will take some time to build up an appetite so make it a gradual process. If in a hurry each morning prepare some easy food choices the night before.

3. Amino Load with 100% MR & Muscle Synthesis Pre/Post Training

Taken 30 minutes before training this powerful stack prepares the muscles to battle the iron by optimizing hormones and providing the specific raw materials needed for accelerated growth. The increased energy does not come from stimulants, rather from a reduction of stress hormones which zap strength and motivation. The better you feel, the more productive training sessions will be. Over the years working with countless power lifters Dr. Serrano has observed significant increases in both muscle size and strength following 4 weeks of consistent Amino Loading with 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis. “I designed the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis to provide exactly what working muscles need in special ratios for efficient delivery and utilization. Advanced trainees benefit the most since improving rates of recovery are crucial to boosting strength” Eric Serrano MD

4.Mix Several Protein Sources at The Same Meal

Many protein items and other foods have different qualities so try to get the best of all worlds by combining multiple protein sources at each meal. For example eggs and turkey bacon provide a nice contrast of nutrients and go well together. DigestA+Lean Protein consumed with a meal is an excellent way to diversify your protein intake and bulk up your quality calories.

Fat Reduce FBO5 is not a product intended for people looking for a miracle cure while sitting on the couch, rather those who eat and exercise properly will earn results much faster. Quite simply Fat Reduce FBO5 makes more of your hard work pay off by breaking through hormonal barriers to fat loss while mobilizing fat to be burned as fuel around the clock.

5.Cook Food in Bulk The Week

Cooking is time consuming, but traveling to find good things to eat results in even more time wasted. Try cooking a bunch of stuff 1-2 times per week in bulk so you have it available at home and work. It will end up saving you money and allow you to have better control over what you ingest each day. Sure you co workers will want you to join them at a fast food place, but ultimately you will have to make some tough decision to support your goals. Do not let social pressure knock you off course; people around you will want you to conform to what they are doing as a means to justify their own bad habits.

6. Man Was Meant to Eat Meat!

Many vital nutrients exist within red meat that are hard to get elsewhere and there is no legitimate reason why you cannot consume this primal course daily. Grass fed organic sources are best since there is less crap stored in the fat cells from antibiotics. Giving the cows grass instead of feed also increases the amount of omega 3 intake within the beef to levels even with some fish. Omega 3 intake is vital for natural anabolic hormone production and it is next to impossible to get enough from food alone which is why we suggest taking the Alpha Omega M3 with meals a couple times daily which includes several accessory ingredients to keep you lean while reducing joint inflammation.

7. Be Intense

Training is not a tea party. Approach training with intensity and some reckless abandon. You do not need to put on a big show in the locker room screaming and shouting, however you should be mentally prepared to take an aggressive approach towards training. This starts with nutrition as the right combinations of foods will definitely stoke anabolism and ultimately the willingness to exert maximal effort. Never let the word “maintain” enter your mind or vocabulary. Go to the gym to get better in some way or do not bother going at all. Same holds true for nutrition, do not come up with lame excuses as to why you cannot do certain things. Successful people always find a way to get the job done.

8. Eat Whatever You Want One Time Per Week

I really do not like the term cheat meal, just sounds like something an aerobics instructor would say so let’s just say Muscle Meal. It is productive to over eat occasionally when trying to gain new muscle for the excess raw materials and anabolic burst. You are best off using some extra Alpha Omega M3 before and after this meal to interfere with body fat accumulation by modulating insulin sensitivity. Some can expand this into an entire day, but in most cases this will result in gaining some body fat so beware. Hard gainers who are naturally lean may benefit from this tactic most. Try to consume your Muscle Meal after your toughest training session of the week so you can take advantage of the excess nutrients.

9. Get at least 8 hours of Sleep

Sleep is your prime time for muscle recuperation and hormonal regeneration. Studies show that those who get adequate sleep have higher levels of motivation in comparison to sleep deprived counter parts. Yes you may be tight on time, but the hours you are awake following a good night sleep will be much more productive than ever before. Cut out some TV time and establish good sleeping patterns by going to bed and waking up at the same time every day. To Improve the quality and duration of sleep consider Fat Reduce PM 1 to 2 hours before bed. Clients report improved body composition and waking up feeling more well rested within a month of using Fat Reduce PM.

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