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Targeted Carb Fat Burning

The right sources, combinations, amounts, and timing of carbohydrate create Targeted Carb Fat Burning Success. Dr. Eric Serrano MD often says that Targeted Carb Strategies are like adding a huge log to the Fat Burning Fire. An absence of carbohydrate for a period of time enables the body to transition to using more stored fat as fuel. This same metabolic shift allows the body to use carbohydrate to support rapid fat burning instead of storing the carbohydrate. Email for free copies of the Day 22 Carb load and 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse Nutrition Plan to put multiple rapid fat burning strategies into use right away to Outsmart up to 10 pounds of body fat in just 3 weeks.


Targeted Carb Fat Burning

Break Metabolic Staleness

Boost Fat Burning Hormones

Revive Thyroid

Elevate Metabolism with natural heating impact of carbohydrate

Optimize Insulin Sensitivity with Alpha Omega M3.

Prevent Boredom

Increase Quality of Life

Targeted Carb Fat Burning
Scientifically engineered ingredient ratios within the Alpha Omega M3 , Fat Reduce FBO5 Day/Night time and EZ14 digestive enzyme catalyst helps the body fire up the Fat Burning response to the right carb sources. Dr. Eric Serrano MD built the specific ingredient ratios based on many years of successful patient research.

Carbohydrates Are Activity Dependent

The amount of carbohydrates needed for a Targeted Carb Fat Burning strategy depends on activity levels, lean muscle mass, age, gender goals and more. Starting with a conservative amount of carbohydrate during the meal following training is a smart move. 3 to 6 Alpha Omega M3 takes with Targeted Carb meals keeps insulin levels in check and enhances fat burning conditions through multiple proven pathways. The special blend of EPA/DHA (toxin filtrated Fish Oil), CLA, GLA, ALA, Vitamin E, Avocado Oil, extra virgin Olive Oil and flaxseed Oil Dr. Eric Serrano MD has assembled are unmatched for fat burning effectiveness

Timing Is Everything

Intense weight training, fat burning Intervall and competitions create the ideal conditions for carbohydrate consumption during the meal following exercise. As a result we suggest clients exercise early in the day so they can consume two or more meals with carbohydrate during the Day 22 Carb load for example.

look great on the beach with Fat Reduce FBO5 Day and Night time formulas designed by Dr. Eric Serrano MD to get rid of stubborn and Overall Body Fat by optimizing the hormonal and metabolic environment.

Personalized Body Transformation Success

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