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High Calorie Day Fat Burning

High Calorie Day Fat Burning

Increasing the food intake from quality food sources once per week creates High Calorie Day Fat Burning advantages. Eating the same amount of calories, number of meals and macronutrients percentages every day of the week will kill body fat loss progress very quickly. The High Calorie Day each week as part of the highly successful 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse Nutrition Plan is the perfect opportunity to maximize rates of fat burning with macronutrient cycling strategies including dietary fat loading.


High Calorie Day Fat Burning Keys to Success

  • Weight Train for 60 Minutes on the High Calorie Day Before Lunch
  • Avoid all refined foods, trans fats and minimize sugar intake
  • Take 3 Alpha Omega M3 + 3 EZ14 to Improve the response to Large Meals
  • Focus on Organic Dietary Fat and Protein Choices
  • Make Breakfast and Lunch Bigger than Dinner
  • Fat Reduce FBO5 Day + Night to Optimize All Factors Governing Fat Loss
  • Dietary Fat Load to Surge Fat Burning Enzymes
  • Change up Meal frequency to Contrast to the Other 6 Days of The Week
3 Fat Reduce FBO5 Day time first thing in the morning and during the early afternoon activates multiple proven pathways to rapid fat burning including metabolism, hormones, mobilization of stored fat as fuel, shutting off fat storage receptors and more. 2 Fat Reduce FBO5 Night time capsules a couple hours before bed helps clients transition into restful sleep even if stress levels are very high to maximize the natural fat burning benefits of high quality sleep.

Fire Up Metabolism With Enjoyable Meals

Consuming two to three larger meals full of high quality food sources on The High Calorie Day each week is extremely satisfying and positively impacts the other 6 days of week. Tens of thousands of clients over the last several years have earned great success with the 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse Nutrition Plan to Outsmart 10 Pounds of body fat in just three weeks. On a consistent basis clients report looking forward to the High Calorie Day Fat Burning Benefits and feeling leaner on the following days as fat burning factors surge.

3 Alpha Omega M3 and 3 EZ14 Digestive Enzyme Catalyst with each meal on the High Calorie Day Creates a highly productive environment for using more stored fat as fuel based on the scientifically engineered ratios of ingredients developed by Dr. Eric Serrano MD. Alpha Omega M3 and EZ14 work together synergistically to drive raw materials into hungry muscles instead of fat cells, control fat storage hormones, mobilize more stored fat as fuel, improve digestive efficiency and so much more.

Shift The Body To Utilize More Stored Fat As Fuel

Focusing on satisfying amounts of organic dietary fat and protein sources with an unlimited amount of green vegetables is the fastest pathway to fat loss for those in the first few weeks of a fat loss plan. Absence of carbohydrate outside of green vegetables, flexible fasting and other strategies for a three week period can help the body shift to using more significantly more stored fat as fuel. Men wanting to gain muscle and lose body fat the same time can add the right sources of carbohydrate to the meal following weight training on the High Calorie Day.

Dietary Fat Loading

Consuming more dietary fat from organic sources on the high calorie day acts as a powerful macronutrient cycling technique while surging fat burning enzyme levels for several days. The body naturally responds to an increased intake of dietary fat from a variety of great sources by quickly making more enzymes to digest the dietary fats. These same fat burning enzymes remain elevated for several days and attack stored fat to be burned as fuel when dietary fat intake returns to normal for the days following the High Calorie Day.

High Calorie Day Dinner 2021
High Calorie Day Dinner 2021

The scientifically engineered blend of essential fats within the Alpha Omega M3 optimize insulin sensitivity which is extremely important when consuming larger meals. Insulin is the most potent fat storage hormone and can rise significantly especially when meals contain a large amount of saturated fats and carbohydrate. Alpha Omega M3 can help to keep insulin levels in check even with large meals so the metabolism can run wild while hormones are optimized naturally to maximize fat burning.

EZ14 comes in very handy with larger meals to improve efficiency of digestion so the body can focus more resources on burning fat and repairing muscle. The EZ14 contains a specialized blend of digestive enzymes that the body produces naturally and other enzymes the body cannot make. Naturally produced digestive enzymes can be depleted for a number of reasons which limits quality of life without corrective action from 3 EZ14 caps with meals at least twice daily.