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Lean Body Vacation Strategies

Lean Body Vacation Strategies

Enjoy an energetic vacation full of satisfying meals without getting bloated or sluggish by using the Lean Body Vacation Strategies that have been perfected with numerous clients over the last 22 years. A highly active vacation, flexible fasting and Alpha Omega M3 create the perfect conditions for carbohydrate intake on a daily basis without gaining body fat. Keep a lean physique throughout your vacation by using EZ14 to prevent water retention, bloating and sluggishness even when some food choices are far less than ideal.


Lean Body Vacation Strategies

  • Prevent Bloating, Water Retention and Sluggishness with EZ14
  • Flexible Fasting to Optimize Insulin Sensitivity
  • Stop Body Fat Accumulation with Alpha Omega M3
  • Rotate foods to limit food irritations and intolerances
  • Targeted Carb Intake Following Weight Training and Intervals
  • Replace Breakfast with Muscle Synthesis Powder and Fat Reduce FBO5 Day Time
  • Eliminate Trans fats, preservatives and foods fried in corn oil
  • Strive for 5 Exercise Sessions over a 7 day vacation
  • Boost Metabolism and Fat Burning Hormones with Fat Reduce FBO5
3 Alpha Omega M3 and 3 EZ14 Digestive Enzyme Catalyst with vacation meals keep fat storage hormones in check, protect billions of fat cells from accumulating new body fat and promote excellent digestion to leave you feeling and looking great on the beach. The scientifically engineered ingredient ratios developed by Dr. Eric Serrano MD based on many years of successful patient research are exclusive to these highly effective formulas.

Targeted Carb Intake

Weight training, fat burning intervals and sports involving a lot of sprinting such as tennis create excellent metabolic as well as hormonal conditions for carbohydrate intake during the meal following exercise. Post exercise meals should include a combination of protein, dietary fats and carbohydrates within an hour following the exercise session ideally. Combining the right sources of carbohydrate, protein, dietary fat and Alpha Omega M3 during the meal following training can spike rates of fat burning if you play your cards correctly. Keep in mind that carbohydrate intake is always activity dependent when determining the appropriate amounts to consume. Avoid refined carbohydrates such as bread, pasta, crackers and baked goods which are loaded with allergens that can spike insulin levels.

Fat Reduce FBO5 Day and Night time formulas leading up to and throughout your vacation gets rid of overall and stubborn body fat. Dr. Eric Serrano MD studied patient hormonal blood work extensively during the Fat Reduce FBO5 development process to determine the exact ingredient ratios necessary to boost metabolism by over 500 calories per day, shut off fat storage receptors responsible for stubborn body fat, mobilize more stored fat as fuel and to naturally optimize fat burning hormones.

The scientifically engineered ratios of essential fats Dr. Eric Serrano MD developed within the Alpha Omega M3 help to drive carbohydrate into hungry muscles instead of spilling over into billions of fat cells while optimizing insulin sensitivity. Consider the Alpha Omega M3 and EZ14 working together as nutrient partitioning agents. Exercise helps to deplete stored carbohydrate within muscles known as glycogen which can then be replaced by some of the carbs consumed during post exercise meals.

Fat Burning Vacation Morning Routine

Get moving first thing in the morning such as a walk on the beach to increase rates of fat burning and energy levels. Replace breakfast with 3 Fat Reduce FBO5 Day Time capsules, 2 scoops of 100% MR and 2 scoops of Muscle Synthesis Powder combined into the same drink to promote a fasted state ideal for fat burning and to optimize insulin sensitivity. Keeping insulin levels in check is very important for preventing massive body fat accumulation while on vacation. Muscle Synthesis Powder free form amino acids make the brain believe a huge volume of food has been consumed on a theoretical basis which increases rates of fat burning through the roof with nothing to burn except stored fat since the amino acid raw materials have no caloric burden.

Extend and amplify the power of the post workout fat burning benefits by using the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder pre and post training.

Strive for 5 Exercise Sessions on Vacation

Plan for 3 weight training sessions and 2 fat burning interval sessions over the course of a 7 day vacation to keep fat burning into overdrive during a week of increased food consumption. Every well executed exercise session will optimize fat burning hormones and metabolism for the next 48 hours following each session which creates an elevated status of fat burning throughout the 7 day week. Peak rates of fat burning throughout the week by accelerating recovery and properly fueling with the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder pre/post exercise sessions.