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Proven Fat Burning Strategies

Burn 10-20 Pounds of Body Fat 

By: Eric Serrano MD and Scott H. Mendelson

Training Quality over Quantity for Fat Burning

Great weather can bring high levels of motivation, but are you really applying a high level of effort to the right training routine for your needs each or just going through the motions like most people in the gym? Training sessions should include strategic challenges to make you work harder, but not longer each session to drive up fat burning hormones. *

GCX10 Attacks Stubborn Fat While Improving Peak Power and Strength Endurance.

GCX10 Attacks Stubborn Fat While Improving Peak Power and Strength Endurance.

Do not be afraid to call your habits and execution into question so problems can be fixed before another Spring and Summer slips away.*

What Is your Plan and Does it Work?

Most people under estimate the value of the nutrition, training, supplementation, and recovery plans, thinking hard work alone will enable them to reach their goals. Just take a look in any gym across the nation from 5 to 7 pm every day and you will find numerous people busting their butts for lousy progress. 90% or more of the average people going to the gym make little to know progress over time as their strategies do not fit their needs. There is no shortage of people working hard, but very few work hard and SMART to maximize their success.*

Cleanse fat cells

Cleanse Fat Cells with Alpha Omega M3 and GCX10 for Great ABS. Alpha Omega M3 reduces cravings while driving body fat loss through multiple pathways. The Alpha Omega M3 is not only a great investment in lowering body fat levels , but also creates several powerful barriers to interfere with future body fat accumulation.*

GCX10 Attacks Stubborn Belly Fat While Potentially Doubling the Rates of Strength Gains and Muscle Growth.

The research group using Lactoferrin lost an average of 1.79 inches of body fat from their waist while the control group lost only .35 inches over the same 8 week Research Trial. (1)*


Jason Infinity Fitness Personalized Training and Nutrition Plan Client.

“Exercising and training hard has always been a part of my lifestyle. But with the customized nutritional consultation plan and supplements (100% MR, Muscle Synthesis Powder, Alpha Omega M3 and GCX10 ) from infinity fitness I have seen better results and faster progress than ever before. In six weeks I’ve lost 11 pounds, over 4% of my body fat, and have seen drastic improvements in my strength, endurance, and overall performance in the gym. As I continue to set new fitness goals, I will definitely keep using infinity fitness to reach them.”*

Jason T 06/25/2014 Infinity Fitness Customized Consultation Client

Maximizing the rate of fat burning

Your Rate of Physique Transformation will depend on the proper execution of many factors including weight training, interval sprints, supplementation, rest, and stress management amongst others. You cannot optimize metabolism or fat burning hormones without all of the key elements working together on a consistent basis. *

The smartest path to losing 10-20 pounds of body fat is a Personalized training and nutrition program. Check out the picture of my client Jason above to see the kind of results my clients earn on regular basis!*

Eating “Clean” is Not Enough to Earn a Low Body Fat Level

I wish I had a penny for every time someone told me they were just going to eat “clean” to lose body fat. There is much more to the success equation. The amount of food, protein, dietary fat and carbohydrate ratios, food combinations, timing and more must all be manipulated to improve the burning of stored fat as fuel. Our nutrition plans are so advanced that they are simple to execute! You cannot eat the same foods all of the time and rely only on lowering calories to consistently lose body fat.*

Amino Loading with 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis can build a Dream Body.

Amino Loading with 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis can build a Dream Body.

Those who cannot take the customized route can use the KISS Fat Loss Nutrition program as it is highly effective and extremely easy to execute. The KISS program includes many advanced tactics including macronutrient cycling, modified fasting and more to drive efficient body fat loss.*

Redefining intensity

I personally review consultation client weight training workout data every two to four weeks and based on years of experience I know what people are capable of doing. In many cases I must help clients redefine the intensity of their workouts to improve fat loss. Yes intensity is partially measured by gradually increasing weight loads, but we do so while executing perfect form, tempo (Repeition Speed) while keeping to the strict rest periods.*

The details are very important and you must make the body work gradually harder over the course of a 6 week plan to maximize fat burning benefits. You must take advantage of the nervous system to maximize your work output while keeping rest periods very short. This is not just mind over matter in the gym. The 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder can increase your work capacity while increasing the utilization of stored fat as fuel and allow for a much higher training output leading to a big increase in fat burning hormones. Putting out this type of effort several times per week requires the recovery benefits of the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis to avoid over training.*

Holding Yourself Accountable with The Success Calendar

I developed the Success Calendar as a simple method for clients to track the quality and consistency of their execution in a simple format. You can get a free copy of the Success Calendar by emailing

You simply score specific tasks such as training, nutrition, rest and supplementation with a 1, 2 or a 3 on a daily basis. This enables you to look back at a period of a month to see how well you did with your execution. My clients who score over 90% earn great rates of progress. Those over 95% are the ones make miraculous improvements.*

Be patient and good progress will be earned

Keep in mind that it takes time to earn the body of your dreams and for most people the entire mission cannot be accomplished overnight. Your body fat problems did not transpire overnight, so they will resolve instantly either! You can earn much faster progress during months 2 and 3 of a properly designed plan in comparison to month 1 as it takes time to build metabolic and hormonal momentum.*

Making the grade

How consistently are you executing your program?

5 days out of 7 you are perfect with diet and let it slide on the weekends? That will not be good enough for significant fat loss. Keep in mind that losing 10-20 pounds of body fat is not an easy task and requires a great effort. However when losing body fat the right way by optimizing metabolism and hormone levels: you are more likely to maintain your success. Unfortunately a large percentage of the general public who loses body fat re accumulates the lost body fat within a short period time due to using the wrong tactics.*

Maintaining body fat loss is much easier than burning it off fast, allowing for much more freedom with the diet during the maintenance periods. Yes to maximize your fat loss progress you will need to make some sacrifices, however it is only for a short period of time.*

You make it the gym most of the time, but some training sessions are at a higher quality than others? Missing training sessions and poor effort levels will not “cut it”! Every training session is an opportunity to improve your physique! Confidence in your plan will fuel the high levels of effort needed for productive body transformation.*

Proprietary amino acid formulas maximize success

Proprietary Ratios of Amino Acids based on many years of Dr. Serrano’s success patient research within the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder optimize fat burning. Our clients are able to take a very aggressive approach to fat loss without sacrificing muscle. We use Amino Loading with 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis around training and between meals to increase rates of fat burning, protect lean muscle, optimize recovery, improve energy and destroy cravings for bad food choices.*

Taken between meals the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis make the brain believe a massive amount of food has been consumed. As a result metabolic rate increases, but there is nothing to burn except stored fat since the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis have no caloric burden. This leaves only body fat to be burned by a raging metabolism. Placing a scoop of each between meals a couple times per day will have a huge impact on energy levels; this will help to control your mid afternoon slump while accelerating fat burning and recovery.*

Do not Let Stress get in the Way of your Fat Loss Goals!

Fat Reduce Day Time FBO5 for Rapid Fat Loss and balanced Energy
Fat Reduce FBO5 for Significant Fat Loss and balanced Energy

Fat Reduce FBO5 Night Time was recently reformulated based on new findings in scientific literature and Dr. Serrano’s patient experimentation. Hormones govern body composition progress and when they get out of whack for a variety of reasons such as high stress and poor sleep they form a huge barrier to success despite perfect diet and training! Dr. Serrano determined an exact ratio of ingredients within the Fat Reduce FBO5 to optimize the hormonal environment for body fat loss, high energy, and improved performance following thousands of patient blood work reviews.*

email 7 days per week to discuss your fast track to success.

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