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Build Carb Tolerance for Fat Burning

Build Carb Tolerance for Fat Burning

The right nutrition, exercise, training and lifestyle strategies help our clients reduce body fat levels and build carb tolerance for fat burning. Executing the correct habits will improve multiple metabolic, hormonal and digestive conditions to help the body utilize carbohydrate to support greater rates of fat burning and high energy instead of body fat storage. Building a tolerance to carbohydrate enables clients to consume carbohydrates more frequent and in larger amounts while staying very lean over the long term.


Build Carb Tolerance for Fat Burning

  • Focus Carb Intake the during the meal following training with 4 Alpha Omega M3
  • Utilize 16 Hour Fasted Periods with Muscle Synthesis Powder and Fat Reduce FBO5 Day time to Enhance Fat Burning.
  • Lower Stress Levels and Accelerate recovery with 100% MR
  • Avoid Foods that cause poor digestion and bloating.
  • Walk for 20 minutes following each meal
  • Improve sleep quality with Fat Reduce FBO5 Night Time Formula
  • Keep Billions of Fat Cells Clean and Pristine
  • Consume a majority of your carb intake earlier in the day.
Alpha Omega M3 and EZ14 Digestive Enzyme Catalyst improve tolerance to carbohydrate and help to form ideal metabolic conditions to drive carbs into hungry muscles instead of spilling over into billions of fat cells. The right sources, amounts, combinations and timing of carbohydrate during the meal following weight training helps our clients earn a low level of body fat and maintain that desirable look over the long term.

How Does Your Body Respond to Carbs?

Dr. Serrano asks patients to take physique pictures a few times during the 24 hours following targeted carb loading to see how the body responds to the specific sources and amounts of carbohydrate. Scott uses this tactic in addition to reviewing meal pictures to help clients refine strategies accordingly. Excess water retention and bloating following carb intake indicates the body did respond well to one or more of the food choices indicating a need for different food choices during the next experiment. A leaner looking body would indicate everything was done right and help to form a strategy as to how often targeted carb loading is used moving forward to maximize client success. Build Carb Tolerance for Fat Burning.

Taking 3 Fat Reduce FBO5 Day time and 4 GCX10 Rapid Physique and Performance Enhancer capsules 30 minutes before training amplifies fat burning and helps to create ideal metabolic and hormonal conditions for carbohydrate intake post training to create a great physique for the beach.
Intense Weight Training Creates Ideal Conditions for Carb Intake

Highly dense weight training sessions optimize metabolism, boost metabolism, and peak fat burning hormones for many days following exercise when the right recovery conditions are in place. An actioned packed weight training session lasting only 45 minutes will deplete stored carbohydrate known as glycogen. Our clients are then able to burn more stored fat as fuel when glycogen levels are depleted for most of the week. The body aims to burn carbohydrate for fuel before other sources in most cases. Depleting the stored carbohydrate helps the body utilize more stored fat as fuel.

Driving Carbs Into Hungry Muscles Instead of Billions of Fat Cells

The post workout meal following a carb depleted condition can drive the rights sources of carbs into hungry muscles instead of spilling over into billions of fat cells to form more body fat. Taking 4 Alpha Omega M3 with the post workout meal acts as a macronutrient partitioning agent which drives carbohydrate and water into muscles to create better definition and a leaner looking physique on the beach! The specific ratios of essential fatty acid ingredient exclusive to the Alpha Omega M3 have been determined based on many years of successful patient research.

3 EZ14 Digestive Enzyme Catalyst with the post workout meal containing carbohydrate helps to prevent bloating and water retention which creates a leaner appearance.

Example Post Workout Targeted Carb Meal for a 200 Pound Man Aiming to Lose Body fat and look great on the beach.

30 minutes before training 3 Fat Reduce FBO5 Day time and 4 GCX10 capsules to improve performance while creating ideal conditions to enhance rates of fat burning during exercise and for days following!

4 scoops of 100% MR and 4 scoops of Muscle Synthesis Powder combined with water into the same drink and finish by end of workout. 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder work synergistically to accelerate recovery, lower stress levels responsible for stubborn body fat accumulation, increase the utilization of stored fat as fuel and provide the ideal raw material ratios asap to optimize body composition.

30 to 60 minutes Following Training Post Workout Feast!

40 grams of protein from cage free chicken with skin

20 grams of protein from grass fed steak

20 grams of dietary fat from guacamole

75 grams of carbohydrates from grilled sweet potatoes with cinnamon

Unlimited amount of grilled vegetables with 2 tablespoons of grass fed butter

4 Alpha Omega M3 and 3 EZ14 Digestive Enzyme Catalyst

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