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Beach Strip Set Training

Beach Strip Set Training

Drive your rapid fat loss goals and earn a great physique with Beach Strip Set Training. Each challenging strip set sequence works to deplete stored carbohydrate left over from the holidays, optimize fat burning hormones, ignite localized fat burning, stimulate muscle fibers and burn a tremendous number of calories per each forty minute session. The 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse Nutrition Plan works synergistically with Beach Strip Set Training to force the body to use significantly more stored fat as fuel around the clock.


Beach Strip Set Training

Performing 8 excellent reps and then reducing the weight load by 15 to 20% to immediately perform 8 additional reps with proper form and rep speed makes up what we call a strip set. The first phase of the set is intended to be very challenging and creates a pre fatigued status for the second half of the strip set. Each phase of the strip set should be taken to one rep short of failure as the correct intensity threshold. The extended duration of each phase of the strip set created by the prolonged rep speeds helps to optimize fat burning hormones. Prioritize accelerated recovery and proper fueling to maximize the body transformation benefits of every single Beach Strip Set Training Session.

Fat Reduce FBO5 Day Time Formula Creates ideal fat burning conditions when taken 30 minutes before training with the 100% MR as well as the Muscle Synthesis Powder. Dr. Eric Serrano MD scientifically engineered the Fat Reduce FBO5 Day and Night time formulas to bust through the most significant metabolic and hormonal barriers to fat burning based on many years of patient hormonal blood work reviews and body composition testing. Fat Reduce FBO5 Day time delivers balanced energy when taken before training and works behind the scenes to increase rates of fat burning during exercise and around the clock.

Surging Fat Burning Hormones and Metabolism for 48 Hours

The approximately ten seconds of rest between the two phases of the strip set is inadequate on purpose to boost lactic acid levels which serves as a powerful precursor to growth hormone. Growth hormone is a power natural fat burning hormone that can increase significantly with intense training. Highly dense strip sets create challenging conditions and boost fat burning hormones up to 48 hours following each well executed session. Accelerating comprehensive recovery with the 100% MR and increasing the utilization of stored fat as fuel with the Muscle Synthesis Powder enhance the fat burning benefits from every training session making the fat burning fire burn even hotter.

Beach Strip Set Training Supplementation
The scientifically engineered ratios of amino acids Dr. Eric Serrano MD formulated within the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder are perfect when used around body transformation training sessions. Accelerating comprehensive recovery and sending the right fat burning signals to the brain supports rapid fat burning while protecting hard earned muscle.

Localized Fat Burning

We have found Intense contractions such as the one demonstrated during the contracted biceps strip set video above can help with localized body fat loss and improved muscle tone. Perhaps this is due to a natural increase IGF-1 (insulin like growth factor 1). Spiking IGF-1 comes in particular handy when training women who have difficulty reducing stubborn body fat around the thighs and glutes.

Performance Matters

Gradually increasing the performance quality of each workout impacts the rate of physique transformation. Many men and women make the mistake of just going through the motions when weight training to primarily reduce the body fat. Pushing yourself by gradually increasing the weight loads, using proper form, strictly following the rep speeds as well as the rest periods between sets will lead to bigger surges of metabolism and fat burning hormones. You can only push yourself to improve performance on a weekly basis if the proper fueling and recovery acceleration tools are in place.

Accelerating recovery of the muscles as well as the nervous system with 100% MR drastically reduces muscle soreness, protects hard earned muscle, improves performance and helps to keep stress hormones such as cortisol in check. Muscle Synthesis Powder combined with 100% MR pre/post training helps to increase the utilization of stored fat as fuel during exercise.

Pump out high quality reps during Beach Strip Set Training when using 4 GCX10 30 minutes before training.
4 to 6 GCX10 30 minutes before training puts more fuel in the energy tank to perform multiple strip sets with challenging weight loads for bigger increases in fat burning hormones. GCX10 increases peak weight load capacity, quality rep counts and the ability to crush strip sets with razor sharp focus all without any stimulants.

Burning Off Holiday Carbs

It is very easy for the human body to use carbohydrate for energy instead of stored fat. Increased storage levels of carbohydrate from the holidays within the muscles called glycogen can distract the body from using more stored fat as fuel. Depleting muscle glycogen with 3 to 4 Beach Strip Set Training Style workouts each week works synergistically with the 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse Nutrition Plan to force the body to use more stored fat as fuel ASAP.

Email to discuss a 12 week personalized weight training, fat burning interval, Afterburner and Nutrition plan to maximize your rates of body transformation progress.

Beach Strip Set Training
SetsRepsRep SpeedRest
A1.Shoulder Raise Complex Warm up3(8+8)3-1-1-345
A2.Standing Unilateral Shoulder press3(8+8)3-2-1-045
B1.Contracted Biceps Strip Set3(8+8)3-1-1-160
B2.Pause Start Close Grip Push up3(8+8)3-2-x-160
C1. Standing Hammer Curl3202-1-1-160
C2.Close Grip Push Up3202-1-1-160