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Stubborn Body Fat Stress Connection

Stubborn Body Fat Stress Connection

Elevated stress from a combination of factors not only makes body fat loss very difficult, but higher stress levels also increase stubborn body fat storage while crushing energy levels. The stress hormone cortisol activates fat storage receptors located in larger amounts in the mid section for men and legs for women to increase body fat storage. Fat Reduce FBO5 Day and Night time formulas formulated by Dr. Eric Serrano MD are the perfect tool for shutting of fat storage receptors to help get rid of stubborn fat quickly. You can solve your Stubborn Body Fat Stress Connection with a comprehensive strategy.


Stubborn Body Fat Stress Connection

Under increased levels of stress the body becomes extremely sensitive to carbohydrate and releases too much of the most powerful fat storage hormone which is insulin especially when the wrong refined carbohydrate choices are consumed. Bringing insulin sensitivity back into proper balance by using Alpha Omega M3 and correcting the nutrition plan is crucial for stubborn body fat loss while improving quality of life. Targeting the right carbohydrate choices and amounts during the meal following challenging weight training sessions is very effective for our clients to accelerate stubborn body fat loss.

Stubborn Body Fat Stress Connection
Trim Belly fat with Alpha Omega M3 and EZ14 Digestive Enzyme Catalyst by optimizing insulin sensitivity. Create a powerful fat burning environment when consuming Alpha Omega M3 and EZ14 with your meals twice daily. The scientifically engineered blends of ingredients developed by Dr. Eric Serrano MD help the body respond very favorably to meals even when stress levels are consistently elevated.

Getting Rid of Stubborn Belly and Leg Fat

  • Stop eating refined foods such as bread, pasta, baked goods and all trans fats that screw up fat cell function. Replenish digestive enzymes lost due to consumption of refined foods and stress by using 3 EZ14 Digestive Enzyme Catalyst before meals twice daily
  • Optimize Insulin Sensitivity with Alpha Omega M3 to minimize the release of fat storage hormones.
  • Accelerate recovery of the muscles as well as the nervous system with 100% MR before/after exercise to keep stress hormones including cortisol in check.
  • Take Fat Reduce FBO5 Day and Night time formulas daily to shut off fat storage receptors focused in the belly for men and thighs/buttocks for women. Optimize metabolism, hormones and the utilization of stored fat as fuel during each 24 hour daily cycle with the Fat Reduce FBO5 Day time and ultra relaxation formula Fat Reduce FBO5 Night time.
  • Implement a low carb, high protein and adequate dietary fat intake from organic sources including macronutrient cycling built into the 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse Nutrition Plan which you can get for free by emailing These highly advanced yet simple to execute strategies transition to the body into using significantly more stored fat as fuel even under stressful conditions.
  • Target the right sources of carbohydrate during the meal following weight training in combination with Alpha Omega M3 and EZ14 Digestive Enzyme Catalyst to help control stress hormone levels including cortisol. Targeted carbohydrate strategies are like putting a huge log on the fat burning fire and serve as an important macronutrient cycling feature.
  • Strive for 5 with 3 weight training and 2 Fat Burning Interval Sessions each week specifically geared to fat burning by taking advantage of multiple proven tactics to optimize the comprehensive fat burning environment. Emphasize quality over quantity to avoid overtraining while maximizing the release of fat burning hormones associated with inadequate rest periods.
The Fat Reduce FBO5 Day and Night time formulas are scientifically engineered to bust through the most significant metabolic and hormonal barriers to fat burning based on extensive patient trials conducted by Dr. Eric Serrano MD. Improve daily energy balance by earning a higher quality of sleep with the Fat Reduce FBO5 Night time formula which also mobilizes more fat as fuel while lowering stress levels. Wake up each morning feeling well rested when using the Fat Reduce FBO5 night time during the evening to transition the body into restful sleep while lowering cravings for bad food choices.

Stress Weakens Digestion

High stress levels deplete digestive enzymes which leaves the body exposed to the possibility of greater spikes of Insulin release during meals which contributes to excess belly fat accumulation. The EZ14 with meals works wonders for those under stress so they can digest meals properly by replenishing lost digestive enzymes and providing materials the body cannot make. Poor digestion ties up a lot of resources for many hours leaving the body lacking proper fuel sources.

A lack of resources then limits the ability to burn body fat and to increase lean muscle. 3 EZ14 a few minutes before the meal provides 14 carefully calibrated digestive enzyme ingredients Dr. Serrano assembled to make sure the digestion process is highly efficient. The EZ14 contains a special ratio of digestion enzymes, some of which the body makes and some of which the body cannot make.

Busting Stress to Improve Body Composition.
Confidence in your weight training, nutrition, fat burning interval and scientifically engineered supplementation plan provides a huge relief to stress. You can have a high level of confidence every day with a 12 week personalized training nutrition plan.

Rotate Foods Strategically

The body may be more susceptible to side effects from food allergies, irritations and intolerances when under high stress. As a result low energy, stomach upset, joint pain, poor mood, bloating, water retention, difficulty breathing, trouble losing body fat and limited muscle growth may occur. EZ14 taken just before meals can help to combat these nasty side effects and replenish digestion enzymes that have been depleted due to stressful conditions. 

Utilizing More Stored Fat As Fuel

Teaching the body to Use More Stored Fat as Fuel is an important Stubborn Fat Stress Connection strategy. A low carbohydrate intake combined with the right training protocols as well as frequencies depletes muscle glycogen. An absence of muscle glycogen which is stored carbohydrate enables the body to transition into using more stored fat as fuel. The right dietary fat and protein sources from organic sources, flexible fasting, scientifically engineered supplementation and addition strategies accelerate the transition to utilizing more stored fat as fuel.