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Lifetime Lean Body Keys

Lifetime Lean Body Keys

Earn a low body fat percentage quickly and keep the results over the long term while benefiting from rewarding meals to peak fat burning. You do not have to give up all of your favorite foods forever when you have the correct strategies in place. Taking Alpha Omega M3 and EZ14 Digestive Enzyme Catalyst when eating including reward meals help the body respond more favorably to large amounts of food while supporting fat burning. Lifetime Lean Body Keys drive a high quality of life while avoiding many of the under eating hurdles that crush progress.


Lifetime Lean Body Keys

Lowering body fat levels quickly requires a great effort, consistent execution and the right exercise as well as nutrition strategies. The good news is that progress can come very quickly as metabolic and hormonal momentum build over a period of weeks. We have seen clients earn amazing fat loss results with great energy while keeping hard earned muscle in just 60 days or less with consistent execution. Keeping a low body fat level is much easier than it was to get there which allows for more freedom with the nutrition plan if you are using the right strategies.

Long Term Lean Body Keys
Lifetime Lean Body Success Keys6 Alpha Omega M3 and 4 EZ14 Digestive Enzyme Catalyst with a reward meal help to maximize the fat burning benefits while preventing body fat accumulation through multiple proven pathways. A quick burst of food intake can be great for metabolism and fat burning hormones especially when the meal follows intense weight training. Email for a free copy of the 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse Nutrition Plan.

Easier to Keep A Low Body Level than It Is to Get There

Optimizing insulin sensitivity is absolutely vital for lowering body fat levels quickly and keeping them low over the long term. Insulin is the most potent fat storage hormone and must be kept in check in order for the body to burn body fat efficiently. The right nutrition approach such as the 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse Nutrition Plan, Alpha Omega M3, Fat Reduce FBO5, EZ14 and five exercise sessions per week can dramatically improve insulin sensitivity. As a result the body can manage insulin levels more effectively even when eating a large meal containing carbohydrate!

Fat Reduce FBO5 Day and Night time formulas build metabolic and hormonal momentum to drive faster rates of overall body fat loss while attacking stubborn body fat. Even faster rates of fat burning can be earned during the second and third months of use as the scientifically engineered formulas Dr. Eric Serrano MD developed correct multiple hormonal, metabolic, stored fat mobilization and craving problems that otherwise make body fat loss extremely difficult.

Ideal Reward Meal Frequency

A reward meal is structured into 12 week personalized training and nutrition plans to accelerate fat burning. It is very important to use a zero carbohydrate approach for the first three weeks of a plan like the 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse Nutrition Plan when wanting to maximize body fat loss for a majority of the population. Some people respond more favorably to carbohydrate based on a number of individual factors and may need carbs more often. These factors are evaluated when Dr. Eric Serrano MD and Scott Mendelson build plans for clients. A key to success is not using a reward meal to early in the fat loss process and giving the body time to transition to using more stored fat as fuel. A reward meal containing the right food sources should be consumed every seven to fourteen days and always following training.

Visualize yourself in ideal condition at the beach location of your choice. Now take action and use the right training, nutrition, and scientifically engineered supplementation actions to make your visions into reality by emailing 7 days per week for unmatched service and expertise.

Pictured Food Choices from the Videos

The reward meal was structured for clients in a neighboring room to rev up metabolism without overwhelming the system and setting off food allergies. Refined foods such as pastries and bread set off food allergies for a majority of the population which compounds body fat storage by further increasing insulin levels. 4 EZ14 right before the reward meal will help to combat food allergies, irritations and intolerances while helping to keep insulin levels in check. 6 Alpha Omega M3 with a large meal following training helps to optimize insulin levels while driving carbohydrate into hungry muscles instead of spilling over into billions of fat cells.

Cage Free eggs cooked in grass fed butter with organic bacon and roasted potatoes.

Egg sandwich with sausage, organic cheese and bread without trans fats or preservatives.

Fresh raspberries and blueberries

Fresh baked Cinnamon roll without trans fats/preservatives to be split by two people to control the portion size.

Assorted small pastries without trans fats or preservatives and grass fed butter.

Flexible Fasting

The reward meal done at breakfast followed a 45 minute weight training session for Lifetime Lean Body Keys. Fasting up until dinner is an ideal way to maximize the fat burning benefits from a reward meal. Using Fat Reduce FBO5 Day time formula first thing in the morning and again during the early afternoon on an empty stomach optimizes fat burning from multiple perspectives.