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Gain 10 lbs. of Muscle and Burn 10 lbs. of Fat Part 2

Do not wake up January 1 2016 with a ton of new body fat and regret

By: Dr. Eric Serrano MD and Scott H. Mendelson

New Muscle Burns Body Fat

Adding quality muscle not only improves your physique, but also sets the stage for future fat loss by increasing the size of your fat burning engine. Each pound of new muscle burns a significant number of calories 24×7. The Advanced Arm Training video and protocol can be applied to the torso as well as your lower body. This training system is ideal for gaining muscle and burning body fat while priming the metabolism for a big post training meal such as Thanksgiving Dinner.*

Winter weather supports some of the best weight training sessions of the year our experience working with thousands of successful clients. There are simply fewer outdoor options and the body needs intense activity to “ignite” the nervous system and creative energy especially with less sunlight available. Low activity levels combined with less sunlight and cold weather causes poor mood in addition to self-medicating with bad food choices.


Poor food choices build fat storage momentum

Most people start building up the Santa belly when Halloween kicks off the holiday season with some parties and left over candy at home and the office. Low activity continues through November and then all heck breaks loose with Thanksgiving.

Holiday meals are not the problem. The poor food choices for the many days following are where the real damage is done. Daily refined food intake, sugar, Trans fats, and fried foods in particular support body fat accumulation from many angles. Insulin is the most powerful fat storage hormone. The longer bad food intake continues, the higher insulin levels rise which can significantly increase the rates at which your store fat.

Cleanse Fat Cells

Trans fats and fried foods have a terrible impact on your fat cells which play a key role in your ability to store or burn body fat. The proprietary ratio of ingredients within the Alpha Omega M3 scientifically engineered by Dr. Serrano make it much more difficult for these bad ingredients to toxify your fat cells. As a result much less body fat can be stored even if your diet is less than perfect. Alpha Omega M3 also helps to keep fat storing insulin levels in check which comes in very handy during holiday meals so you can eat like a king without packing on body fat.*

Stop the self-inflicted wounds

Self-inflicted wounds created by bad food choices and a lack of training extend into the new year as you must dig out of the metabolic and hormonal trench you dug for yourself. This means you may spend the first couple of months of 2016 cleaning up the metabolic and hormonal mess created. You cannot maximize fat loss until these debts are paid.

By the end of December your fat storage hormones and other factors may be more than double levels of just a month earlier. Throw in a lack of activity and your situation becomes much worse. 45 minutes of well-planned weight training will have a huge impact on your rate of muscle growth and fat loss not just by burning calories, but also by surging fat burning hormone levels. The euphoric feeling you have during and for many hours following weight training is proven to reduce poor food choices.

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