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FAQ Strip 18 Training

FAQ Strip 18 Training

Transform your physique with the free Strip 18 Training program by stimulating the release of fat burning hormones and a wide cross section of muscle fibers. The Free Strip 18 Weight Training program has been producing excellent feedback over the last month for men and women seeking to transform their physiques in addition to quality of life. FAQ Strip 18 Training answers some of the most common questions we have received so far, but please send additional questions so we can work together to maximize your body transformation success. to get a free copy.

FAQ Strip 18 Training

  • Why Strip 18 is so effective for Women wanting to Maximize Body Fat Loss.
  • Wicked Pull Up Grip Adjustment for Men wanting to gain muscle and burn fat.
  • Getting to the Big Money Reps that differentiate those seeking excellent progress.
  • Picking the right weight load to Support Individual Goals.
FAQ strip 18 glute raise

The Glute Raise is an excellent movement for men and women to fix weaknesses and firm up the back side. Sip 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder pre and post training to drive excellent performance, accelerate recovery, reduce muscle soreness, increase utilization of stored fat as fuel and to lay the perfect raw material foundation for hungry muscles around training.

How to Pick The Ideal Weight Load for Individual needs

The extended length of each Strip 18 set fires up fat burning hormones for up to 48 hours following each session with the right effort levels and recovery conditions. Men wanting to gain muscle and drop body fat at the same time can use much higher weight loads by using more strip phases with each set.

Maximizing Fat Burning Pick a weight you can do for an estimated 9 reps with proper form. One rep short of failure drop the weight load 10 to 20% and immediately resume to get a total of 18 reps. Many women in particular have sent in questions about picking the ideal weight load. Experiment during the first week to find a challenging weight load and work to make progress each week. There is no wrong answer as long as proper form is used as instructed during the videos.

Emphasizing Muscle Growth and Body Fat Loss at the same time for men. Pick a weight load you can use with proper form for 6 reps. One rep short of failure drop the weight load 10 to 20% and immediately resume for 6 more reps. Finally drop the weight load again 10 to 20% for 6 more excellent reps for a total of 18 highly productive reps.

Be aware that the rep counts may not work out perfectly every time and that is perfectly fine. Each individual person has different muscle fiber make up, work capacity, neurological efficiencies and other factors impacting how the strip sets go. The effort levels and quality execution are what matter to hit a total of 18 reps. More strip phases may be needed in some situations. Keep in mind that the last few reps are the grueling money reps which help to differentiate those earning the fastest possible rates of progress.


Strip 18 Training GCX10

GCX10 capsules before training helped Adam Stewart Crank out 18 high quality pull up reps with three different grips. The high dosage of ATP, Lactoferrin and Glycine Dr. Eric Serrano MD included within the GCX10 drives up peak power and strength endurance while attacking stubborn body fat.

3 Grip Pull Up Sequence for Gaining Muscle and Shredding At the Same Time

Three different grips during the Strip 18 pull up sequence go from the weakest to the strongest grip on purpose. 6 reps with the palms facing away, 6 reps with palms facing you and finally 6 reps with the palms facing each other is a fantastic achievement with only twenty seconds rest between grip changes. The high dosage of ATP within the GCX10 helped Adam Stewart above crank out 18 awesome pull up reps for three total sets. This demonstrates not only great peak power, but also excellent strength endurance to perform three total sets. The ability to repeat great efforts has a huge impact on rates of muscle growth and body fat loss for men.

Getting the Big Money Reps

The final few reps of the Strip 18 Sets are very challenging especially by the third set. We call these reps money reps as they differentiate those who earn the fastest possible transformations. In Adam’s case we used six different strips during his third set of the seated curl with the high finish point so that he could reach 18 awesome reps. It took determination and proper fueling with 100% MR, Muscle Synthesis and GCX10 to reach this status without failing. Get your mind right before training sessions to push past mental limits with proper form and execution each week. This is one of the most important concepts to understand as you review the FAQ Strip 18 Training.

Strip 18 Training For Women

Women will lose body fat fast and firm up in all of the right places with Strip 18 Training. The strategic strip sets work perfectly to fire up fat burning hormones for the female genetic code.*

Women Will Not Gaining Muscle By Accident

Here we go again, women do not need to worry about gaining muscle by accident when using the Strip 18 program. Keep in mind that male and female genetics are vastly different. The Strip 18 program creates excellent fat burning conditions for based on the female genetic code. Female clients reporting great success with fat burning over the last month using Strip 18 emphasize the steady rhythm of the set as they use typically one weight load reduction during the set. The longer periods under tension without stopping while using a challenging weight load produce excellent fat burning hormone release. This is one of the most common questions received before we assembled the FAQ Strip 18 Training which means there are many misconceptions regarding weight training for women.

Please send questions so we can add to the FAQ Strip 18 Training articles.