Fitness Tips

Controlled Rep Speeds to Burn Body Fat

How hard are you really working during your training sessions?

By: Eric Serrano MD and Scott H. Mendelson

What is more beneficial for your bottom line progress? A sloppy set that lasts 20 seconds or controlling rep speeds to make sets last 2 to 3 times as long?

Watch Speed of Rep video demonstrations comparing a low effort rep speed to a controlled rep speed to learn why controlling every rep will accelerate your body composition and performance progress while reducing stress on joints.*

Tempo (speed of rep)

The repetition component lengths will be designated by a number of seconds. Many of the programs require a tempo of 3-2-1-1. The following order will be a uniform pattern eccentric- isometric-concentric-reset point.

Component Eccentric Isometric (pause at bottom) Concentric Pause at top






 For example a 3-2-1-0 bench press would be

 3 sec from the top to reach the chest

2 sec pause on bottom

1 sec to lift the weight

0 pause at top

A pulling exercise would have a different scheme using the same tempo system

A lat pull down with a 4-2-1-2 tempo would require

4 sec to go from the chest to the top of the movement where arms are outstretched

2 sec pause at top of the movement

1 sec to bring the bar down to the chest

2 sec pause at the chest pulling the bar into the torso

Adjusting to new tempos is perhaps one of the most difficult parameters to implement, however it is a key to your success. I strongly suggest using a stop watch while training to not only measure the time between sets, but also to evaluate how long each set will last. For example a tempo of 3-2-1-1 equals 7 seconds per rep multiplied by 6 reps would be 42 sec. If the duration of your sets is 20 sec, there is a problem! At times you will have to lower the weights to accommodate the proper tempo and form. This is ok! Do not be alarmed as over time the proper execution of the tempos will result in significant increases of strength.*

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