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Comprehensive Concussion Treatment Protocols

Dr. Eric Serrano MD shares his Comprehensive Concussion Treatment protocols experience treating professional and amateur athletes to accelerate their recovery from concussion injuries while possibly reducing risks of a concussion recurrence. Proper nutrition, scientifically engineered supplementation, rest, treatment modalities, cold plunges and more all play a vital role in the success equation for Dr. Serrano’s patients. The early days of UFC brought the need for concussion recovery protocols to Dr. Serrano’s attention as he treated some the sports earliest champions. Dr. Serrano also serves as a medical consultant for NFL and NCAA teams aiming to solve complex problems in addition to working with numerous professional athletes. It is important to note that anyone who has experienced a concussive force or other brain trauma must form a treatment plan with their own doctor as the information within this article and videos is for educational purposes only and should not be considered medical advice.

4 Alpha Omega M3 twice daily with meals may help with recovery from a concussive event and possibly reduce the risk of future concussion injuries based on the patient research conducted by Dr. Eric Serrano MD. Alpha Omega M3 includes a scientifically engineered blend of toxin filtrated EPA/DHA (fish oil), CLA, GLA, ALA, Avocado Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Flaxseed oil and Omega 7 in specialized ratios based on more than 30 years of clinical patient research conducted by Dr. Eric Serrano MD.

Comprehensive Concussion Treatment Protocols

Scientifically Engineered Supplement Protocol to Manage Risk Factors

4 Alpha Omega M3 with meals twice daily.

3 EZ14 Digestive Enzyme Catalyst with meals twice daily to improve nutrient uptake.

10 grams of creatine ideally post exercise.

3 scoops of Muscle Synthesis Powder between meals twice daily

2 Fat Reduce FBO5 nighttime capsules 1 to 2 hours before bed to reduce stress levels and to improve sleep quality.

Dr. Serrano suggests a nutrition plan high in organic dietary fats and proteins with limited carbohydrates when aiming to recover from a concussion injury. Consuming 3 EZ14 Digestive Enzyme Catalyst with meals helps to consume a larger volume of high quality foods more comfortably. Letting high quality food intake drop due to loss of appetite can prolong the recovery period.

A low carb diet can help to lower inflammation

Consuming a diet low in carbs and eliminate refined foods can help to reduce some forms of inflammation. Focusing on the right protein and dietary fats from organic sources become very important when recovering from a brain injury. At times those suffering from concussion side effects can experience a loss of appetite which must not be permitted to drive caloric intake too low. The brain must be properly fueled for the best results. Essential fats have been studied by the US Department of Defense as a treatment for Traumatic Brain Injuries. Dr. Serrano has changed the essential fatty acid ratios within the Alpha Omega M3 several times based on emerging research and his experience treating patients including professional athletes from all major sports leagues. Palmitoleic acid also known as Omega 7 was added to the Alpha Omega M3 specifically for contact sport athletes.

The hyperbaric chamber offers unique recovery conditions and is becoming more common within NFL Team Facilities.

Emerging Concussion Treatment Modalities

Hyperbaric Chamber Treatments have been very helpful for Dr. Serrano’s patients as part of Comprehensive Concussion Treatment Protocol. Dr. Serrano is experimenting with cold exposure treatments using ice baths to treat concussions based on emerging evidence within the scientific literature. Sauna treatments are NOT recommended for those suffering from a concussion or related symptoms. Dr. Sealey utilizes the dolphin device for treatments which can be used during the rehabilitation from a number of different injuries.

Be Proactive

Athletes must take a comprehensive approach to protect the brain year-round by using a proper nutrition and scientifically engineered supplementation approach. Keep in mind that refined foods strip the brain of essential fats for a number of reason creating an even larger need for Alpha Omega M3 to rebalance essential fat levels as nature intended. Building up essential fatty acid levels with the Alpha Omega M3 365 years is very important and rather easy to execute. Improving neck strength, sharpening vision and other protocols from expert trainers and practitioners is a sound investment for all ambitious athletes.

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