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Advanced Fasting Protocols 2022

Advanced Fasting Protocols 2022

Burn body fat fast with high daily energy levels by making strategic changes each week with Advanced Fasting Protocols 2022. 16 hour fasted periods from the time period following dinner until lunch the next day work very well for fat burning initially however strategic changes to the lengths of fasted periods and macronutrient cycling are critical for earning peak rates of fat burning. Muscle Synthesis Powder contains exclusive free form amino acid ratios that on a theoretical basis make the brain beleieve a huge volume of food has been cnsumed without any caloric burden. food and enhances fat burning during fasted periods while shutting off hunger.


Advanced Fasting Protocols 2022 benefits.

Accelerate Fat Burning

Improve daily energy levels

Cleanse Billions Of Fat Cells

Crush Hunger and Cravings

Rest the digestive System

The specific sequence of free form amino acids Dr. Eric Serrano MD assembled within the Muscle Synthesis powder make the brain believe a huge volume of food has been consumed on a theoretical basis.

Alpha Omega M3 and EZ14 Digestive Enzyme Catalyst create excellent fat burning conditions when consumed with large meals following fasted periods. The scientifically engineered ingredient ratios developed by Dr. Eric Serrano MD optimizes insulin sensitivity, cleanses fat cells and drastically improves digestion capabilities.

Rapid Fat Burning Fasting Strategies

Change the length of fasted periods on certain days to prevent staleness.

Build Carb Tolerance.

Increase the number of meals and caloric intake on specific weight training days.

Macronutrient Cycling with dietary fat loading and Targeted Carb Intake.

Take advantage of the Fat burning effects of post exercise meals.

Physique Breakfast of Champions

Replacing breakfast with Muscle Synthesis powder sends powerful fat burning signals to the brain based on the unique sequence of amino acids Dr. Serrano developed to mimic food without caloric burden and enhances fat burning during a fasted state. The same signals instructing the brain that a tremendous amount of food has been consumed without caloric value shuts off hunger. Fat Reduce FBO5 Day time taken first thing in the morning busts through the most significant metabolic and hormonal barriers to fat burning based on many of Dr. Serrano’s patient hormonal blood work reviews.

Fat Reduce FBO5 Day and Night time formulas attack stubborn body fat through several proven pathways including optimizing fat burning hormones, shutting off fat storage receptors, boosting metabolism by over 500 calories per day and I creasing the mobilization of stored fat as fuel.

Feasting vs. Grazing

We have found that some people prefer one or 2 large meals while others like to Graze over a defined time span commonly referred to as the eating window. Either approach will work assuming the right food choices are made. Advanced Fasting protocols have enabled clients to eat larger quantities of the right food choices while supporting rapid rates of body fat loss. Consuming enough high quality food during the eating window helps to reduce hunger during fasted periods by creating a proper hormonal response to meals. 3 Alpha Omega M3 with meals twice daily helps to limit hunger by keeping insulin levels in check.