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5 Proven Plateau Busting Strategies for Fat Burning and Great Definition

By: Eric Serrano MD and Scott H. Mendelson

The beginning stages of a fat loss plan can deliver some progress even without an appropriate strategy. However after the first 5 to 10 pounds of body fat loss progress begins to slow down for many reasons as the body adapts to the program in place. Keep in mind that the human body is a survival machine and will prioritize storing body fat over looking good. You must send the right signals on a consistent basis to earn and maintain a low body fat level with great definition.

The wrong training and nutrition strategies not only kill progress, but lead to muscle wasting and a rebounding of body fat accumulation by making the metabolism and hormonal environment sluggish.

Eating the same amount of calories 7 days per week will lead to metabolic and homeostatic sluggishness. Now does this mean you should eat whatever you want a couple times per week to shift the calories? NO! There must be a strategy in place to manipulate not only the caloric intake on certain days, but also the macronutrient percentages which are often overlooked, yet extremely important.

Watch Dr. Serrano discuss the importance of manipulating caloric amounts at least twice per week to improve fat loss and muscle growth when desired at the link below.

Wasting Your Time with Steady State Cardio

Excessive steady state cardio can teach the body store fat, increase fat storing hormones and waste hard earned muscle. In some cases moderate amounts of steady state cardio activity can work well for obese people. Everyone else should be performing intervals to maximize their rate of fat burning with a variety of venues and strategies.

Your Weight Training Routine is Stale

The weight training routine is nothing more than going through the motions or the same tired routine that has been in use for years because you refuse to leave your comfort zone! You should never use a weight training routine for more than 6 weeks in our experience when aiming to improve body composition. Our training routines feature strategic changes to the number of sets, reps, rep speeds, rest periods, grips and more during a 6 week routine to keep stimuli fresh. Most trainees never venture very far from a small set of training routines which limits and ultimately destroys their potential for reaching their short and long term goals.

Does this mean you should grab a random routine from a magazine or from the “guy at the gym that knows his stuff”? No- you need the right training routine to fit your specific needs, goals and injury status to maximize your success. Email to discuss your situation and goals today!

Macronutrient Cycling for Efficient Fat Loss

Just like training the nutrition plan must also change in a strategic fashion on a regular basis to prevent metabolic staleness, to increase fat burning/muscle building enzymes and to optimize fat burning hormones. We build carbohydrate and dietary fat loading protocols into client plans to support their fat burning success. In addition to being easy to execute- the carbohydrate and fat loading days provide a huge boost of energy for training on those days.

Emphasize Quality over Quantity

There is no substitute for intensity when aiming to lose body fat and improve definition quickly. Properly designed training routines will emphasize a high quality of execution instead of quantity to support your success. Doing too much work drives overtraining which stalls metabolism and energy levels while wasting muscle. A number of individual circumstances will define a trainee’s capacity to recover optimally from training. Exceeding the capacity to recover is counterproductive. Keep weight training sessions under an hour and even less in many situations. 5 total exercise sessions per week including weight training and interval sessions works very well to improve body composition and energy levels for our busy clients.

Consuming 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder pre and post training can optimize recovery of the muscles and the nervous system while increasing the utilization of stored fat as fuel and laying the raw material foundation for optimized muscle repair.