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Summer Strong 11

Summer Strong 11

Sorinex Summer Strong 11 is an event full of great speakers, generous portions of organic food, competitive lifting events, and a bunch of iron fun. On Saturday afternoon following the speakers more than a dozen really strong people squatted and hit deadlifts over 500 pounds for each movement. A tactical competition took place outside with firearms, axes, obstacles and more.

Summer Strong 11

Each year the Sorinex weight training equipment manufacturing company hosts a great event in Lexington South Carolina during the middle of May to welcome strength coaches and training enthusiasts from all over these great United States and Canada. You can count on first rate southern hospitality from the welcoming Sorinex Staff.


Dr. Eric Serrano MD surveyed the audience and tailored an excellent presentation including advanced hamstring and shoulder injury prevention exercises on Friday May 18 2018. On Thursday afternoon Scott Mendelson and Eric Serrano MD engaged in conversations with numerous strength and conditioning staffs to identify areas of need to reduce college Football hamstring injuries. See more specialized exercises by Dr. Eric Serrano MD. 

By: Eric Serrano MD and Scott Mendelson

Reduce hamstring injuries and run faster

The action of the toes can dictate the engagement of the hamstrings which Dr. Eric Serrano believes is very important for peak performance and Injury prevention. Specialized exercises including the hamstring pistons, unilateral quad extension combined with seated hamstring contraction , and manual hamstring test have been very effective for NFL and Collegiate football players.

Multi dimensional hamstring testing

All performance coaches should keep in mind that the hamstrings can perform very well running in a straight line while multi dimensional movements like those performed in sports can reveal many deficiencies leading to poor function as well as injury.

Traditional shoulder rehab is lousy

Traditional shoulder injury rehabilitation is not effective for many athletes who end up experiencing numerous shoulder problems over the course of their career due to key weaknesses that are never fixed. The world Famous Serrano extension from a standing position stabilizes the scapula while the shoulders are in an externally rotated. Eric Serrano MD started his presentation with this unique exercise and implemented an ischemic execution for accomplished NFL veteran Jeremy Ebert.

A diverse group of speakers included Bert Sorin President of Sorinex, Mike Rodriguez Green Beret retired, Jenn Wiederstrom Biggest Loser, Gunnar Petersen Los Angeles Lakers, Alex Oliver Navy Seal retired, Jim Kiristy, Kenesaw State University, Brandon Lilly, Cal Dietz University of Minnesota Hockey, Derek Woodske, Bill Kazmier Worlds Strongest Man Champion, and many more.

Excellent all you can eat organic food

The Sorinex Social Facilities are very impressive with built in Patios, Tents, cooling fans and most importantly massive grills. ALL food was included serving lunch and dinner each day including grass fed steaks, burgers, pork sausage, pulled pork, baked potatoes, salads and a the ever popular cold beer. The lines moved very quickly and a ton of great food was available which was amazing considering 700 hungry people attended the event each day.

Each night included a live band, socializing and more beer. Many networking opportunities exist with approachable speakers and attendees. Many college strength staffs attended and competed including University of Maryland, Memphis, Arkansas State, University of Georgia, Tennessee, Kenesas State, the Citadel, and more.

Saturday at 4 PM started the Open Lift and Competition.

Eight racks were full of male and female competitors building up to 1 rep max squats for some competitive Iron fun. Five plates on each side was the norm for most while many broke 600 pounds. Following the squat competition everyone moved on to the center stage deadlift platform.

At least twelve strong dudes deadlifted over 550 during echoes of screams from supporters. The most impressive lift was by a highly impressive American war veteran Derick Carver who pulled 370 pounds without his prosthetic leg pictured above and was met by the loudest roars by the capacity crowd.

Attendees experimented with all sorts of equipment during the training free for all while striking up conversations with colleagues. Music blared, announcers stoked the crowd and all sorts of ideas changed hands during the iron madness.

The Columbia Meteopolotan Airport is about 20 minutes from the Sorinex HQ and easily reached from Atlanta. The Sorinex Summer Strong Event 11 sold out and many were turned away. Grab your Summer Strong 12 Tickets as soon as they are available.