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Stubborn Fat Loss Training

Stubborn Fat Loss Training

Take a comprehensive approach to getting rid of stubborn body fat by using Stubborn Fat Loss Training to optimize the hormonal environment. Stress hormones including cortisol cause stubborn body fat accumulation in the belly for men and buttocks/thigh region for women specifically by turning on fat storage receptors. The objective of training should be maximizing fat burning hormones and metabolism while keeping stress hormones in check in order to get rid of stubborn body fat.

Stubborn Fat Loss Training

Keep Weight Training Sessions under 45 minutes 3 times per week

2 Fat Burning Interval sessions each week under 30 minutes

100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder Pre/Post training to keep fat storage hormones in check

Execute Strategic Pauses to make sets last 40 to 60 seconds

Stick to rest periods between 10 and 30 seconds

GCX10 before training to increase peak loads and quality reps while attacking stubborn fat

Short yet intense training sessions

Weight training sessions longer than 45 minutes can cause a significant rise in stress hormones based on Dr. Eric Serrano’s extensive experience with hormonal blood work. Training presents physical stress, but people who are experiencing elevated stress outside of the gym add to hormonal challenges. Our clients have earned great success getting rid layers of stubborn body fat covering their abs by packing 90 minutes of work into a 45 minute session. Short rest periods and alternating between body parts will cut down the training session time while driving a high level of performance necessary to maximize fat burning hormone release.

Interval Sprints for Stubborn Fat Loss

Interval Sprints are far better for fat burning than steady state cardio. However interval sprints done with the correct intensity levels require a great deal of effort which makes most people want to quit. 4 GCX10 30 minutes before the fat burning interval sessions increase peak power and strength endurance to continue the session without any stimulants. Key GCX10 ingredient lactoferrin attacks stubborn and visceral fat while boosting immunity.

Hormones Govern Progress

Eric Serrano MD reviews thousands of patient hormonal blood work reports every month which reveals important information about each case. How this information is used to adjust training and nutrition strategies determines the rate of client success. High stress hormone levels can be linked to difficulty getting rid of body fat and stubborn body fat in particular while limiting performance. A poor testosterone to cortisol ratio can indicate overtraining syndrome which takes place when training volume exceed the individual patient capacity to recover on that particular day.

Poor recovery increases stubborn body fat

Overtraining can block fat loss, muscle growth, strength improvements, performance abilities and increase the risk of fatigue related injuries. Undesirable signs over training include excessive muscle soreness, mental fogginess, lack of motivation, lowered appetite, lack of confidence in more. Stubborn Fat Loss Training prevents overtraining by focusing on quality over quantity.


Stubborn Fat Loss Weight Training

The first steps we take to battle stress hormones are to reduce training session length as well as frequency. Adding the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder before, during and immediately after training sessions keeps fat storage stress hormones in check so the body can burn more stored fat as fuel.

Short rest and big rates of fat burning

Highly dense training sessions are excellent in theory, but after the first set performance measured by weight loads, rep counts and quality of execution will drop dramatically due to a buildup of fatigue. Dr. Eric Serrano MD scientifically engineered the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder to accelerate recovery between sets during very short rest periods. The proprietary blends of amino acids within both proprietary formulas also prevent muscle wasting and provide the muscles with a very powerful alternative energy source during intense training.

Peak fat burning for 48 hours

Fat Burning intervals performed with the correct intensity can peak metabolism and fat burning hormones for up to 48 hours following each session only if the right recovery conditions are in place. Stubborn Fat Loss Training sessions can have the same fat burning benefits while preserving hard earned muscle due to the high levels of density. Fat Burning interval sessions should be done twice per week with a variety of venues lasting thirty minutes or less including a warm up. The focus should always be quality over quantity with a gradual approach within limits of safety.