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Macronutrient Cycling Body Transformations

Macronutrient Cycling Body Transformations

Strategically rotating the amounts of protein, dietary fat and carbohydrate during certain meals each week forms Macronutrient Cycling Body Transformations techniques. Macronutrient cycling breaks metabolic staleness, increases fat burning/muscle building enzymes and naturally optimizes the hormones that govern body composition changes. Most people eat largely the same amounts, types of foods and macronutrient ratios on a daily basis without even realizing which limits progress.

Specific macronutrient cycling protocols are absolutely crucial for driving the fastest possible rates of body fat loss with high levels of daily energy. Alternatively we use certain macronutrient cycling protocols to maximize the accumulation of lean muscle. Personalized 12 week Training and Nutrition plan male clients use specific macronutrient cycling protocols to maximize muscle growth and body fat loss at the same which fully integrate with the customized training program.


Macronutrient Cycling Body Transformations Benefits

  • Break Metabolic Staleness
  • Increase Fat Burning and Muscle Building Enzymes
  • Naturally Optimize Hormones Governing Progress
  • Surge Energy Levels
  • Improve Competitive Performance
  • Activate Feelings of Well Being
  • Activate Joint Relief
Macronutrient Cycling Body Transformations
3 EZ14 Digestive Enzyme Catalyst and 3 Alpha Omega M3 with meals help the body respond more favorably to macronutrient cycling meals by creating ideal hormonal, metabolic and digestive conditions. Many clients enjoy larger meals when using macronutrient cycling protocols which bring on great satisfaction in addition to supporting faster rates of body transformation. An Example of macronutrient cycling is the Day 22 Carb Load which is part of the 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse Nutrition System designed to help clients Outsmart Up to 10 Pounds of Body Fat in Just three weeks. Get a free copy of the 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse Nutrition Plan strategies by emailing

Rotating Caloric Intake and Meal Frequency

Eating the same number of calories and the same meal frequencies each day also create plateaus. Dr. Eric Serrano MD uses macronutrient cycling as a method to increase or decrease the caloric intake on certain days to match the energy needs for specific training protocols. Flexible fasting for 16 to 20 hours is great for body fat loss. Taking one day per week to change the meal frequency and the fasted length is very effective for accelerating body fat loss.

Dietary Fat Loading is one of many nutrition protocols we use to help men and women earn excellent physique transformations. Fat Reduce FBO5 Day and Night time formulas are scientifically formulated by Dr. Eric Serrano MD to bust through the most significant metabolic and hormonal barriers to fat burning.

Dietary Fat Loading

Dr. Eric Serrano MD developed Dietary Fat Loading to drive faster rates of body fat loss and muscle growth for his patients. Over many years of experimentation Dr. Serrano has perfected protocols by trying various amounts of dietary fat from specific sources to help male and female patients achieve their goals in aggressive time frames. Organic dietary fat sources are very important as they composition of the dietary fats are what nature intended to create a specific metabolic response.

Muscle Growth Macronutrient Cycling

Manipulating the amounts of dietary fat from organic sources, protein and carbohydrate at the right times is essential for rapid muscle growth. These protocols are used primarily for men and differ substantially from macronutrient cycling fat loss tactics. Dietary fat loading in particular works extremely well to pile on muscle without gaining body fat especially for clients who are sensitive to carbohydrates.

Occasionally we include refined carbohydrates such as cinnamon rolls and pastries without trans fats into a macronutrient cycling meal following weight training for a client wanting to maximize rates of muscle growth. Alpha Omega M3 helps to drive raw materials into hungry muscles instead of spilling over into billions of fat cells. EZ14 provide digestive enzymes the body cannot make that are necessary for breaking down gluten for example which is present in most refined foods.

Targeted Carbohydrate Intake

Targeted carbohydrate works best following very challenging training sessions due to the metabolic and hormonal conditions created. Taking 3 Alpha Omega M3 with the post training meal helps to drive carbohydrate into hungry muscles instead of spilling over into fat cells based on the scientifically engineered blend of essential fats Dr. Serrano has created based on many years of successful patient research. High levels of effort and ultimately productivity during weight training and interval sessions create the best conditions for carbohydrate intake. We measure client productivity during weight training in many ways including gradual increase of weight loads with proper form, increased rep counts, shorter rest period between sets and many other special execution patterns.