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Great Glute Activation Training

Great Glute Training

Learning how to fully contract the glutes with great glute activation training improves body composition, elevates performance, reduces the risk of injury and creates a shapely butt for both men and women. Standard glute raise machine exercises do not allow the glutes to fully contract or activate which limits the quality of development. Dr. Eric Serrano MD utilizes multiple unique movements and special executions with band resistance to maximize patient progress. Accelerate recovery of the muscles and the nervous system with 100% MR exclusive ingredient ratios or you will be so sore that sitting down will be a problem!


Great Glute Activation Training

Emphasized Glute Contraction- Warning: Your A$$ will be sore without 100% MR

A traditional glute raise machine or barbell glute lifts do not allow for ideal contraction of the glutes due to limited range of motion. Elevating the fee during the band assisted hip raise allows for excellent natural range of motion and increased contracted intensity due to the increased band tension on top of the movement. Advanced Trainees will progress to holding the top contracted position against band resistance for 4 to 8 seconds per rep pending the design of the training phase.

Great Glute Training
Manipulating the Foot Placement, distance from the elevation, length of the contraction on top of the movement and other variables are manipulated by Dr. Eric Serrano MD to fix specific weaknesses asap. 4 GCX10 capsules 30 minutes before training improves muscle contractile forces and creates razor sharp mental focus without stimulants. Lactoferrin within the GCX10 helps to get rid of dangerous visceral fat!

Hamstring vs. Glute Emphasis

The closer the glutes are too the elevation point creates more hamstring emphasis. Placing the body farther away increases involvement of the Glutes. All positions involve coordination of the posterior chain as muscles do not work in complete isolation. Placing the feet together with a small plate between the toes creates an entirely new dimension of challenge. Mastering various foot positions including heels on the elevated surface vs. toes offers additional training variables.

Are you training hard or just going through the motions? The Glute Stomp Exercise causes intense glute recruitment when done correctly and requires the correct mental approach to overcome discomfort to maximize benefits. Adding Muscle Synthesis Powder to the 100% MR pre/post training improves body composition with a unique sequence of free form Amino Acids developed by Dr. Serrano to create excellent patient physique transformations.

Pre Training Scientifically Engineered Supplementation Protocol for a 130 to 180 pound adult male or female.

30 Minutes Before Training start sipping on a combination of 4 scoops of 100% MR and 4 scoops of Muscle Synthesis Powder with water to finish by the of the Great Glute Activation Training Session.

4 GCX10 30 minutes before training to increase peak power and strength endurance while creating the razor-sharp focus with the ability to push through exercise induced discomfort without stimulants.

Training the Glutes properly will create a better appearance for women. Getting rid of excess body fat surrounding the glutes requires the right nutrition and scientifically engineered supplementation approach with Fat Reduce FBO5 Day and Nighttime formulas designed to bust through multiple barriers responsible for stubborn body fat accumulation. Dr. Serrano formulated the Fat Reduce FBO5 to optimize hormones, metabolism, mobilization of stored fat as fuel and to shut off fat storage receptors that prevalent in the lower body for women and mid section for men.

Exclusive Ingredient Ratios

Per the video presentations by Dr. Eric Serrano MD within the playlist above 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder include exclusive amino acid ratios based on many years of successful patient research. 100% MR drastically reduces muscle soreness and fatigue which enables all trainees to improve rates of performance and body composition by increasing the number of productive training sessions each week without over training.

Muscle Synthesis Powder contains a unique sequence of free form amino acids which mimic food and bypass digestion to get to working muscles within seconds. Muscle Synthesis Powder improves body composition by improving the ratio of lean muscle tissue in comparison body fat. Yes the Muscle Synthesis Powder is successfully used to replace meals during fasting protocols to increase rates of fat burning while reducing hunger.

Looking to maximize your progress with a 12 week personalized training and nutrition program? Email to discuss your individual situation and goals 7 days per week.

Great Glute Activation Training
A1.Banded Hip Raise4(4-6)3-1-1-375
A2.Banded Hip Thrusts4(4-6)3-1-1-375
B1.Glute Stomp320 secna60
B2. Hamstring Pray Contractions330 secna60
C1. Banded Tib Raise2(6-8)3-1-1-245
C2.Unilateral STd. Calf raise2(6-8)3-2-1-245