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Firm Legs and a Razor Sharp Core part 2

Self training assessments, advanced core training tips, full leg training routine and more.

By: Eric Serrano MD and Scott Mendelson

A huge fat burning opportunity

Keep in mind that the lower body represents half or more of the total body musculature which means great fat burning opportunities are available with every well planned session. Large muscle group stimulation can support increased calorie burning and more importantly elevate several fat burning pathways for 24 to 48 hours following well designed training sessions.*

Advanced core conditioning

A significant percentage of new clients that come our way are seriously lacking with leg strength in comparison to their upper body for a variety of reasons. Improving the lower body training quality has a huge impact on body composition and performance. Upper body progress can also accelerate as a lagging lower body can limit development due to the body’s functional balance priorities. The nervous system can shut off upper body development when the lower body is lagging to avoid being too top heavy.*


Sprinting for Functional Core Development

Sprinting for Functional Core Development

How do your legs measure up?

A rear leg elevated lunge is a great progress measurement tool because it provides a baseline of lower body and core strength at the same time. Balancing throughout the movement provides strategic challenge necessary to improve performance, body composition and to reduce the likelihood of injury. Training exclusively on machines is a mistake for multiple reasons including a loss of coordination. Always training both legs at the same time can also lead to one leg becoming significantly stronger than other which can have a negative impact on training form and function.*

Self-assessment tools

Here are some questions we may ask 12 week personalized training and nutrition program clients so that the right program refinements can be made to support excellent client progress.

Are both legs able to achieve the same range of motion?

Have a training partner check to see if you are able to get to a parallel position on bottom with both legs.

Commonly one leg may not be able to do down as far as the other which indicates areas of opportunity to improve.

Does the torso maintain the correct position when performing the exercise on either leg?

Weakness may force the torso to lean forward or to tilt to one side more than the other.

Is one leg significantly stronger than the other measured by the weight load, the number of properly performed reps, repetition speeds and lengths of strategic pauses?

Female fat burning advantages

Ladies do not buy into the myth that lower body training will make you gain unwanted muscle. Programs that are properly designed to support fat burning will differ greatly from bodybuilding trainees. A key to success is arranging several leg exercises into a superset which alternates the movements with short periods to support the maximal production of fat burning hormones. Firm glutes, hamstrings and thighs are earned by developing the muscles properly.*

Warm up perform 10 to 15 minutes of general activity to break a sweat. Perform at least 2 practice sets for each exercise using the parameters listed for the work sets below.

^ Advanced trainees can accelerate their progress by applying a special treatment to the final rep of each set. During the final rep go up ¼ of the way from the bottom position and hold for 15 seconds while maintaining proper torso and lower body positions. The dumbbell can be dropped on the floor in a responsible manner during this phase to reduce loading. Make sure the dumbbells will not strike anyone else in the gym before dropping.

We use many advanced execution variations depending on the client individual needs and goals. Get the most out of every training session by utilizing fresh training stimuli.

A1.Rear Leg Elevated Lunge^(3-4)63-2-1-060
A2.Glute Raise(3-4)63-1-1-260
B1.Band Squat(3-4)83-2-1-060
B2.Swiss Ball Hamstring Curl(3-4)83-1-1-260