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Blast Pause Arm Training Part 2

Optimize fat burning hormones

Superset execution creates faster rates of recovery between sets to enable trainees to use short rest periods without sacrificing performance. The resulting improvement in training density ignites fat burning hormone release.*

Get the most body composition altering benefits out of every grueling set

100% MR and Muscle Synthesis counter the performance limiting impact of rising lactic acid so that trainees can earn all of the fat burning and muscle building benefits of training sessions. The proprietary ratios of ingredients within the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis support increase the utilization of stored fat as fuel while laying the raw material foundation for accelerated muscle growth. Dr. Serrano spent many years perfecting the ratios of amino acids based on patient blood work, muscle biopsies, performance reviews, injury recovery timelines, body composition improvements and more.*

Training one arm at a time produces superior results

Always train the weaker limb first to gain the best training response. Correct a strength deficit between the arms is important for development, performance and injury prevention. Bilateral arm exercises (both arms at the same time) can be very tough on joints such as triceps push downs and barbell curls.*

Blast Pause Training

Six week training routines which include strategic changes to the number of sets, reps, speed of reps, rest periods and execution patterns promote the greatest rates of success. The exercises will stay the same for the six week program to offer the continuity necessary to make performance improvements over the course of the program.*

Protect your joints

Save your joints and spend less time on the injured list by eliminating movements that contribute to injury. Unilateral exercises such as the high cable triceps kick back support a superior range of motion and advanced execution opportunities as demonstrated in our video.*

Blast pauses support excellent rates of muscle growth and fat loss by:

  • Building high levels of muscle tension.*
  • Forcing the muscles to work harder by controlling rep speeds to reduce momentum.*
  • Stimulating a wide cross section of muscle fibers.*
  • Supporting a set time length under tension of 40 to 50 seconds.*
  • Activating fat burning and muscle build hormones.*

Wicked preacher curls

The blast pause technique is only applied to the DB preacher curl within the program below. Application to more than one exercise per training session can be too stressful for certain trainees pending their recovery capacity. The pause at the extension point of the high cable supinated kick back will be very challenging. Do not cheat yourself by letting that contraction go before two full seconds.*

Blast Pause Training for a great body

Blast Pause Training for a great body

Muscles keep going and going and going

Experienced trainees report nearly every week how huge of impact GCX10 is having on their training loads and rep capacity. Clients are using higher weight loads for more well executed reps which is translating into excellent lean muscle accumulation. Key ingredient ATP has demonstrated the ability to double the rates of strength gains for compound exercises including the squat, deadlift, and bench press.  The same published research demonstrated big improvements to the vertical and broad jumps which explains why clients report feeling much powerful than pervious training cycles.*

Improve muscle accumulation

Outstanding performance improvements result in better rates of muscle accumulation especially when combined with the ideal conditions created by lactoferrin. In addition to reducing visceral and overall body fat during studies lactoferrin can also support accelerated muscle growth through other pathways. Glycine has helped professional athletes maintain a high level of focus while reducing anxiety during games and training sessions.*

Blast Pause Training

Warm up correctly to establish the ideal training loads and proper execution.

Perform 2 warm up revolutions for each superset using the parameters below to prepare you for the work sets. The warm up revolutions will help to identify the ideal weight for the first work set.

A1.Unilateral Preacher Curl3 or 45+2†3-2-1-060
A2.High Cable Supinated Triceps Kick Back3 or 453-2-1-260
B1. DB Shoulder Press2(5-7)3-2-1-045
B2.Side Lateral Raise2(7-9)4-1-1-045
B3.Forearm Complex2(7-9)3-1-1-245

†The final 2 reps of the set will use a five second pause at the designated positions. From the top of the rep 1/3 of the way down, 2/3 of the way down.

Train the weaker arm first. Take 10 seconds rest between arms on all exercises.

†Advanced trainees only: Week two- the pause points and time lengths will remain the same, but start from the bottom of the rep per the video discussion. Alternate starting from the top or bottom each week for a total of six weeks.

The total workout volume may appear to be low, however the difficulty of the high cable supinated triceps kick back exercise and the blast pause technique applied to the unilateral preacher curls will be highly challenging.*

A conservative set volume is necessary to avoid over training. Sipping the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis before, during and immediately after training accelerates recovery of the muscles as well as the nervous system while laying the ideal ratios of raw materials for substantial muscle growth.*